The Hot Master/C14 Part: 14 Losing My Temper
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The Hot Master/C14 Part: 14 Losing My Temper
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C14 Part: 14 Losing My Temper

The next morning I woke up early, holding the whole world, my Princess in my arms. She's sleeping peacefully in my shirt. She looks perfect in my clothes. A smile flashed on my face after seeing her beautiful face which is glowing brightly in the morning. I can stare at her like this all day without getting bored. Our bodies are partially covered with the white duvet.

Today, I have to go out for important work before college. I'm a bit upset because today I have to go again leaving my Princess alone here. I want everything to get fine soon, so that my Princess will not have to stay here like some prisoner.

As I tried to go, she murmured like a small baby, hugging me tighter. "Where are you going? Stay like this." Her eyes are still close.

"Princess, I've to go to an important meeting." As I told her, she instantly opened her eyes, frowning.

"What? Why so early?" She asked.

"I'll be back soon, Princess. I have an important work." I told her, caressing her soft cheek with my thumb gently.

"Okay." She pouted sadly.

"You're cute." Her lips drew up into a smile as I pecked her lips.

She sucked my lips lovingly and said, gazing at me lovingly. "I love you so much and I can't stay without you. Come soon."

"I love you more, Princess." I kissed her lips softly before climbing down from the bed.

I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Now you go back to sleep, Princess," I said, caressing her hair.

"I'll sleep when you go. Now I'm making breakfast for you." As she tried to get up, I pushed her down on the bed again.

"Princess, sleep now. I'll take breakfast after the meeting because I'm already late." I ordered her.

She smirked. "Okay, I'm sleeping, Master. Now you go fast and come back soon." I smiled at her and went to take bath after giving her a quick kiss on her lips.

I walked out of the bathroom after getting ready and a smile spread across my face as my eyes fell over my sleeping Princess. She has real beauty. I strolled towards her and leaned down. I tucked a hair strand behind her ear gently, gazing at her lovingly. As I placed a soft kiss on her cheek, she smiled in sleep, recognising my touch.

"So beautiful." I murmured and left after last time glancing at her.

After completing my meeting, I messaged her, walking out of the office.

Me: Now I'm going to college. Did you have breakfast?

The driver opened the door of the car for me and I settled down inside. I'm waiting for her reply.

I received her reply after a few minutes.

My Princess: I have just come after taking the bath. Now I'll prepare breakfast. Did you take breakfast?

Me: I had breakfast with the client in the office.

My Princess: Okay.

My Princess: I missing you a lot.

Me: I missing you too. Now you go and prepare breakfast. Message me after having it.

My Princess: Okay, take care.

After that my phone rang up. Cabir is calling.

I swipe the green button and placed the phone over my ear. "Hello, Cabir. What's up?"

"I'm great. I just call you to inform that my men are keeping their eyes on your all ex-girlfriends." He told me.

"That's great. Thank you so much, Cabir." I smiled and thanked him.

"Your Princess is my friend too and I can do anything for her safety. So don't thank me, please." He requested.

"Okay, okay, but still it means a lot to me." After talking to him for a few minutes more, I disconnected the call.

I reached college and took only one lecture today because I want to spend time with my Princess. Now I'm going back home to surprise her by coming early. I parked the car and directly strode towards my room.

"Princess, I'm back." I stepped into the room and narrowed my brows after not finding her in the room. She was not outside too. I checked the bathroom and balcony anxiously. My heartbeat is accelerating because now I'm getting worried about her. Where she could go?

I slid my hand into the pocket and took out the phone. I hastily called her. I looked around because her phone is ringing in the room only. Then my eyes fell over her phone which is kept on the table.

"Fuck! Her phone is in the room only. Where did she go in so hurry without even taking her phone and without informing me?" I wondered and dashed out of the room to ask from the guard.

"Mam left the house within a few hours when you had left." A Guard informed me.

Now I'm angry. "How could she leave alone like this when she knows her life is in danger? How could she be so careless?" I muttered, knitting my brows in anger. I'm so worried about her. I will die if something happens to her. Oh God, why Princess, why did you leave like this? Why?

I lumbered into my room, depressed. I'm anxious for her and not understanding what I should do. My mind has stopped working because I'm tensed for her.

"Where are you, Princess?" I murmured worriedly and slumped down on the sofa with a thud.

"I should call Anu, maybe she knows about Princess," I whispered to myself and hurriedly called her.

"Hello-hello, Anu." I shuttered. "Do you-do you know, did Princess tell you anything?"

"Jiju, calm down first and take a deep breath." She said from the other end.

"I can't, Anu. Princess is not at home and I don't know where is she." I almost cried out and few tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically.

"What? Did you call her?" She asked worriedly.

"Her phone is at home only. I'm worried for her, Anu. I'm not understanding where to find her. She's not safe outside. I don't, I don't want to lose her." I'm crying now.

"Relax, she'll be back home soon. You're overthinking. Nothing will happen to her." She tried to assure me, but I'm really tensed for her. I just want my Princess with me now. I will only get relief after seeing her fine in front of my eyes.

"Did you call her parents? Maybe they know." She mused.

I wiped my tears and said. "I don't want to give any tension to them."

"I'm calling Aunty. If she's with her, I'll get to know." She told me.

"Okay. Call me as soon as you come to know anything about her." I said.

"Look, she'll be fine. Don't think too much."

"I can't stop worrying about her. I just want to see her fine. I want her here with me." A fresh tear rolled down my eyes, and I pursed my lips dejectedly.

"I can understand. Take care." She disconnected the call.

I'm getting restless because my Princess is not safe outside. Somebody is behind her. I'm worried and angry both at the same time. I'm constantly praying to God to keep my Princess safe wherever she is. But the question is why she suddenly left the house in so hurry that she forgot to even take her phone with herself and didn't even inform me.

"Today, You come back early." As my ears heard her voice, my eyes instantly looked up at her. She's strolling towards me.

I stood up and rushed to her. I pulled her into my strong arms and buried her face in my chest. I hugged her, crushing her all the bone. "Thank god, thank god, you're fine. I got so worried for you, Princess." I whispered hugging her tighter and tighter and, I'm pulling her closer and closer. I'm relieved finally and thanking god constantly for safely bringing her back home. I just can't afford to lose you. I want to keep her safe forever in my arms.

"But how could she leave like this after knowing that her life is in danger?" I wondered and knitted my brows in anger. I instantly broke the hug and glowered at her, fuming in uncontrollable anger.

I yanked her towards myself after clenching her arms with rage. "Did you have any idea what was my condition when I didn't find you at home?" I growled. I'm losing my temper. How could she be so careless?

"Listen to me," As she opened her mouth, I shushed her, placing my finger over her lips. I'm gazing at her dangerously because she has really disappointed me this me.

"No, you listen to me. Whatever was the reason, I don't care. You left the house alone. You could have called me or you could have sent me a message. But no, you just left without informing anybody and also you forgot to take the phone with yourself. You've really disappointed me this time, Princess." Her eyes glinted with guilt and she moved them down.

She raised her eyelashes and apologised. "I'm sorry,"

I snapped at her, cutting her words. "I don't want your sorry. You've hurt me and now you deserve punishment. So that you won't repeat the same mistake next time." I moved closer to her and said, gazing in her dangerously. "I don't want you to put your life in danger again because I can't afford to lose you, Princess."

After completing my words, I pushed her away. "I want you in my playroom ready for me in five minutes," I ordered and stormed out of the room after slamming the door in fury. Whenever It comes to my Princess, I lose my temper. I can't let her put her life in danger again because I can't lose her. She's my whole world.

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