The Hot Master/C3 Part : 3 I want you ready for me
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The Hot Master/C3 Part : 3 I want you ready for me
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C3 Part : 3 I want you ready for me

I dropped Inaya at her home and then my whole day passed in planning the surprise for mom. I'm so excited to see her reaction after seeing her birthday gift. I want to see happiness in her eyes. I just can't wait for tomorrow.

But now I need my Princess.

I called her, stepping into my room. I switched on the lights. My room looks so empty without her. I want her now in my room.

"Can you come now?" I asked as she picked up the call.

I sat down on the sofa. "I'm on my way." She answered making me surprise.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I was going back home from the coaching centre, now I took the U-turn and coming to you, Master. Don't ask, just order me." As she answered, I smiled broadly.

This girl is something else, really. She never leaves any chance to amaze me.

"Princess, You wanna see my master side, right," I asked smilingly.

"Yes, yes, yes, Master." I chuckled after listening to her answer.

"Slowly, slowly, I'll proceed further, don't worry."

"If you do fast, then too I don't have any problem." I chuckled and shook my head.

"Now drive safe and come to me fast."

"Okay, master." I smiled and disconnected the call. I stood up and went to take a quick shower.

I came out after a few minutes in lower only. I wandered to the balcony and smirked as a naughty idea came in my mind. "She wants to see my master side, it is time to show her the teaser." I murmured to myself and did a video call.

As she opened her mouth to say something, I commanded her. "Park the car at the side where nobody can see you."

She narrowed her brows in confusion. "Do it fast." I ordered sternly.

"Okay, give me a minute." She placed the phone on the side, I can see the top of the car on my phone screen.

"Now say, what happened?" She asked, now I can see her beautiful face.

"Show me, what you're wearing."

"Black knee-length dress," she titled her phone to show the dress to me.


"What perfect? I'm not understanding anything." She narrowed her brows in confusion, I just smiled.

"Remove your panty now." As I ordered, she raised her brows in shock.

"Now?" She asked to confirm.

"Yes, now, my Princess. I want you ready for me when you come here." She flushed, so beautiful.

"Okay, wait,"

I cut her words. "Hold the phone from your one hand, remove it from another and show me." She flushed harder.

She opened the back camera, she slid up her hand into her dress, she raised up her butts from seat to remove her undies, she glided it down her legs and then took it off.

After that, she opened the front camera to show her face. Her cheeks have become like a red tomato. She looks prettier when she blushes.

"My good girl. Now come fast and don't forget to keep it in your handbag because I want to smell it when you come." She just smiled and disconnected the call.

I'm waiting for her, standing in the balcony. I smiled as I saw her car entering into the farmhouse. Her presence accelerates my heartbeat as always. I rushed to my room.

As she stepped into the room, we smiled at each other.

I sauntered toward her. "Give me your panty." I held my hand out. She blushed and took her black undies out of her handbag which she's carrying on her shoulder. She mostly wears black lingerie because my favourite colour is black and she looks super hot in this colour.

She gave it to me, smiling at me. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of her from her undies, incredible.

I dropped it down on the floor and opened my eyes. She's smiling at me. I yanked her to myself by grasping her waist and captured her delicious lips, her hands went in my hair. I pinned her against the wall and we kissed each other hungrily like we had been craving from ages.

"I just can't wait anymore," I whispered against her lips after breaking the kiss. We're deeply gazing in each other eyes.

"Neither do I," As she whispered, we smiled at each other.

She hastily pulled my lower down my legs and I yanked up her black dress. I entwined my hands with her and pinned them above her head. "You're my addiction, Princess. I love you so much." I shoved into her deeply in one go, stretching her and filling her.

"I love you, Zain." she screamed. I gave her time to adjust myself before thrusting her rapidly. I wrapped her both legs around my waist and took her to the table. She hugged me tightly, taking me deep inside her. I placed her down on the edge of the table and again started thrusting her. She scratched my back, screaming my name louder and louder. She's my addiction, really.

We're lying on the floor in each other arms after our wild, incredible and quick make-out session. I'm naked, she's in her black dress.

"What you do to me, Princess?" As I asked, she raised her head from my chest and looked at me.

"Same is my question, Zain. What do you do with me? You're like my drug,"

I raised my head from the floor and kissed her lips softly, pouring my all love. "I love you," I whispered against her lips.

"I love you more," She pecked and hugged me tightly. I wrapped her in my warm arms.

"Now, I've to go." She uttered, looking at me after a few minutes of silence.

"Why?" I pouted sadly. I want her in my arms for twenty-four hours.

"You again forgot, tomorrow is mom's birthday, I've to prepare the cake for her before twelve." I made O shape mouth.

"I wish I could come with you, but I want to surprise her tomorrow. You tell her that I've gone out for a meeting for a few days." I instructed her.

"At least you can tell me about your tomorrow plans."

"No, you'll get to know tomorrow only. You just have to follow my instructions." I told her, she pouted sadly. "I've planned something for you too for tomorrow night." As I uttered this, her eyes glinted with the excitement.

"Now I just can't wait for tomorrow." She squealed with happiness, I just smiled at her.

"Sleep on time because tomorrow is going to be a big day for you," I instructed her when she was about to leave the farmhouse.

"Okay, master. Any other order?" She asked, we smiled at each other.

"Drive safe and I love you so much." I lowered my head and placed a kiss on her forehead.

It is twelve-thirty and I'm waiting for my Princess's message. I'm lying on the bed in the duvet. I feel so incomplete without her. My lips curved up into a smile as I received her message.

My Princess: Mom liked my cake but she was missing you. She was a bit upset when I told her that you wouldn't be there with her on her birthday.

I knew about this.

Me: I just can't wait to see a smile on her face.

My Princess: I'm hell excited for tomorrow.

Me: Now you should sleep, Princess.

My Princess: Couldn't you come here and sleep with me?

Me: If I come there, we won't able to sleep the whole night.

My Princess: I want to sleep in your arms.

Me: Me too, but I can't come, Princess. Mom shouldn't come to know that I'm here.

My Princess: You can come into my room from the window.

She's becoming stubborn, but her idea is great.

Me: Good Night, Princess, sleep well.

I'm going to her, but it is a surprise for her. I love to surprise her.

My Princess: Good night.

Within fifteen minutes I reached her house. Thankfully her room is on the ground floor or else I would have to climb upstairs from the pipe. I knock on the window of her room.

I'm surprised because she instantly opened the window. "I knew that you would come." Her eyes are shimmering with happiness, I come here to see this only. We beamed at each other gleefully. I grasped her hair and kissed her lips softly and lovingly, pulling her head back. I'm standing out, she's inside the room and we're kissing each other.

"I can do anything for your happiness, Princess," I whispered after breaking the kiss, she smiled. After that, she helped me in coming into her room from the window.

She closed the window and hugged me. "I love you." I smiled broadly, pulling her closer to myself to myself. We smilingly strolled to the bed hand in hand to sleep in each other arms.

"I love you so much, Zain. I feel so lucky to have you in my life." She hugged me tightly while I pulled the duvet over us.

"You're my everything, Princess." I hugged her tighter and kissed her head. Now I'm feeling complete because she's in my arms. Every night, I want to sleep with her and every morning, I want to wake up, holding her in my arms. She is the precious gift of god and I'll keep her safe all my life.

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