The Hot Master/C5 Part: 5 Playroom and Rules
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The Hot Master/C5 Part: 5 Playroom and Rules
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C5 Part: 5 Playroom and Rules

"So are you ready for the surprise, Princess?" I asked as we reached the farmhouse. She looked at me, her eyes shimmering with enthusiasm.

"I just can't wait more." She squealed with excitement.

I clasped her hand and we smiled at each other fondly. Then I led her to the basement. I pushed the key into the hole on the doorknob, twisted it and the lock clicked open. I just can't wait to show her what is inside this room, and I can't believe that I finally took her to this room. I'm feeling like this is a dream. Now I don't have to hide anything from my Princess. I'm so glad.

I pushed the door open and we strolled into the dark room. I sighed deeply before turning on the light and revealing my secret room in front of her. This is my playroom for my submissive. I never take them to my bedroom, they didn't deserve it. Only my Princess has right on my bedroom and now in this room too.

The theme of this room is red and black. There is a four-post bed with restraint in the middle of the room, there are bondage bench, chair and table, X cross frame with restraint. There so many cabinets filled with BDSM equipment and toys like chains, nipple clamps, vibrators, cuffs and many more things which I'm never going to use on my Princess. I'll use just a few things if she wants.

I turned my face toward her. She was utterly shocked after seeing the room, her eyes are wide open. She's looking a bit scared too. Her reaction was expected. I am sure she only knows about ten percent of the equipment which are presented in this room.

"Are you scared, Princess?" I asked after coming in front of her.

She shook her head. "I'm just shocked. I'm not scared because I know you won't do anything against my will." She uttered with full confidence, I just smiled broadly. She trusts me so much and I'll never break her this trust.

"I want to know about everything now." She added. It will be fun to teach her about these toys. I really can't believe that she's with me in this room and she wants to know about all the equipment. This is really like a dream.

"Why so hurry? I'll tell you about everything in practical slowly, slowly." I moved closer to her and her breath became heavy. I clasped her face and kissed her lips, pouring my all love. Her lips are so delicious, I just crave to taste them every time. She kissed me back, clutching my blazer.

After the kiss, we looked deeply into each other eyes and confessed. "I love you,"

"You used everything on your submissive." She asked, looking around.

"Everything, but I won't use on you. I'll use a few of them if you're comfortable. Especially not this." I pointed towards the equipment which is used for spanking like floggers, cans and many others, they are hanging on the hooks. These were my favourite equipment in past, I used to take out my anger on my submissive by using these things, but now they are of no use. I'll never use them on her. She only deserves my love and pleasure.

She swept her eyes towards me. "These are really scary seriously."

"I know, but I used to take out my anger on my submissive with this equipment. Don't worry, I'll never ever hurt you, Princess. I'll give you only pleasure." I stroked her cheeks with my thumbs, she blushed hard, moving her eyelashes down.

"You know, I just can't believe that I took you here. I never thought that somebody would accept me the way I'm, but you accepted me and give me the love of the whole world. I'm so blessed to have you, Princess. I love you so much." I expressed my feelings from the core of my heart, she smiled broadly.

She clasped my face. "You know I definitely would have been scared if someone else was present with me in this room. I trust you blindly and I know how much you love me. I know you will never hurt me intentionally. I'm scared of nothing when I'm with you. I really want to see your all side, all your shades of love." We deeply looked into each other eyes, she's stroking my stubbles. We again kissed each other lips softly.

"So ready to see my dominating side from now?" I asked.

"I just can't wait." She gazed at me in eagerness.

"In this room, you've to follow every order of your master and also some rules." I asserted.

"Rules?" She looked at me bemusedly.

"Yes, some rules which you've to follow." She made O shape mouth. "But here you're not my submissive, you're my Princess, so you have a choice. If you don't like any of them, just tell me, because I really don't want to do anything which you don't like." I explained to her.

She smiled. "So what are my rules, Master?" She winked at me. I just shook my head, this girl is unbelievable and I love her a lot. I can't lose her, never.

I smirked. "The first rule, you've to take permission from me to speak, when I say then you will speak," I told her first rule.

"Done." As she pecked my lips, I smiled.

"You've to call me master when we're in this room," I told her second rule.

"I'm already calling you that." She grinned.

"When I am deep inside you then too you'll have to call me Master, Princess," I smirked, pulling her toward myself by grabbing her butts. I rubbed my crotch against her.

"You're arousing me." She whispered. I left her because first I want to tell her all the rules.

"Next rule, you don't have permission to question me." She just nodded her head.

I smirked before telling her the next rule. I think she will not agree with this rule. "You have to take permission to cum also."

"What? Really?" She asked, raising her eyebrows in shock.

"If you don't want to follow, you can say no, Princess." I placed my hand on her face.

"I'll try." We both smiled at each other.

"The way you're telling me the rules, I'm feeling like we're going to play a game. This reminds me of my childhood." We both chuckled.

"But this game is gonna be very different from your childhood games, Princess, because, " I'm playing with her hair, gazing at her. "If you don't follow any rule, you'll be punished."

She uttered suddenly. "I know that this would surely come."

I grinned. "But now the level of punishment will be high because before I was your professor and now I will be your master." She made O shape mouth.

"I'm excited." She pecked my lips.

"You're my excited Princess. I love the way you get excited always, I love everything about you. You're one in millions and only mine." I clasped her face and sucked her lips softly.

"I'm only yours." She whispered against my lips.

Then I told her the next rule. "When I ask you to wait for me in this room, I want you to be ready for me, utterly naked in this room, on your knees and hands behind your back."

"Okay." She's agreeing to follow every rule, I'm shocked.

"You don't have permission to wear undies in this house." She blushed hard as I told her the next rule.

"Okay, Master." She whispered, I grinned.

I slid my hand up her thigh into her black dress, her breath became heavy. I'm stroking her thigh, she closed her eyes. "Remove it now," I commanded, taking my hand out.

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Okay, Master as you say." She slid her hands into her dress and pulled her undies down her legs, then out of her legs. I watched her doing this. She hypnotises me.

I held my hand out in front of her, indirectly asking her to give it to me. She placed her undies on my hand. I held it and like always smelled it, closing my eyes. Her fragrance also drives me insane.

I opened my eyes and kept her undies in my pocket. She's just gazing at me in amazement.

"Any other rule?" She asked.

"No, I hope you're comfortable with all the rules. Tell me now only because after that you know what will happen if you break any rule." I smirked, trailing the tip of my finger down her arm.

"I've no problem, Master because I know you'll never do anything which hurts me." I always become speechless seeing her trust for me. She's incredible.

"You're right. I can never hurt you, and even I'll never let anybody hurt you, I promise." I lowered my head and placed a kiss on her forehead as I promise that I won't let anybody hurt my Princess.

"So let's start our first Master and Princess make-out session in this room." As I uttered, her eyes glinted with the excitement.

I sat down on the couch comfortably and ordered her. "I want my princess to strip for me."

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