The Hot Master/C6 Part: 6 First Playroom Session
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The Hot Master/C6 Part: 6 First Playroom Session
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C6 Part: 6 First Playroom Session

I sat down on the couch comfortably and ordered her. "I want my Princess to strip for me."

"Okay, Master."She blushed hard and pulled her black dress over her shoulder, her gaze is fixed at me. She unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her shoulders. She dropped it down on the floor, passing a salacious smile to me. My eyes swept down to her well shaped sexy body. Now she's standing utterly naked in front of me. She's so attractive and beautiful. I can't resist her. She intoxicates and hypnotizes me with her prepossessing body. I'm feeling like bending her down on the table and thrust her, but I want to give her immense pleasure before that. Today I'm gonna give her the best and very intense orgasm of her life.

"Now come to me," I commanded, flexing my forefinger. She strolled towards me, smiling. "Sit." I pointed my finger at my lap. She instantly sat over my lap, straddling me and encircling her arms around my neck. We looked deeply into each other eyes. I always see the whole world in her bewitching eyes.

"You're so beautiful, Princess." I murmured in a husky and soft voice, brushing her lower lip with my thumb. We're breathing heavily because of our proximity. His deep black eyes begging me to kiss her lips. My hand travelled into her hair and grasped them. I softly held her jaw from the other hand and pulled her head back before capturing her soft and delicious lips. I kissed her deeply and hungrily, exploring every corner of her mouth with my tongue. I'm hardening with every passing second. I don't know how I'll control myself today.

As we broke the kiss, I attacked toward her neck, yanking her hair slightly. She arched her back to give me complete access. I nibbled down her neck to her shoulder, massaging her twins. She's moaning softly. I love her soft moans a lot. Her moans give me another kind of pleasure.

We gazed at each other, panting. "What you do to me, Princess?" I asked huskily after clasping her face.

"Magic." She whispered and we smiled at each other.

"I love you." I pecked her lips.

"I love you more, Zain," I slightly hit her both twins as she called me Zain instead of Master. She raised her brows in shock.

"You forgot the rule, Princess." As I reminded her about the rule, she bit her tongue adorably. It is fun to be her master.

"I'm sorry, Master." She apologised.

"This is your first time, that's why I'm leaving you." I tucked her hair strands behind her ear, she blushed and her eyelashes moved down.

I stood up, holding her butts. Her legs wrapped around my waist and hands around my neck. I strode toward the four posts bed, we're smiling at each other.

Inaya's P.O.V.

"Lie down straight." He ordered me after lying me down on the bed. My heartbeat is accelerating with each passing second. I'm wondering what he is going to do in this room today. There are so many types of equipment here, is he going to use one of them on me? I'm thrilled and a bit nervous too because everything is new for me here.

He held my one hand and tied my wrist with the bedpost above my head. He did the same with my other hand. "Open your legs wide, Princess." As he commanded, I complied by spreading my legs wide. He tied my ankles too with the bedpost. He's sitting between my legs, stroking my thighs and gazing at me intensely. I'm lying utterly naked and completely submitting myself to him. I can't move. I'm looking at him in anticipation.

"I hope you're comfortable, Princess?" He asked to confirm.

"Don't worry, just proceed further because I'm utterly aroused." As I replied, his lips curved up into a broad smile.

He stood up from the bed and gazed at me from head to toe, standing beside the bed. The sexy look on his face is sending chills down my spine. "You know I never thought that I would ever take you in this room and tied you like this. You are looking so sexy in this position. You're incredible, Princess. I'm so glad that you accepted me the way I'm and fulfilling my all desires." I smiled broadly after listening to his words.

"Anything for you, Zain," I suddenly stopped as I realised that I was again about to call him Zain. "Master." I corrected myself instantly.

He smirked. "You're a good learner, Princess." He praised me, I grinned.

"Are you ready to experience something new today, Princess?" He asked, raising his brows.

"I'm always ready to experience something new with you," I answered him and we smiled at each other.

"You gonna love the toy which I'm going to use on you today." As he uttered, goosebumps rose all over my body. Now I'm wondering what toy he's going to use on me. This is so thrilling. I never thought that sex life could be so exciting.

"If you feel uneasy, just say stop, Okay?" As he instructed me, I smiled and nodded my head. I know he doesn't want to do anything which I'm not liking. He cares for me a lot.

He leaned down and kissed my lips softly. "I love you, Princess."

"I love you more," I whispered, gazing at him passionately.

After that, he strolled towards the one shelf to bring something which I don't know. My heart is racing with excitement. I've no clue that what he has planned for me tonight. I'm just gazing at him in anticipation, breathing heavily.

He turned towards me, holding a grey colour wand in his hand. I don't know what it is. I swept my eyes to his face. He's smirking at me. He strolled toward me.

"You know what is it, Princess?" He asked, standing beside the bed.

I looked at the wand in his hand. "No, " I shook my head, moving my eyes back to his face.

"This is a vibrator wand used for external stimulation. You gonna love it, Princess." He explained to me, arousing me more. I just can't wait anymore.

He sat in between my legs and pressed a button. The head of the wand started vibrating with a sound. I felt a new sensation as he directly placed the vibrating head of the wand over my nipple. My nipples instantly hardened. I moaned as he pinched my other nipple. He's trailing the wand down my stomach, gazing at me passionately. I'm breathing heavily, arching my back. I just can't wait to feel it over my most sensitive spot, my clit.

My heart skipped beating as he placed the wand over my inner thigh. This new sensation is incredible. As he pressed it against my clit, I closed my eyes, clenching my hands. This is so pleasurable and amazing. As he started moving it up and down, I started moaning in extreme pleasure. I never felt like this before. Oh god, the powerful sensations are driving me crazy like hell.

"Are you liking it, Princess?" He asked. I didn't answer him because I'm not in a state to speak even a single word.

He suddenly removed the wand from there. I opened my eyes, feeling irritated. My inner thigh is throbbing. I can't even close my legs. I was so close, I need my release. "You didn't answer, Princess." He told me about my mistake.

"I'm loving it. Just please don't stop." I implored, he grinned.

"Next time when I ask something, answer me immediately." He warned me. I know he just finds reasons to tease me. "Understand?" He asked.

"Yes, Master." He grinned before again placing the wand over my inner thigh and rubbing it in circular motion vigorously against my clit. The sensation is so powerful and so strong. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly, stretching my arms as he increased the speed of the vibrator. Something started building up in my stomach within a few minutes and my legs are shaking. I exploded, screamed loudly, clutching my hands and stretching my arms and legs. He removed the wand. Oh God, this was really the most intense and incredible orgasm of my life. I'm grasping for the breath now.

He is opening my wrist after my ankles, I'm panting and my eyes are still closed. I'm so exhausted after the intense orgasm. Now I just want to sleep, cuddling him.

"I hope you enjoyed our first Master and Princess session?" I opened my eyes as he asked in a low voice, coming close to my face.

"It was incredible." I kissed his lips softly and hungrily while my hands drove in his hair. He kissed me back, massaging my twins making me moan in his mouth. I'm wondering if our first session in the playroom was so intense and wonderful what will happen afterwards. I'm excited about the next session now only. I just can't wait to explore and experience more things.

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