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C4 Blinding Light

My eyes turned bloodshot. My breathing became fast as I walk in furry towards the kitchen–anticipating that the witch is there.

I can't endure this mess anymore. I know we have a lot of things to be thankful for her and for my Aunt, but this is too much!

"What the heck did you do this time?!" I yelled and smashed the bunch of elementary papers in her chest, distracting her from cutting the vegetables on the kitchen table.

The papers scattered along with the whole place, the envelope getting wet as it landed on the steel sink.

"Do you freaking know how long did I try to–" I groaned in frustration. This witch is getting smarter each passing day and was only getting worse!

"What are you saying? And don't you even have respect?! I am older than you!"

I gasped and sarcastically smiled.

"You talk about respect when you already robbed me! Where the hell did you put my money again?" I glared at her, my voice reflecting resentment and bitterness.

"And you even changed my money from real to a bunch of elementary papers? You think I wouldn't–"

"I will give you back the money! I swear!" She turned her feet and faced the sink, opening the faucet as she spoke.

"You sound like I don't have the right to use the money You are too full of yourself I just thought of giving myself a gift for my hard work and now you are suddenly getting angry! You are really ungrateful and–"

"Woah," I interrupted. "If you want to give yourself a gift then work your ass out and burn your own money! " I yelled, trying to tell her my points.

"It wasn't my money, yes! But don't you have something to feel grateful towards me? I'm working so hard in this house and I at least need to make myself feel good! Your money is not even enough to buy me a new refrigerator!" She turned and faced me with her offended face.

"Do I have the responsibility to pay for that thing?" I furrowed my brows and shook my head. "No,"

"I worked so hard for that money and you act like you did nothing wrong! Do you even have pity?"

"But why am I even complaining, anyway? I am living with a bitch and–"

My words were cut short when I felt the stinging pain on my cheeks. I touched it with my hand and glanced at her with my teary, resentful eyes.

"How dare you call me by that! Maybe you really deserve to be an orphan! You can't even thank the people who picked you up when you have nowhere to go! Your parents deserved to die, then!"

And as if I was not as infuriated as what I am right now, my hand went from my side towards her wrinkled cheek.

"You can call me everything you want but you don't have the right to tell me that my parents deserved to die. I am not wishing for your early death, but I hope you get what you deserve." I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my back on her.

I picked my bag up and put some pairs of clothes inside it, maybe enough for three days, and to my secret place where I stock some of my money. I know that a day will come that this would happen, but I didn't know it would be too much. I am only leaving that money for Terren.

What I hate the most in this house is when they were pinpointing the things they did. I did this, and I did that. They chide you for the things they did and act so tired for the things you didn't even ask. And she works for my Aunt. She cleans every mess that my Aunt did and nothing more, so I don't get where she is coming from.

I have an indulgence towards her, yes. But it wasn't an acceptable reason to treat us like this.

The longer that we will stay in this place, the longer that Terren and I would be mistreated and suffer. I can still endure it, but Terren doesn't deserve any of this. He suffered enough from starving down to the most little things.

I wrote a short message on a sticky note and put it inside his drawer, telling him where I will go and when will I come back. I immediately went outside our house, not minding how she asked me where I am going.

Who cares for her, anyway?

I am a bit angry with myself for even giving her attention. I am resolute that I will never try so hard to explain myself and ignore everything, but seeing that I lost about a quarter of my overall savings for nothing but her whim, I can't just leave it like that.

Maybe speaking for a bit is not too much, right? I reapproached to myself. I would still understand if Terren or Aunt Tanya were the ones who spend my money for they are my own blood, not someone that I despise the most.

My mind was swimming with thoughts. I don't even know where I am going, I don't have plans. I just know that I don't want to see that witch and I need to give myself a short breath. Whenever I will go to that house, I feel like I am suffocated. Every action that I make rings a bell for her.

My steps went slower when I saw a call coming from Ella, I was about to answer it when it slipped off my hand and landed on the road. I shook my head and lower down my body to reach for it but when I stood up, I saw a white, beevident light approaching me.

I yelled in both shock and horror as it went towards me, I know I should run or drag my feet off the middle of the road but my feet seemed like it was already glued on it and the next things I know, I was already lying on the ground, my back crashing against the rough, cemented road.

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