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C8 Date With Me?

I roamed my eyes around the whole place. With its white walls, black glossy tiles, and dark furniture, it screamed simplicity yet elegance. I have never been fond of the dark colors for it was what I see all day, but this place looked calming–reminds me of the pair of amethyst eyes staring at me.

Auton Smith, in his oversized black sweater, shorts, and man bun, glanced at me with a smirk plastered on his face. He was sitting on the black single sofa, his knees about to touch the edges of the coffee table, and his right arm resting at the armrest.

"Do you like the place? Or I can search for another free unit and–"

"This is fine," I cut his words short and clicked my neck before sitting towards the long sofa on his left.

"This is a small unit, the reason why I don't want to live here." I glanced at him. His finger is now playing with his lower lip, his left brow arched.

"Did you prepare a contract?"

He furrowed his brows and removed his index finger from his lip. "What contract?"

If only I could heave a long sigh right now, then I would.

"A contract should be given by the landlord once a person occupies his place," I answered in a bored tone and stood up, picking up the luggage and drag it to a brown door located just behind the sit he was on.

The whole unit is big for an individual. And as I entered the room, I saw a white quilted mattress covered by black and white sheets. There is a black carpet in the middle, a small yellow-colored lamp on top of the bedside table. A wall clock is placed in front of the bed, and on the far left of the room was a bathroom and another small door which I think, is a walk-in closet.

This place is expensive. That was my inference. What I liked the most about this place is that it already has furniture. Though I am not sure if it is included with the rental fee, I would thank him a lot of times if it would happen.

I just put the black luggage beside the door and turn around–only to see him glancing at my every movement.

"Uh...excuse me? Are you still not going home?" I awkwardly asked as I held the knob behind me. He then blinked his eye and straightened his body, his eyes turned from side to side before clearing his throat and stood up, putting his hands inside his pockets.

"Well...yes, but I guess I'll come back here tomorrow with the contract." He smiled and pointed at the door.

"I'll go now, be comfortable in here..."

he said as he strode the way to the door but again, turned to face me with a puzzled look.

"You won't escort me and bid goodbye?"

My forehead creased. "Why would I?"

He shook his head like he was telling me that he was disappointed in how I acted. He turned again, and when he completely vanished from my sight, I smiled.

That man is a bit funny. I can't decipher how his mind goes. I didn't expect that a man like him would be asking for that.

The next day had been so light. I have never felt a light morning where I could appreciate how the sun feels so good against my skin. How I felt so warm while bathing. Not hearing any voices but the splash of the waters dripping down my body.

A day without the witch is so nice, I told to myself. Maybe this was finally my escape from that hell, but I should never forget that time will come that I have to go back there and check on Terren, then make them leave.

The time will come that I have to get our rights.

I opened the door of the bathroom, changed my clothes, and fixed the things I will bring to my work. It was a no-work-day for me, but I need to go to University to get my schedule. This place is one ride from there, so I guess, moving in here wasn't that bad at all.

I was about to go to the kitchen when I saw a tall man sitting on a single sofa. Auton, in his black shorts and a white shirt, is hugging a black throw pillow.

"How are you able to open the door? I was sure it was locked," I uttered in a slightly shocked voice. His eyes darted at my clothes.

"I'm here to give you the contract...are you going somewhere?"

My eyes dropped on my clothes.

I am wearing a mustard knitted top and denim jeans paired with my white sneakers.

"To the University," I answered and went towards the kitchen.

"I see, you have a key..." I concluded when I heard the keys when he stood up. "But you shouldn't go inside without knocking, what if I have a heart attack?"

"People will only get shocked if someone they aren't familiar with entered the room." He sat on a stool and reached for the glass.

"People will get shocked at every people who will enter without them, knowing." I retorted.

I opened the fridge and gave him a pitcher of water, then the electric stove to cook an egg.

"Is someone living here before me? You even have a stock of egg." I finally voiced out my thoughts as I started to crack the eggs.

"I thought no one lives in here, but it feels the latter. There's no way the appliances and utensils would be complete if it's not." I shook my head and cracked the eggs in front of the pan.

"What the–how are you able to crack the eggs perfectly? I mean, without having some shells on it?" I heard a noise behind, his scent invaded my nose as he stood at my back.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I furrowed my brows.

"Haven't you tried cracking eggs without shells falling on it?"

Because it would be weird. The egg is like, the easiest thing to cook in the world. You can just set a timer and put it on a pot with water, or just crack it in the middle and fry it with oil and heat.

"Chefs are the only people who can do that, Tayla!"

"That's ridiculous. You think I'm a chef?" My lips twitched, trying to stifle a smile from escaping my lips as I tried to get some oil from the pan and put it on top of the yolk.

"Anyway, if you want to save some money, you can just go with me. I'm just gonna drop you off the University before I go to...somewhere," he said the last word in almost a whisper.

I walk towards the dining table and pull a chair out, placing the plate in front of me. He then pulled a chair opposite mine, his eyes observing my actions.

"No thanks," I uttered. I acted like he wasn't in front of me and started to eat the leftover rice from last night and the sunny side up egg, trying to enjoy the breakfast but not that satisfied.

It would taste better if it has ketchup, I said to myself.

He didn't stop, he still tried to insist that he would drop me off but I really don't want to, but ended up losing the argument.

The next day, he was here again. I don't know what is going on, but as far as I could remember, we are already done signing the contract.

Now, he has two green large eco bags in his arms, the veins in his arms showing as he held its handles.

"What are you doing here...again?"

It was getting weird. That day, he told me that he just thought I wouldn't be able to buy my own foods since I gave him two months deposit and a month in advance and he's afraid I won't eat.

"You don't need to do this," I said in a low voice. My head and my left shoulder are leaning at the side of the door towards the kitchen. My arms crossed, and my right foot positioned in front of my left, making a triangle gap in the middle.

"Why can't I do this?" He took a glimpse of me and then shifted it back to the plastics of mixed vegetables.

"I'm just–"

"I'm just helping you out, I can and I want to help so I'm doing it." I mimicked what he said the last time I asked him the same question.

"That was what you will say when I ask you, but I already told you that the help of strangers is only limited. You can't just buy them goods thinking they can't get something for themselves." I disappointingly shook my head and walk towards the dining table, picking up one of the disposable containers with broccoli on it.

"I don't eat this food." I put the vegetable down and heaved an exaggerated sigh.

"This was what I am talking about. You kept on bugging me and doing things like we know each other for so long. We just met weeks ago, and you did a great help already. No one would do this other than you, so I am really confused." I sat in front of him, placing my elbows on top of the glass table.

"Someone told me that a man wouldn't do such things if they don't like the girl..." I cut my next words off, giving myself enough time to think whether I will ask him or not.

"Auton, do you perhaps, like–"

"Do I like you?" He barked into spits of laughter, his head moving upward as he touched his stomach, and then he stopped when a drop of tear cascaded down his cheek.

"I'm not sure yet." He shook his head, but a smirk is still plastered on his face.

"But I want to be certain. Do you want to have a date with me?"

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