The Hunter's Mate/C4 She's my mate
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The Hunter's Mate/C4 She's my mate
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C4 She's my mate

-Stefan's pov-

After the fight yesterday, Wendy had me down on a chair and helped me with the ice bag. She applied ointment and closed up the wound. "Do you want me to teach him a lesson?" She asked me.

"No." I replied fully aware of what she would do to him. Wendy is highly trained in the town. Master G insisted she joined us on this mission and she's already thinking of killing. She's the first daughter of Lady Ursula, the greatest dark witch of our kind. You might wonder, do witches exist?. Yes, they do and my mom is one of them, it's a long story though.

Aaron came in with his crossbow and dropped it in front of us. "Found something?" I asked.

He sat on a chair opposite mine and shrugged. "Nothing. Are you sure we are in the right school?. Cos this school is full of shit." I laughed.

"My mother never makes mistakes. I can feel the bitch too. Gosh, I can't believe I went back to high school all because of this." Said Wendy, and I looked at her.

"What do you feel?" I asked.

"I feel like a Siren. She's here and I can't trace her." She replies.

I nodded in agreement, I can feel her too but can't find her. "Let's find her then. The only place we haven't been to is the detention class." I told them.

"What's the detention class?" asked Aaron, who sat quietly. "It's a class designated for keeping hoodlums and stubborn students. It's just like a class for students under detention."

Aaron shakes his head and walks out leaving me with Wendy.

"They have that here?. I can't wait to go home." Wendy exclaimed.

"And to get to that class, I have to be close to Ellie." I added.


"She's one of the school exco's."

I drew closer to her and she looked away. "I don't feel good about the girl. I feel she's in trouble." I smiled lightly. "You're jealous?" I asked. She hesitantly pushed her head aside. I slowly turned her face to look at me.

"We talked about this, right?" Her brows began to furrow. "Talk about what?"

I didn't know how to begin. But I believe she would go through this. We agreed to stop whatever we had together once I found my mate. Now, things have gotten serious between us, I don't know how she would take it.

I was about speaking but Aaron burst back in. We all turned sharply and the look on his face spoke otherwise. He breathed out heavily and said, "I found a siren."

The next day, I decided to speak to Ellie about the detention class so I came earlier than anyone else but unfortunately she seemed likely to be late today. Just when I was about to walk through the hallway to my locker, I saw Ellie's boyfriend approaching me.

I stopped and looked at him, waiting to hear him out. He smirked and walked closer, directly to my face, by now students had stopped to look at us. "You.." A big evilly glare on his face. "I'll get you." He whispered.

I chuckled and he grabbed my collar and pushed me hard on a locker. "You wanna fight now, fight me. Come on." He yelled. I smiled. That didn't go down well as an unknowingly blow landed across my face.

That single blow made me stagger back, I slowly raised my hand to my mouth and felt a slight pain, and I looked at him angrily. "Don't ever try to get into a fight with me again, take it seriously if you value your life." He threatened.

In a moment, I watched him turn away to his friends who were laughing mockingly.

In a very vehement manner, I grabbed him and pushed him hard on another locker. A loud gasp escaped among the students. "If you ever raise your hand at me again, I'll chop your head off your body." I warned sternly and left him.

And I turned, I saw my mate's terrifying eyes on me. I was drawn to her instantly but a hateful glare from her made me step back, turned and walked away.


"I'm having this feeling that you're doing this because of her." I turned to face Wendy who was seriously looking at me. "What do you mean?" I asked.

It's been a long day after the ultimate search for the siren who happened to strip away from us, Aaron had gone to sleep leaving me and Wendy alone in the sitting room.

"Yes, because if you do not, her boyfriend would be lying dead by now."

"We're not here to kill Wendy. We are yet to find the sirens, we keep protocols. We don't kill humans."

"But we hunt who hunts us." I turned my face away from her. Wendy never listens to anyone. I turn to face her instantly. "No one touches his hair." I warned and she smiled. "Too late, it's not the boy but.. the girl is in trouble right now."

In a blast of air, I ran into the dark streets in search of Ellie. All my heart could speak of was danger, I couldn't comprehend what was happening, had Wendy found out about my mate?. If not, why would she go after her instead of her boyfriend?. I had my thoughts go through the pain she might be facing right now as my senses could not find her because we haven't clicked.

My heart ached for her and when I finally reached her house, I jumped through the fenced house and hopped up to her window. I slid the window up and was surprised to see a sleeping Ellie on her bed.

I walked further into the room and sat beside her. She's so beautiful in her sleep, and with her continuously pouting her lips that way, I was almost tempted to kiss her.

I heard footsteps approaching the room and I went behind the curtain immediately. A woman with her back facing mine walked in and sat beside her. She comes forward and kisses her on her forehead, she stands and switches off the light bulb socket.

Having heard the creaking sound of the door, I walked out, with the last look on her, I jumped off the window and ran. Ellie is perfectly fine and Wendy tricked me into looking for her in the middle of the night. Wendy was up to something and she has ended up getting her answers.

I walked in and found her smoking hotly on the cushion. I went to stand in front of her and looked down at her. "What's the meaning of this?" She frowned and dropped her cigar on the table. She got up and aimed a blow at me, following up my instinct that that would be her next action. I caught her arm and spun it behind her back, pushed and pinned her to the wall so that her face was pressing against the wall. "Answer me now!!"

"No. I think you should answer me. Who's she to you?. Why are you bent on protecting her?" I pushed her forward and she groaned. "Next time you play this trick on me again, I'll cut your tongue and feed it to the dogs, and if I find out she's in danger because of you, I'll rip your heart off." I threatened and pushed her to the floor.

She turned immediately with her eyes turned red. "I know what you're trying to do, you want to end us."

"Yes. I want to end everything we have between us because..I've found my mate."

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