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C3 The Mansion


Gerthel’s eyes grow wide upon hearing what the man had just said. The word 'auction' rang in her ears.

“What are you talking about? What auction?!” she spat at the man beside her.

“Wealthy Masters, or even Kings and Princesses, will bid for you. You will be sold as a bed warmer,” the man sitting on the executive chair replied and then evilly laughed while his eyes raked over her body.

Gerthel’s soft cat hairs stood up in fear while looking into the laughing man with shock.

Suddenly, they heard a loud voice. “There is no need to include her in the auction tonight. My Boss would definitely like this woman. How much is her price?”

With her head almost spinning, Gerthel turned her head to check on the man who all of a sudden spoke at their backs. The man seemed to be in his late thirties, tall, brusque, and with a brown complexion. He cannot be said to be handsome nor can be condemned to be called ugly. Ordinary might be more appropriate for him.

Creases on her forehead became visible as she deeply looked into the man. “I am not for sale!” she retorted with annoyance.

Silence ruled after she almost snapped into the man, who just barged inside. Thereafter, the middle-aged man sitting on the executive chair cleared his throat and made a loud chuckle. His eyes pierced all over her with a hint of mockery before he speaks. “Well, lady, you are wrong. You are absolutely for sale now."

“No!” she screamed in utter disbelief.

“Yes, you are! Be ready, you are sold now!” It was the middle-aged man who snarled at her.

A grim smirk flashed before the thick lips of the man, whose Boss wanted women as beautiful as Gerthel. “So, how much is the price for this fine lady?” he asked again.

The middle-aged man grinned satanically per Gerthel’s observation. She judged him as a Satan now, who will be turning her life into hell.

“She is all yours for Ten Thousand Dollars,” the middle-aged man blurted out with excitement.

“What?! you are selling me like a bag of fruit? How dare you! I repeat, Sir, I am not for sale!” Gerthel moved with intent to march out from the room and outside of the big, luxurious building, which she surmised to be actually a prostitution den when the two brusque men who grabbed her in the street took each of her arms and pinned her in between them.

“Let me go! You idiots!” she shouted at the two men while taking her full strength in order to get away from them. It was futile, however.


Gerthel wanted to shift into her wolf form, but even if she will do so, she could feel that the men around her are not humans too. They are either wolves or worst dragons and vampires. She will be nothing compared to them. She closed her eyes and thought to play well with their games. It is better to fight with one man than with four of them. So, she decided to be sold to the stranger who just barged into the room to buy her.

As she entered the highly expensive car of the man who bought her, she was welcomed by a lavender scent, which made her fall asleep after a few seconds of taking her seat inside the car. She did not know what happened next. When she woke up, the car was at its halt already and they were somewhere that she did not know.

She immediately fixed herself and glanced at the man beside her. “Where are we?” she asked in a low voice. She does not want to sound arrogant and she does not want to anger the man.

“You will know later on. May I know your name?” the man asked her.

Gerthel frowned but still, she responded. “Gerthel.”

“Gerthel, I am Gab, the right-hand man of the owner of this mansion,” he said in return.

She just gave the man a short nod and then she lets her eyes roam around the premises. She noticed that she was being brought to a big and luxurious mansion. The place screamed luxury, elegance, and wealth.

“This is your room, Gerthel. You will stay here from now on.” Gab said before he left her alone in the room.

Just like the other part of the mansion, the room assigned to her, was big and luxurious, starting from the carpeted floor, the vanity mirror, the side table with a golden lamp, and the bed, which looks like a Queen’s bed.

She walked near the window and opened it. She looked outside and was in awe to see the beauty of nature around the mansion. As she looked down, a sudden smile crept through her lips. Near the window is a big tree, leading down the ground. If she wanted to escape, she can use the tree and it will be easy to find a way to jump out of the tall fence. Her wolf can already help her do that. Hope suddenly overwhelmed her.

She closed the window and then she tested the softness of the bed. It was so soft that suddenly made her yawn. And then sleep, slowly cradled her.

A knock on the door awakened Gerthel. Dragging her feet out of the bed, she approached the door and opened it. It was an old lady wearing a maid’s uniform.

“Miss Gerthel, I would like to inform you that dinner is ready. If you are hungry already, you may go down to the dining area and we will serve you. If you wanted to eat in your room, we can also bring your food in here,” the old woman said.

“I prefer to eat here for tonight. Thank you,” she shortly replied and the old maid smiled at her.

“As you wish, Madam. Your food will be here in a minute.” The old woman thereafter left Gerthel.

When the old woman returned, she was already carrying a tray with food on it. Gerthel could not find any complaint about the food. The steak was soft and perfectly cooked, the mashed potato has an aftertaste effect after melting into her mouth and the strawberry juice seemed to be freshly made from a juicer. The chocolate cake was just perfect for her liking. She rated the food a perfect ten. However, it does not make her change her mind to escape from the place.

That night, she tried to escape from the mansion. However, she lost her balance while climbing down from her window to a big tree that would lead her down to the ground. She closed her eyes and attempted to shift into her werewolf form to avoid injury when she fall to the ground.

Before she could shift into her werewolf form, however, someone grabbed her and she found herself in the arms of an almost seven-footer, a well-muscled man whose golden eyes flickered with amusement as he carried her just like a doll without any weight at all. She is five feet and seven inches tall but she felt like a dwarf compared to him. She was truly mesmerized. Her heart pounded while the wolf inside her cried out, MATE!

Did she just find her second chance mate? She thought.

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