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C4 The Boss


Her heart went wild, and so with her wolf inside. But the gorgeous man just looked at her with cold eyes. There were no traces that he felt what she felt. Her mate's pull toward her seemed to be not working. Until she realized by sniffing at him that he is not just a wolf. He is something more!

“What are you doing in that tree at this hour?” his voice was colder than his eyes.

“Err, I am sorry,” confused and rattled, she said. She will not of course admit to the man that she was trying to escape.

He was looking at him intently. The light post nearby made her see how gorgeous the man could be. She had seen handsome werewolf men, but this one is far above them. His aura creates an illusion for someone who will see him that a Greek God just came down from the sky.

“You better return to your room. Escaping is useless,” he said after a while, which brought scarlet color to Gerthel’s face. He easily sensed her plan of escaping, which has been a failure. Thanks to that tree and to him.

Just nodding, she immediately ran toward the main door and head straight to her bedroom.

The man followed her running frame with his squinting golden orbs before he moved, walking around the premises of the mansion, as if he was a night guard, roaming around.

Inside her room, Gerthel could still hear her erratic breathing. She placed her hands on her chest as she tried to pacify her emotion. “Moon Goddess, I was just rejected by my mate, but here you are again, giving me a second chance mate, who is as cold as an iceberg,” she said whining. She dropped her body lazily on the bed and hugged the pillow beside her. Her plan of escaping was useless. She sighed as the image of the man who caught her escaping but save her at the same time from being crippled if her body hits the ground, suddenly flashed in her mind.

“Mate! He is ours!” her wolf shouted inside her mind, making her sigh once more.

"Hey, we were just rejected, stopped claiming that man now. I cannot accept another rejection, you know?" she retorted to her wolf, who introduced herself as Thella.

She closed her eyes and the last thing that was in her vision before she dreamily drifted into her dark zone was the gorgeous man with golden eyes looking at her intently.

Outside, the man with golden eyes looked up into the window near the big tree and chuckled. He walked to the main door of the mansion and decided to retire for the night seeing that everything on the premises seemed to be completely alright.


On the second night, Gerthel was informed that she was already arranged to please the Boss.

“Miss Gerthel, please be ready by eight o’clock in the evening. You will be brought to the Boss as his new bed warmer. Please let me know if you need help,” a different maid came, which Gerthel guessed to be the Chief Maid, told her. She was tongue-tied, even when the Chief Maid left her room.

After regaining her senses, she shook her head as if trying to forget about what the Chief Maid told her just a while ago. She sat on her bed thinking. She had already taken a bath and she will not repeat bathing for the sake of that man, they called Boss. “What if that Boss is a violent man? What if he will hurt me physically? What if he is an old evil Lord? Gosh, if I need to transform into my wolf form I will just so I can defend myself and my purity,” Gerthel thought while her fists clenched both in anger and nervousness.

She looked at the clock and noticed that it was already past seven o’clock in the evening. She only has less than an hour before she will be brought to the room of that evil man, they called Boss.

She stood up and opened the wardrobe cabinet, which according to the maid was for her. There inside the cabinet, she saw a lot of dresses, seductive nighties of different colors, pieces of underwear that mostly are thongs-type, brassieres, and others. She frowned seeing what type of clothes were inside the cabinet. They are all to be used to please or seduce the Boss, and she wanted to puke by just thinking of having s*x with an old evil man. She then grabbed the most decent dress that she could find inside the cabinet. It was a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a blue-green blouse, which made her frown too because of its low neckline, exposing almost half of her cleavage.

“Urgghh, these dresses are disgusting,” she whined as she threw the clothes she chose to wear on the bed and search again inside the cabinet, but alas, she cannot find any more decent clothing inside that dressing cabinet. “At least with tight-fitting jeans like this, it will be hard for that old evil man to remove it from my body. I will definitely kick his ass before he could even try to remove my tight-fitting jeans,” she thought with fierceness in her eyes.

She wore the tight-fitting jeans, that naturally showed off her curves and the low neckline blouse. She did not know how she could be able to cover her cleavage. Frowning, she opened the cabinet again and saw a white cotton spaghetti strap tight-fitting upper garment. She got it and wore it first before wearing the low neckline dress, thereby making her cleavage not visible anymore to those malicious eyes that would surely feast on looking at it if exposed.

While waiting for the eight o’clock time, she walked to the window and opened it, hoping to see again the man who caught and saved her from falling a night ago. Sadly, she could not see even a shadow of him, and worst, she could not even escape from this room now since she could not see a way out, except for that tree near the window, which she tried last night but failed.

When she heard knocks on her door, her heart suddenly palpitated out of nervousness. Trying to calm herself, she made a deep breath in repeated manners. When the door opened, she was already a bit calm and braver.

“Miss Gerthel, it is time to go to the Boss’ room. He is waiting for you already,” the same maid came to her room and guided her to the Boss’ room.

The Chief Maid knocked thrice first before opening the door, which seemed to be left unlocked. “Please get inside, Miss Gerthel,” the maid said.

Gerthel swallowed hard her saliva as she could feel her throat starting to dry up before her feet moved to get inside the room.

The room was dimly lighted and all Gerthel could see was the back of a tall frame near the closed window. She kept her silence. “I hope you will not face me, it will be much better, I can run now, going out of this room,” she thought frantically. However, it seemed like the Moon Goddess did not hear her prayer.

The man slowly moved his body until he faced her.

“You?!” To her shock, she even pointed her finger at the man, while her eyes were wide as the full moon.

"Yes, it is me. What is so surprising?" the man's eyes squinted as he made a few regal steps until he was almost an inch away from Gerthel.

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