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C6 The Promise


“Ahmm, no, I mean, of course. I don’t want you to get sick,” she shakingly replied, remembering what Mr. Gab had just told her a while ago.

He seemed to have appreciated her reply as his usual cold face suddenly smiled warmly. “Now, let me help you remove your bathrobe, because of course, you will not soak in the pool wearing that, right?” he said with a hint of naughtiness on his tone, again.

“Oh, I can manage,” she said in resistance but his hands already moved and in just a millisecond her robe was already down the nearby lounge chair. He looked at her from her head down and then frowned when he saw her white shorts covering her bikini swimming attire.

“Really conservative, huh?” He chuckled.

“I … I just don’t want the guards to …” she was not able to finish her words because the Boss already captured her lips and kissed her with such passion that made her melt in his arms. She did not know how to kiss back, this is actually her first kiss, and oh, she did not expect that kissing is such a wonderful thing!

He deepened his kiss when he felt her not resisting. He let his tongue wander around her mouth until it caught hers. He gave her a torrid kiss as a finale.

After such passionate and torrid kissing, the Boss looked at her with that unwavering mischief in his eyes. “Let us go down to the pool and swim,” he suggested, and before she could protest, he already scooped her swiftly, to her surprise, and carried her down the swimming pool.

“Are you ready to swim?” he asked her while still carrying her. He did not put her down yet in the water.

“Yes, please put me down now,” she said feeling embarrassed. She knew that there are a few guards nearby.

“In a while, you seemed to be feeling not ready to dip in the water yet.” He continued to hold her in his arms.

“Oh, no need to carry me. I am fine, I am not cold, and I can swim now.” She stammered again and she wanted to reprimand herself, so with her wolf, Thella, who seemed to be doing a jumping jack in delight.

Without thinking twice, the Boss put her down in the water but wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. “You think you can still avoid me now?” he murmured as he let his hands slide down her buttocks and pulled her much closer to him.


Gerthel gasped some air as her eyes grow wide. She felt his hardening manhood on her stomach as he is much taller than her. “Boss, let us swim,” she whispered with a shaking voice while trying to detach her body from him.

However, instead of letting her go, he lifted her up and cupped her rounded buttocks with his big hands. “Wrapped your legs around my hips, now,” he then murmured in an ordering tone but Gerthel did not move her legs.

“That was your Boss’ order, do it now!” he murmured again as he started kissing her neck.

Gerthel’s breathing became frantic as she tried to think wisely. “Hmm, Boss, let us save the best for last. Please do not take me now, not here, wait for a few more times then I would be the one who will offer myself to you voluntarily and gladly,” she murmured to him while cupping his face and looking at him with such eyes seeking patience and understanding. If she needs to use her charm in this way to persuade him to agree to her request, she will do so, with much more acting.

“Gaddamit. I will be going crazy, woman!” he hissed. The frustration was evident on his face.

Gerthel did not just easily give up. She looked at him, pleadingly, “I beg you, please? Is it not be more exciting if I will gladly surrender to you? Please spare me first today and I promise you, you will not regret it when our first time happens,” she said gently, still cupping his face with her hands, hoping that she could be able to convince him.

He stood there unmoving while his eyes were focused on her. He was looking at her with lust and some other emotions lingering in his eyes, that Gerthel could not comprehend completely. After a while, he sighed and nodded, “Alright, let us just swim now. I will be looking forward to that promise of yours, woman,” he said softly looking at her with squinting eyes. He patted her butt and motioned for her to swim.

Gerthel was able to breathe with relief. “Thank you, Boss. Come on, let us swim,” she said smilingly as she swam away from him. He followed her and after a few minutes, they were already enjoying the water, with the Boss taking some stolen kisses and touches on her, which she could not do anything but accept.

After more than half an hour in the water, Gerthel could feel the wind's coldness overwhelming her whole body already. “Enough for this swim, Boss. Let us dry ourselves now?” she said while she could feel that she was already starting to shiver.

Seeing that, she was getting cold already, the Boss nodded. "Come, let me help you up," he said as he offered his hand. Not thinking anymore, Gerthel took his hand and let him guide her out of the pool.

He then grabbed her white bathrobe from the lounge chair and put it on her. "Go to your room, and get a shower now. Then meet me at the balcony on the second floor, we will have some tea," he said and motioned for her to go.

"Thank you. If you will excuse me now," she said and then walked away from him.

He followed her back with his eyes, with his expression unfathomable. Then he got the big towel he threw on the other lounge chair a while ago and followed Gerthel.

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