The Hybrid Bed Warmer & Her Mates/C7 She Will Be Punished
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The Hybrid Bed Warmer & Her Mates/C7 She Will Be Punished
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C7 She Will Be Punished


He intended to follow Gerthel into her room. He is really getting hot and he wanted to ravish her. Watching her swaying hips, with just a bathrobe wrapped in her body, really turned him on.

However, suddenly, he remembered what she told him and he stopped walking. He closed his eyes while clenching his teeth and then made a slight turn. This time, he walked straight to his own bedroom.

He showered immediately while trying to release the heat that was overwhelming his whole senses. He could not fathom why he was able to agree with her condition. No woman was able to do that to him in her entire life. Women come to his bed willing and able. Always ready to please him, but this woman, this newly bought bed warmer of his right-hand man seemed to be making things difficult for him, but alas, he even got the patience, which he never knew, where he got. He is an impatient man, always, actually. He got what he wanted, anything, anyone, anytime, and anywhere. How dare this woman refused him. Her refusal was subtle that he could not fight against it or act against her wishes. He cursed under his breath and continued showering. “Don’t take too long to be ready for me, Woman!” he sneered while grabbing the white towel on the hanging rock.

On one hand, inside her room, Gerthel just finished showering too. She is undecided if she will still meet him on the balcony on the second floor. As much as possible, she wanted to be distant from him, otherwise, she might be able to give up her defenses so soon, which she really wished, will not happen.

She got a pair of sleeveless cotton T-shirts and leggings inside her wardrobe cabinet and wore them, without the intention anymore of meeting the Boss for tea time. She wanted to sleep and rest. It was just drinking tea and his right-hand man can join him in that.

Sleepiness was already starting to envelop her whole senses when she heard knocks on her door. She stiffens and alighted from her bed, in panic. “Could it be that the Boss was the one knocking? Is he angry that she did not come for the tea drinking time that he set tonight?” she thought while she walked to the door and opened it.

“Miss Gerthel, the Boss is waiting for you on the second-floor, balcony. Please hurry, he was there for around twenty minutes already.” It was the Chief Maid, who come to her room.

“Gosh, alright. I will go now,” she said and got out of the room, without anymore changing her clothes.

Stepping on every stair to the second floor, Gerthel heart was beating wildly. She did not see yet how the Boss got pissed off when disobeyed and she does not want to suffer any result when he got angry.

When she reached the balcony on the second floor, Gerthel take a few deep breaths to relax herself before she approached him.

“Here I am, Boss. Apology if I am late, I did not mean to fall asleep,” she readily said, offering her apologies.

He turned his head and gazed at her nonchalantly. “You seemed to have not known my rules yet inside this mansion,” he then said coldly. He stood up and looked at him with ferociousness. “I am finished drinking my tea, Woman and I don’t have the luxury of time to wait while you sip your tea,” he said further, and then he left her without looking back at her, even once.


Gerthel’s mouth became muted, while her feet seemed to have been rooted on the floor, where she stood. She followed his wide and straight back as he headed away from her.

In her thoughts, however, she found a relief that he left already. She then returned to her bedroom.

The Boss’ mood got worse when he noticed that Gerthel did not even bother to follow him to make further amends for her mistake. He wanted to curse the woman for being so defiant and hard-headed. “Maybe you need to feel my punishment, for you to remember to follow my orders and rules in this house,” he thought with his eyes squinting.

Before Andreitte could fall asleep, she heard knocks again on her door. With a bit of frown on her face, she alighted from her bed and opened her door.

“Miss Andreitte, what did you do to piss off Boss Dar?” It was Mr. Gab who came knowing on her door. His expression was cold and one of his eyebrows was raised while glaring at her.

She batted her eyes, unable to look into his eyes directly. So, the Boss’ name is Dar?“ she thought.

“Miss Gerthel! Are you listening to me?”

“Ohh, am… I mean, my apologies, I forgot that he invited me tonight for tea time on the balcony on the second floor. I slept, unintentionally.”

“Miss Gerthel, please be reminded that every word of Boss Dar should be followed. Any disobedience or defiance to his words means punishment or worst, death,” Mr. Gab’s tone this time was firm and authoritative, while his eyes looked at her with intensity.

“I apologize again Mr. Gab,” she bit her lips and bowed her head. She did not think that not seriously considering his simple tea time invitation would end her up in trouble.

“The Boss said, you will be punished Miss Gerthel,” Mr. Gab said in a fierce tone, that suddenly brought fear in her.

She looked up at him and tried to ask while controlling her voice to rattle. “What… what kind of punishment, Mr. Gab?”

“I do not know yet, you will know it tomorrow once Boss Dar called you.”

Suddenly, Gerthel saw herself in her imagination, being tied in both hands, with the Boss holding a long tail of the stingray, ready to whip her back. She batted her eyes, and then she closed them not wanting to imagine more of what will comes next.

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