The Innocence of Murderer/C1 Love me or Hate me
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The Innocence of Murderer/C1 Love me or Hate me
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C1 Love me or Hate me

There were two teenagers named Stella and Han. They are high school students. Stella was a top student in their class and Han was a bad boy student, a bad boy like you can never imagine.

As Stella crosses the hallway into their classroom. Han puts his feet on the ground where Stella is passing by and suddenly Stella slides because of Han. Han and his friends laugh as if they can't laugh anymore, Stella can't get up because her neck is stiff and no one can help her even though there's a lot of students on her side.

Those students were scared of getting beaten by Han. Instead, they stand still silent like they do not see anything about Stella who was sitting on the ground with bleeding knees.

"Are you happy now? Attention seeker", Stella said.

Han smirks and says "I'm so sorry I didn't notice that you are passing, It's your fault you're pathetic." while laughing.

Stella couldn't do anything, instead, she held onto the bench and got up herself because no one did.

Next scene, Stella walking along the street didn't notice that Han was on her back, Han took her bag and threw it in the garbage basket then he bragged to Stella in the lake and joked that he would throw Stella too. Stella was not in her senses and got shocked.

As always she can't do anything, that's why she cried. Han stopped on his way and got his bag then left Stella alone.

"Stella's POV"

Oh my! He's stupid if he believed that I'm crying. He doesn't know who I am though.

By the way, where's my bag? there you go… oh shit! It sucks! That man! I swear you will strip on your way home.

Gosh, I've spent many hours and efforts in my part-time job to buy this, Oh no! What should I do now? Its smell makes me nauseous. I feel too ashamed if I ask my mom to buy me a new one, I already know that I was born into a poor family.

"Stella! there you are, where are you from? I will take you to your school but I can't find you there!" my mom said.

Oh, mom, sorry I had to go to my part-time job, that's why I left earlier in school.

As if she has taken care of me! I said this while murmuring.

I didn't notice that it's already late, I don't want to go home yet but I need to. I always argue with my mom but it's not my fault though she's too stubborn. I already said that I don't have a boyfriend.

She always insists, she is always lecturing me that I should study first before turning into a relationship.

I'm already aware of that but can she please stop lecturing over and over? Anyway, I remembered that man again! hmm. I should not tolerate that kind of action. I should punish him tomorrow. I have a plan. Gosh! Why am I smiling?

"Han's POV"

She's too weak, why would she cry if I was joking that I will throw her in the lake as if that I can.

If she only knows that I have a crush on her. Gosh! What did I say? I have a crush on her? No! No! No! that wouldn't happen, she's smart but she's too ugly she's not my type though.

I'll visit her in their room and I will bully her even if they have a class discussion (evil laugh) I should have a plan then, I'll think about it later. I'm going to take a bath first.

While taking a bath...

What the hell! Oh no! Why now that I'm using shower!

Who turns off the water? I'm naked I can't go outside, I have soap on my face, I can't see anything!

Can someone help?

Hey! Is there anybody who can hear me?

What an evil night! What should I do now? I think it's okay if I use minerals. It is for now only.

I have to sleep, I have plans for tomorrow. I am very excited!

At the school cafeteria, Han sat on Stella's front desk and asked her if she agreed if he would date her.

Stella blows out the water from her mouth to Han's face and says "Why should I date someone like you?"

Han can't take it out of shame and he stands while screaming for help and says Stella ate his food without his permission.

All the students looked at their desks and started to giggle and yell "Stella are you starving for more? Here's mine."

"Hey Stella, are you not ashamed of what you are doing?"

"There you go, you are the top student but your attitude acts like you're not."

Stella can't take it from what she hears, she stands and runs away. Stella goes to the fishing pan and cries silently, she doesn't know what she did wrong to Han to treat her like that.

Unfortunately, she didn't notice that Han was on her back and watching her while crying.

Han walks closely to Stella and says "I'm sorry, I will not do that anymore."

Stella slaps him and says "Am I joking to you? I'm a human too, why would you treat me like this? Did I do something wrong to you? slap it to my face."

Han's stop for a while and hugged Stella. He confessed his feelings without hesitation. He did not expect that his plan last night would turn into a confession.

Stella pushed Han away and she left headed back in the cafeteria while scratching her eyes. She bought her bag then left the school already.

Han looks for her but he can't see Stella anymore. He asked his friends if they saw Stella. They say Stella left out of anger "Bro! You did well" while clapping and chuckling.

Next scene, Han was headed to the lake where he followed Stella, where he threw Stella's bag in the garbage basket thinking that he could find Stella there. But he did not see Stella.

While Han was walking across the side of the lake he saw a pair of shoes and he remembered that it was Stella's shoes way back in the hallway that he stripped Stella of.

"Why would it be here for… Stella No! Don't do that"

He saw Stella walking along the lake and when he arrived at the water Stella was already drowning. He bragged to Stella at the safe part of the lake and he gave her CPR.

Stella was conscious and when she opened her eyes she hugged Han tightly. She thanked Han for saving her.

Han says "Don't do that anymore, sorry for everything! I'll make sure that I'll give you peace." while his tears are falling slowly.

Han accompanies Stella to her home while giving her a piggy ride. Han met Stella's mom and said hi! Stella's mom asked him who he is, he answered politely that he is Stella's schoolmate.

Stella's mom thanked him for his kindness and told him that he can go home because Stella will be taking a rest.

Stella's classroom is a mess when she enters the room. Her table is full of paper trash, leftover food and even poop of animals. Everyone in their classroom glares at her and pity her.

Unexpectedly, Han enters the room and says that no one can touch his girl from now on. Everybody seems surprised even Stella and the whole class clean the table Stella.

Stella asks Han if it is a joke again and Stella says that isn't funny, Han says he is serious and no one can take Stella from him.

Days have passed, Stella and Han decide to tell their relationship with Stella's mother. It's for Stella's mother only because Stella's father passed away from disease when she was born.

Stella couldn't know what should be told first to her mother, she is determined even though her mother is against her having a boyfriend.

Han and Stella knock at Stella's house to tell their relationship. Stella's mother opened the door while glaring at Han and finding who is the one hiding in Han's back.

Han greeted her with pleasantness, and he said directly to the point that he already had a girlfriend, her daughter. He promised that he will take care of Stella no matter what.

Stella came out from Han's back and stared at her angry mother.

"No! I will not allow your relationship, did I not tell you Stella? that you must graduate first and become professional before you turn into a relationship?" She said, Stella's mother.

Stella shouted for her right and told "No, my life is my rule! You only my mother but you didn't own this life." Han tries to stop her but he can't stop Stella.

Her mother was shocked because she can say that despite being her daughter. Stella's mother says "If you want to continue your relationship with him then pack your things and leave my house right now." calmly but deep inside it destroys her.

Han hesitates and persuades Stella to not leave but Stella insists and she wants to do what she wants. They left Stella's mother alone and Stella moved to Han's place.

After 3 months …

Stella felt nauseous and suddenly ran to the toilet and she was vomiting. She doesn't know what it means but Han's has a prediction so he buys a pregnancy test for Stella.

After a minute, Stella came out from the comfort room and she says she's positive. They're both happy because they will have their own family.

Han persuades Stella that she should tell her mother since she is still her daughter. At first, she was hesitant but she agreed too.

They knocked at Stella's house but no one came out. While waiting for someone to pass by then Stella asks her if she saw her mother but the answer she gets is her mother passed away when she was away. She died from a heart attack and couldn't survive.

Stella seemed shocked and started to tear her tears quickly. Han holds her at her waist and guides her on the way home because she is pregnant and couldn't be stressed.

Han and Stella went to the mother of Stella's grave. Stella starts to bend her knees and says sorry over and over again. She slumped to her mother's grave and asked her mother for forgiveness while singing "See you again" by; Charlie Put.

Months had passed, Stella's womb was huge and they were both excited for the last months left before their daughter finally welcomed the world.

They both gave full love and sacrifices to each of them to be good parents, especially Stella who regretted leaving her mother and died alone. Han is hardworking because he knows he will have his own family.

Stella and Han went to Department Stores to buy clothes, anything that their baby's needs if it's finally born. They are deeply in love with each other, especially now that they will have a daughter.

Han decides to propose to Stella even if she is already pregnant, he wants to be married before Stella gives birth to their child. Han with his connections and friends arrange the preparation for their marriage.

Stella was so happy and couldn't imagine that it would happen despite their relationship as schoolmates a year ago. Who knows that they will end up together regardless of anger and hatred of Stella for Han.

And now the day that everyone waits for, the marriage of Mrs and Mr Han Sandoval went successful thanks to their friends and school friends that gave effort for both of them.

And they enjoyed their first night as a married couple, they live at peace and wait for their little one to be born.

Han wakes early every morning to prepare breakfast for Stella, he is a very kind, caring and lovable husband to Stella.

Stella couldn't ask for more, only Han and her daughter will be enough to have a reasonable life.

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