On a cold quiet night, the moon danced in the sky, the air around in a happy mood as they caress each others cheeks, the stars as bright as the day. Coloured lights hanging on the night sky, the street was in full frenzy as motorists are seen driving pass each other, people walking by, some stopped once in a while to view and admire the gigantic buildings and the beautiful night views and scenes of the city. Magnificently stood a man, made in Gods perfection,— when I say perfection I mean in full regalia six feet and half tall, cute like a poppy and beautiful like early morning rose, he has a dark full short hair, straight long legs that can leave a woman reaching for orgasm. — Sorry but let's be Frank, I for one ain't gonna pass on that one. He walked by the pedestrian bridge and stood facing the bustling city and the night stars, revealing his full appearing. Man!! he is like one of those Egyptian gods we read in the story books: you know; those kinds of hot gods that you just wanna live the rest of your miserable life wishing to just admire him till you stop drooling all over your face. With blazing dragon eyes that can both send you to hell and the abyss of pleasure, and that got me thinking what would ever make a woman pass on that offer hell be damed, men included. His smile is both erotic and scary, yeah, that kind of creepy and sexy smile that will take you a million years deciding whether he is a psychopath or just an innocent cute guy that you wanna fuck till thy kingdom comes, well that depends on the occasion and the personality in play”, with a chiselled nose that looks just like those made only for the gods, looking at his tiny soft little lips even as a man yeah you would want to kiss them and take a bit caution and judgement be darned. His brows are carved on a straight line, exposing his fair smooth skin and hair styled and partitioned by the side giving him that angelic look and aura that screams come to me all yea that lack men in your life and I will give you pleasure and pain. He wore a black three piece Booralro custom made suit with a black tie, an Italian black shoe and a golden watch, “that costs a fortune”. With hands in his pockets exposing his full gloriously crafted statue of a man, he stood overlooking the streets as he thought out his goal, “To tear down this building”. And in view came a 10 story apartment plaza in the heart of the Gurara city. He watched as the building comes crumbling down to the debris with nothing left to save. But dust and cloud of smoke riding up in the horizon. Smiling at his creative imagination as keyboards danced in the background at a fast pace producing a sharp melodious sound that leaves your heart palpitating. He gives a creepy smiles that leaves you mopping at the universe for a job well done. With a winks to his imaginary audience; we were brought back to the view of the crumbling building. Only to see what’s left of it, “ clouds of thick dust that leaves you thinking whether an helicopter crashed into a desert and killed all animals in the forest”. Showing the view of the neon lights emitting from the tall buildings around giving off a sweet ecliptic scene filled with rumbling sound tract that screams, “beware mischief and mystery is in the air”.

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