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On a gigantic bed decorated with lots of pillows and white bed spread. A bottle of an expensive perfume could be seen lying on the bedside table with a half bottle of scotch and a glass of scotch in ice (just looking for who will take a sip and end its miserable life of waiting to be enjoyed), a small black table alarm clock could also be seen sitting quietly by the side (observing the scene in front of it like it's one of those nights). The thick red ceiling to ground curtains, well drawn; shouting out the morning rays.

Suddenly the alarm starts to blare in the quiet room bringing to view the full length of the gigantic bed and on it lay a man in white shirt with his back to the table upon which the alarm clock lay, facing the other side of the wall with the table lamp emitting a yellowish glow (making you admire the good life some people live).

He seemed to be sleeping quietly, "peacefully"? That we are yet to find out. After the fifth ring the man moved, turned facing the alarm clock; he fumbled to silence the alarm clock, exposing his half buttoned up shirt, erotic and well carved abs; (no no no it's too early to be drooling and having dirty thoughts). It so happens that this was the same sculpture of a man; last seen on the pedestrian bridge earlier.

Fumbling for a while, he picks up his mobile phone from the other side of the bed, checking the time, he sighs, “laying back down with his left arm on his fore head he closes his eyes”, and after some seconds he opens his eyes and a sigh leaves his mouth yet again before he decided to crawl out of bed and do something meaningful with his life.

Standing he walks to the other side of the room, exposing the shutters as the curtains partitioned exposing the glass mirror that captures the view of the city from a very high end, he kept walking until he's standing in front of the glass mirror only his silhouette could be seen on the bed from the early morning sun that found its way into the room. A church bell could be heard chiming in a distance.

Enjoying the view of the early morning sun through his glass window, —his two hands in his pocket trouser as he stares at the moon.

One will define him as a god; who is thinking of how to punish its creation for their wrong doings. The early morning sun could be admired through his iris as he looked on with a look so far away that leaves you wondering,"what's going on in that brain of his?”

Walking to his bathroom for a shower, but before that he walked to the mirror to admire his early morning look, “like its some daily routine”, at that moment he notices a red stain on the collar of his white shirt that's now buttoned down to expose those tempting abs.

Flash back to eighteen hours ago: Castellano Family Study:

Mr Giovanni Castellano was seen discussing the new distro they just established and the best approach to use since there are lots of competitions and targets on their back out there.

Irrespective of his age, Mr Giovanni looked remarkably fit for a man of his years.

"Ah! Don't forget about what we discussed concerning DARIO, make sure it is carried out with good result" —Mr Giovanni reminds Salvatore.

"Leave that to me Sir". Replies Salvatore .

They continued to go over some documents and maps.

After a while his Other son Mateo walks in—reeking of alcohol and fresh sex.

Eyeing the Young man suspiciously his father demands to know where he has been since two days now. Without even answering his father, Mateo swaggers to the living area, holding the double door refrigerators handles, Mateo drags them open lazily with no care in the world.

Rummaging through the stocked fridge for a while, he came up with a can of horse energy drink.

Only when he had downed the whole content did he turn to his father.

" I was out fucking some juicy pussy, —he demonstrates by moving his hip back and forte, with some friends. Why? Did anybody miss me? I doubt that". He says walking to the wine bar.

Taking a bottle of Scotch and a whisky glass from the shelve, Mateo poured himself a glass to have a taste —like a starved lunatic, refilling his glass, he decides to join his father and Salvatore in the study for whatever boring meeting they might be having. “Not like they will take my opinion or whatsoever”. He thoughts to himself.

Pushing the big door open Mateo lazily walks to the empty chair, slumping like a sack of grain he asks if there is anything they will need him for as he needs to have some east before going out in the evening to meet with some friends for boxing game he's planning on hosting.

"Don't you think you're drinking way too much these days than helping in the family business? Salvatore is also a man who would like to have some women too, (turning to Salvatore) am I right, Salvatore?.

" I would rather we continue with the topic at hand", Salvatore replies with a straight face.

Laughing amusingly, “See this is why He’s always focused, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun once in a while”, Giovanni says to Salvatore —who pretended not to have heard him, before turning to update his son on the new meeting he's planning to host come two weeks with the underboss and some other dignitaries about expanding their business to other cities. Mateo shakes his head in agreement (With an uninterested look).

Just then car tyres where heard in high speed driving into the villa. Alert Mr Giovanni orders his men to go check wat is going on.

"Why didn't the security alarm go off?", he asks.

Salvatore didn't hesitate to draw his gun, moving to the window, he peeps to check if he will see any familiar face. Not being able to identify a single face , he turns back to his father to inform him that this might not be a friendly visit. Not able to finish his observation asgun firs were heard in the background. Everywhere was in chaos as Salvatore barks orders to men around; " Shoot to kill", he orders.

Walking into the family armoury filled with different types of guns expulsions and other weapons, Salvatore snatched some bullets, guns and rings. Walking to the roof top he started shooting from his hidden corner as more cars trooped in.

Detaching his phone from his back pocket he speed dialed a number, after a while the phone connects. Not having enough time to chitchat he went straight to inform the person at the other side of the connection about the sudden attack on their. Not giving whoever that was at the other side time to process the information, Salvatore hung up and went back to shooting his targets.

The gunfight was chaotic as lifeless bodies were littered all over the place, blood flowing like an endless spring. Both sides were loosing the fight, but nobody was ready to give up,—That would mean death, and mafias strongly believes in dying an honorable death, so the fight rages on, and mascara ceaselessly.

Until Mr Giovanni felt a searing heat as a bullet lodged in his stomach. He fell forward…… struggling against the pain. Slowly, Mr Giovanni rolled over, aiming at his shooter he fired back. Putting a whole through his temple.

Turning to look at his father who just took a bullet for him, “Mateo was lost.

Mr Giovanni took the shot, while trying to save his son —who was aimed at.

Staggering to his feet, Mr Giovanni aimed his gun, and like a raged angel of death, “he left endless bodies behind him”, while barking at his son to pull himself together and fight like a man.

Wincing in pain, he summoned all of his faculties and strength. The desperate task before them, he knew, would require every remaining second of his life, “So why waste it”.

Just below Giovanni’s breastbone, a bloody smear marked the spot where the bullet had pierced his flesh. The wound had bled surprisingly little, leaving only a trickling mark on his white shirt as his stomach acid seeps into his chest cavity, slowly poisoning him from within.

With eyes bleeding red, Giovanni slumps to the floor as blood gushed out from his mouth

Salvatore could endure anything and any loss except for Giovannis'. Like a lion who has been starved for a century and let loss to feed; Salvatore tore through the skulls and bones of any man standing in his way. With the blood dripping from his body, and how Salvatore tore his way through to his Boss, “one would think that he's Zeus from the pit of wherever he may be.

Just then their men arrived to the scene, but the did has been done”.

Crunching down, Salvatore hugged his father who struggled to produce a word, blood oozing from his body at this time, —from all the strenuous movements he’s been making.

Mateo who was still in shock of all that had just happened couldn't move but stare at his father as he fight for his life. Whispering some few words to Salvador he gave up to ghost.

Shaking his head to remove the horrifyingly images in his mind, Salvatore went back to what he was doing. “At least they met with their judgments, I will revisit this case when I can and they will surely pay with their blood, this I promise”. Salvatore thoughts to himself.

After what seemed like a second he is seen dressing up in front of a mirror in his favourite 3 piece suit, knotting his black tie he tilts his head up as he adjusts his tie and admire the work of his hands.

This mysterious man is a well known Consigliere of the Castellano family: Salvatore Castellano. He looks at himself one last time before exiting the room, walking out of his room we are blessed with the beautiful view of his Italian home as it is decorated with the best of Italian sculptors, the architectural design is that of the Italian Dome, the bricks are crafted with the best of Italian designs, the windows are made of the best of Italian glasses. The flames coming from the fire place behind him gives off a scene of Bast as he walks out from the pit of hell, just that this isn't Bast but mr Salvatore in his full glory , the floor that he walked on emits a shiny glow, believe me you can admire your face and do your makeup with the brightness of the Mable floor, he walks in slow motion as he approaches the door leading to the outside world. Yeah you heard me right, because this building is definitely not meant for people like us who struggle everyday to Make enough money for our cheap house rents.

As he walks out in slow motion while buttoning the last of his suit jacket. We are blessed with the overview of his foyer from the top ceiling, a four story building and I can tell you that this building is only seen in Italian royal movies. With the statues of Mona Lisa and Socrates on either side of the door leading to the outside world a chandelier hanging in the middle of the foyer. He is seen leaving the building a brief case in his right hand and the left hand in his pant pocket as he walks like a true royal.

Two of his body guards are seen on either sides of the door standing erect face stoic and body build like that of "The Rock", a popular American action movie actor. His butler opens the door to a Bugatti Veyron Bringing the outside background into view as different kinds of cars the world is yet to see litters the whole street, tall traditional buildings and penthouses are seen on either sides of the streets making one think if God actually did a number on the rest of humanity.

His personal guard and driver, Mr. Antonio closes the door and walks around to the drivers seat, yet giving us the opportunity to admire the glorious view of these buildings.

Dario's House Mr. Salvatore states.

Turing the car ignition"yes mr. Consigliere". Mr. Anthonio answered as he slowly drives leaving the beautiful scenery for later (that's if we will ever be graced with this site again.

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