C1 Fallen Again

Chapter one

Fallen again

Standing in front of my burnt apartment with nothing but my bag and my phone... It was raining funny enough I was soaked but all I felt was nothing, I was numb... The firefighters were doing all they could for the remaining apartments.... They were addressing my neighbor guess me too but I was just too far away to hear the conversation.....

Miss Gray.... A man was talking... Miss Gray...

Yes.. I said...

I am the head of this team, You can call me John. You can go in after an hour to salvage whatever you can tho I doubt you will get anything of value from the remains. You were lucky that you weren't home I guess.... Your apartment was the closest to the apartment were the gas exploded.... He said

Uhhhmmm thank you I guess... I mumbled

It's just our job ma'am...

2 hours later...

I left the building with two laundry nylons containing my clothes and a few things that survived the fire...

I had called Jessie, she is my childhood friend she is more of a sister than a bff.... Hey girlfriend Jessie greeted

Hello I said holding my head down.

Amy I know you and I know you are hurting that's why you are silent, sometimes honey you have to speak up to reduce the pain, just let it off your chest you know, Jessie said holding my hands.

You know, I just feel wronged like come on, Alessia made me loose my job, she told Felicity that I was stealing from her she even had evidences linking me to the theft and I didn't even commit the crime. Felicity loved me like the daughter she never had if not for the affection she had for me I would be in jail now serving term for a crime I didn't commit. I said hugging her.

But it's for the best and I can't still believe Alessia would do that to you, she really is something else. Jessie said

You know the worst part she came over and told me that I was getting too comfortable; I was making progress with my mum, had a good job, and just put it in a way I had a good life, that I didn't deserve it that was why she did it. She was just jealous, she felt it, fed on it and used it to ruin me she was supposed to be part of our bff but turns out she was a freaking b**ch I finished angrily.

Don't worry bout her Amy I am here am not going anywhere, just let her go for good, at least thank God that you weren't reported to the police it would have been a lot worse. Jessie said

Yh I know, I was just getting in terms with it then this happened I know you would still say I should be happy I wasn't home, but it's just a lot to take in.. i just feel like have fallen again and now a little steeper than others I said sobbing.

I know you will be okay girlfriend we will fight our way out of this okay she said wiping my tears; now stop crying if you don't want me to join she sniffed

Okay Jessie I don't know how I would have survived tonight if I didn't have you, I love you so much, I said trying to control the tears.

I love you more babe, let's go get a cab she said grabbing my bags we are going home.

Jessie! I called, thanks

You welcome pretty. She said smiling

Claudio's Pov

Mr Rossi you only had a job and that was to get everything ready for that meeting, but no you went to only God knows where and ruined my day

Sir..... The voice at the other side of the phone was saying

Don't talk am not done talking, I can't have my staff not being able to handle preparation of a simple meeting, am sorry you left me with no other choice, hand in your resignation letter tomorrow and I will make sure that you get a good preference letter. I said cutting the call..

Sir are you heading to the office? My secretary asked..

No, am going home send the documents to the house and please cancel my schedules for the next 3 days.. I will be working from the house. You can take the the days off too.

Okay sir thank you. Mrs Reed said

No thank you you handle things pretty well in LA you should rest we don't want anything happening to junior I said looking at her baby bump.

Thanks anyways I will go and prepare the files right away, Goodnight sir she said leaving the car.

Bernado home please, I said to my driver.

Yes sir, He said driving out of the airport.


I was checking my mails and messages when a picture caught my eye, it was a picture of me with that model Annabella Russo at last night's Dinner, they were speculating if a relationship was in the air but they won't know is that I was just talking to her because she seemed smart and that was all?? paparazzi will stop at nothing to create a scandal about my relationships. Scoffing at the post?? I just checked the necessary mails.

I caught a flash of a redheaded lady and a blondie they were getting into a cab… I could barely see but the redheaded seemed to get to me.

1 hour later…

entering my home I saw someone in the kitchen probably going to be my Junior Brother Xavier.

Hey bro, welcome! Xavier said while cleaning the table top.

And what are you doing in my house Xavier, I believe you live not up to 5 minutes drive from here, so what are you doing here. I asked standing in the kitchen.

I had nowhere else to go, my ex decided she doesn't like being an ex and is stalking me. While I drove home I saw her car outside since I had no plans of seeing her again here I am.

That's not my business you dated her not me. I said dropping my suit jacket on the chair.

So what are you cooking I asked rolling my sleeves up.

Spaghetti ale vongole (spaghetti with clams in a white sauce with garlic, olive oil and pepper tiramisu)

Okay so what can I do…. Oh just set the table am almost done, and you can get wine too.

You are obviously going to finish my wine collection if you keep drinking my bottles and stay in my house. I said while doing what he said

You are barely around so, someone has to do them some justice. He answered yh just go home when you finish eating am going to be really busy. I said

You just came back and you are already thinking bout work. Chill bro or you might just die before you are 30.

Yeah yeah tell me something new. Well lets get digging am starved. I replied

But you know you should take things easy just so you know, you aren’t the only one handling an empire. He said

One more word about my life and am kicking your ass out. I said

Okay, chill am not saying anymore. Mums going to finish up for me soon anyways. He chuckled.

We ate in silence while I was thinking of what he said.

Am not a workaholic I’m just the Ceo of a business empire. Well a billionaire at 27 years old that's a lot. But you owning companies also means more lives under your shield. I raised this company back from bankruptcy at 22, endless days of work and total dedication to it brought me here. Am called cold, cruel, ruthless in the business world but I had to be just to be at the top.

Well then I just got too deep that I cant even remember when last I went on a vacation. Xavier might be right but someone has to do this things and I just happen to be one who loves what he is doing.


I was in my home office when Mum called.

Boun sera mama mio. I greeted.

Claudio buon sera how are you my child she asked

Mum am fine, how are you.

I am okay I just miss my son, and decided to visit New York tomorrow

Mama you know you just cant keep dropping in like this, but not that you will listen to me anyways. I will send bernado to pick you tomorrow then.

That's my boy anyways your sister is coming too, so be prepared and please will you tell Xavier to stop screening my calls. She said

Yes mama I will and have a safe flight. I replied

Okay goodnight my child. Buono Norte mama.

Well Xavier was right for once in his life. Mama’s coming tomorrow that means me getting scolded nonstop.

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