C2 Hope



Amanda’s POV

Jessie go away you are disturbing my sleep, Amanda whined ??

Hey missy you gonna get that nice ass off that bed and you gonna do it now. Jessie retorted?

I promise am not wallowing in misery I just need to get some sleep, trust me this past days have messed with me I said sadly.

I know babe that's why you need to get up and fight. Now with that bitch out of the way, you don't know you might actually find a better job. She said patting my back affectionately.

But will you just bear with me I can’t move, I feel depressed, I guess I need to actually accept the fact that I am homeless, jobless and only have you has a bff. I sniffed.

Babe you are going to be fine, am not going anywhere, we are in this together. Jessie said hugging me.

I believe you but you know I said sniffing, I just got a lil bit balanced, I had a job, a roof over my head, friends or so I thought but then poof its all gone all at once. Am in shock I just cant get it out of my head that I didn't deserve all that was happening I said sobbing.

You know you have been through worse. Like the time we got fired for insulting a customer that was harassing me, when you couldn't pay your school fees and we like spent days doing menial jobs just to raise up money for the fees, how you ended up doing a lot of shits just to help me survive. You are one strong woman, I believe in you and I know you will come out of this stronger than before, you just need time and am here to give you as much time as you want

Thanks sis I love you so much, I said hugging her tightly. I love you too babe, she replied

Let me go to bath I feel so much better after crying so much I said.

If there is one way to let out the pain it sure is crying your heart out, Jessie said


What are you doing, I asked Jessie coming downstairs

I was waiting for you to finish up so we could decide on what we were eating. She said dropping her phone on the sofa.

Well we could prepare a sandwich I said joining her on the sofa

Hmmmm please lets make my favorite please she said jumping up and grabbing my hands, you do know that after my mom no one can cook it better than you do, she said while looking at me with pleading eyes. Please…

Okay jess it’s the least I could do for you, you know, after being a darling to me, I said dragging her into the kitchen.

You see you are the best she said hugging me what can I help you with I have all the ingredients here she said cheekily.??

You can make the lemony basil pesto I told her, surely you can handle that much.

Yes ma’am she replied getting started.

Jess is just so crazy bout Italian foods no blame of hers anyways, her granny was half Italian, she practically grew up with her and I was always in their house since my home wasn’t what a home should have been. I loved her granny like she was my own , we lost her when we were 20 I remember that day like it was yesterday. Jess was devastated I was too because she was the only one apart from my little sister and Jess that showed any affection towards me.

About 45 minutes later our antipasto mozzarella sandwich with lemony basil pesto was ready

We were sitting at the dining table eating when my phone rang, we both looked up surprised. Yh who would be calling me i kinda said in my mind, I got up picking the phone it was an unknown number, well I picked up thinking to myself that nothing worse could happen to me again right?…

Hello I said.

Good morning a feminine voice at the other end of the phone replied. Please is this Miss Amanda Gray.


Am calling from M’s enterprise, you summited your CV to the branch in LA two weeks ago right

Yes I sure did miss. I said

Well would you like to come for an interview tomorrow for the position you applied for she asked me

W… well yes miss I would really love to, I said beeming at Jess

Okay miss the address and time will be addressed to your email right away, please be punctual and do dress appropriately, she said

Yes miss thanks so much. I replied

You thank me when you get the job Miss bye for now.

Goodbye. I said while she ended the call.

Jessie I screamed running round the living room I got an interview at M’s

O my GOD girl that’s really good, am so happy.

But wait I sat down realizing everything that's just happened I don’t have the job yet I guess I have to go do some dumb interview which might get me disqualified I said sadly.

Now don’t give me that attitude, you are going and you are going to come back with that job. Jess said holding my hand. Just go with that confident smile of yours and you gon kill it, I know since I have watched you come out of different situations at the top, so tomorrow you going to wake up bathe and I will drive you to the interview venue and wait for you at the parking lot so you can give me the good news when you come out and we are going to go celebrate you getting the job

Jess I said , you are way too good for my ego

Well that’s me. She said going back to her phone.

I guess I have another opportunity to rise up. Maybe fate really has a big future planned for me I said going to my room to prepare against tomorrow.

Well I guess there is hope at the end of the tunnel, I thought smiling. I will rise again i just have to I said smiling.

Claudio’s POV..

Hello son, I missed you she said still not letting go.

Hmmm, mum let go you are going to squeeze me to death, I said trying to untangle her hands from her back.

Alright okay…. Look at you, what have you been doing to yourself she said looking at my face. You look like you go runned over by a truck, such a mess.

Am sorry I could have looked more presentable but I kinda lost track of time, I said looking down, waiting for it.

You do that a lot when you enter into your office, so now go up and get a good bathe then come down immediately I got something from the store I and your sister will prepare something for you. Talking about your sister where is she?. Gia where are you?

Mum am coming... a pretty lady with a stunning pair of eyes like mine came in holding a laptop not even looking at any of us as she went to sit down.

Gia can’t you even greet your brother appropriately. Mom said.

Oohhhhh.... He is home I wasn’t expecting that, looking up she saw me and ran into my arms. Hey bro lil sis missed you so much.

Yh I know now come off me, i said trying to untangle myself from her… Okay I missed you too brat I said kissing her head when she didn’t budge.

I know you did that’s why I followed mom when she said she was coming over, she said eyeing me. And am glad I did you look like crap what the hell are you doing to my elder brother..she asked ??feigning shock

Not you too, am fine Gia really just busy a little bit I said

Yh little bit my foot she said, turning to Mom. Mom, you aren’t letting him in that thing he calls office till we leave here right, neither is he going to work he really needs someone to babysit him. When will you get him a wife.

Gia leave that to me. Mom said he isn’t going anywhere not while we are around she said pushing me upstairs.

You know the two pair of you can be really bossy and a real pain in the ass when you want to be I said going upstairs.

Getting to my room I called my secretary as always she picked at first ring

Good evening Sir, how may I help you she asked.

Good evening to you too, well my mom landed today so I want to you to clear my schedule for the next 1 month and that means cut down my work load by just selecting the only important ones and sending them to me at the house. And please inform the branch that I am giving them 10 weeks to clear up and get me a very accurate report not the trash they sent to me last week or else am going to do a lot of firing when I show up. I said

Okay sir, is that all she asked.

Yes, Mrs Reed that will be all do have a good evening I said

Thanks sir and you too. My regards to Mrs Morelli.

It sure will get to her I said cutting the call.

I quickly went into the shower and cleaned up.


Getting downstairs, I could smell something really nice spaghetti.

Well what is going on with everyone cooking my best dish I asked stealing carrot from the things mom got from the store.

Who cooked for you? Mom asked.

Xavier spent the night yesterday he kinda used it to bribe me so I would let him stay over.

That boy what happened to his house that he spent the night.

He just missed me I said covering up for him….

Cover him all you want, but I know my sons and their habits mom said. Go and sit your sister has set the table

Mum this tastes amazingly I said looking at her, dad really met a germ in you.

Now stop your nonsense, mom said. You have been in this house since you came back from New York, you have been locked up in that office of yours, don’t you care about your health, you are still young my boy, you should care more about yourself.

Mom am taking care of myself really, I just had to finish up with somethings.

No young man you need someone permanent in your life aside from your family. Get a wife and please not those bitches you date every now and then.

Mom we’ve been through this am just 27 for g’s sakes, ion want a wife neither do I need it.

Okay I wont argue with you much, we are going to get you a dog tomorrow, a really cute one, so you have a reason to come home every day you want, mom said.

I travel a lot I groaned, how am I supposed to take care of a dog, please don’t do it I promise I will come home every day and take good care of my health… I said looking at her with pleading eyes.

No that wont work, you are getting a dog or a wife, that’s it final. Mom said.

Not like I have a choice, why ask I said grumbling.

So can I know the plans for this your holiday that just started out as torture I asked mom, I don’t know about you two. But plan whatever you want I don’t care either way.

Okay child I and Gia will get everything ready.

Alright am off to my room I need a proper sleep. Goodnight mom I said kissing her cheek. Gia good night.

Goodnight bro love you.

Goodnight darling sleep well.

I thought about the redhead funny I find my mind straying to her every now and then, though I couldn’t see her face clearly but what I saw was enough to put her in my head. I sighed knowing deeply inside that I might have a chance with her if we had spoken, but then she vanished before I could get to know her. Whatever she is doing, where ever she was I hope she was safe, was my last thought before I slept off.

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