The Jewel That Stole The CEOs'Heart/C4 Chapter Four - Jealousy
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The Jewel That Stole The CEOs'Heart/C4 Chapter Four - Jealousy
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C4 Chapter Four - Jealousy

2 years later

Amanda's POV

"Good morning Sir here's your coffee."I said walking into the office and there sat Claudio Morelli in yesterday's cloth and kill me he still looked hot, it should be a crime for someone to look so good after spending the night working their pretty ass out, like damn I look like a drunk granny early in the morning.....

Well maybe we should check out the boss later an inner voice in my head said quietly and I inwardly rolled my eyes.

Instead of saying the dirty thoughts out I just decided to tread lightly.

"You didn't go home last night did you?"I asked

"No I didn't, there was a crisis at London I had to stay overnight to fix it immediately or I would have had to travel today if I hadn't." He said still staring at whatever he was doing..

"So you stayed here? You could have called me, you know to let me do my job." I said

"You know I would have if that wasn't the only decent break you've had since last Thursday."He answered going back to work after barely catching my gaze.

"And besides I'm done!" he finished.

"Okay you are the boss you call the shots, but now you go to your apartment, take a very relaxing bath and come back I will order something here for you when you return." I said while gathering some of the files that were neatly arranged on the table patiently waiting for my arrival.

"You are the best Amanda, have I told you that before?' he asked getting up and taking his phones and car key.

"Yeah I know right? there is nothing you can do without me." I said cheekily following him outside the office.

"I'll be back in a while don't miss your arrogant boss too much."He said going into the elevator.

"Sure thing boss bye now." I said turning to the office..

He and I well we're just a boss and an employee, I got the job after Jessica didn't return to work and with that I had to move to NYC which was the permanent base for Claudio , It wasn't really hard to move as I was so lucky that Jess lived not too far from work here, so again we are roommates. The pay is so generous that I can afford to get over 3 cars if I want to, but come on I needed just one, I still have a lot of savings after I have sent money home for my mum. My sister is in college and I made sure she has everything I didn't have while I was in college. Well my life was the best I'd experienced it at, and am really grateful to God for finally giving me peace. Well if you considered not having a life outside work peace yep I'm good..

I quickly gave a call to the breakfast café opposite the office, despite Claudio's picky appetite he seemed to be able to enjoy the meals over there but seriously I'd be damned the owner of the café sure knows how to bake and prepare delicious breakfast and she was pretty nice, she knows what Claudio liked so I just told her to get me the usual.

I was still working when I Claudio came into the floor, I bet my heart just did a flip.

"I really needed the shower I feel refreshed."He said while walking towards his office.

I stood up immediately having his schedule with me.

"Breakfast will be up in....." I was cut off by the ding from the elevator signifying its arrival;

"Well that's breakfast!" I said walking towards it.

"ThanksRomeo." I said that to the errandboy.

Placing the things in his office, I took the food to his private room and set the table, I'll be back when you finish clearing the table I said walking out of the room.

"Thanks Amanda."He said.

Claudio's POV

After spending the night trying to settle the crisis at London, I was frustrated I guess, I mean it was just a f**king breach and my top level managers couldn't even settle that, I was just happy that it came to my attention earlier if the news had gotten out that there was a breach in the company that would have been top morning news as we've always prided ourselves at being at the top in all we do, no lagging...

If Amanda hadn't made me get out of the office I wouldn't have gone to my apartment at all, am sure she did all that based on my mums' orders, my mum and Amanda got close this past year, she put Amanda to keep watch over me and my ways.

She has been the best thing that has happened to me at work, she was efficient and all but she also knows how to turn me to an hormonal teenager, she was special that little thing, I was attracted to her no denying that she was gorgeous, and the few times I get to see her in a dress have been the best views of heaven, if she was any other woman I might have pursued her, but she deserves someone better than me.

As much as I want to make her mine I also have to remember that bringing her to my world would put her in the spotlight, amidst all that I don't want her in danger, rounding it up I don't think she thinks of me that way.

Getting to the company I ate the breakfast Amanda prepared for me with happiness, although knowing she was just doing her job, I was still happy she ordered the meal...


"Sir the charity ball of the St. Andrews is tonight by 7pm, the colors are black tux for the male with a gold tie, and the females’ gold." Amanda said while we were going through my schedule.

"I totally forgot about it, and now I don't have a date, please you will accompany me I will get the clothes and all you don't have to pass through the stress of shopping, I sure do hope am not messing with any dinner plans." I said seriously hating the thought of her having a dinner plan with another guy.

“No dinner plans, and who sasy no to a dress and a night out...” She replied smiling...

’That's why you're the best in what you do, always the optimist...” I said,

“I'm off to 5 o clock, please keep things going on here I will be ready to pick you up by 6:30.” I said to Amanda going out of the office,

“Sir if your best friend comes should he wait for you or he should leave?” She asked...

“Tell him to wait for me, we have things to discuss and that I will break his legs if he leaves before I return.” I said

“Sure thing, have a good meeting, good luck on getting the contract.” Amanda said.

“I pray I get it, you are my good luck charm but you aren't going with me now are you?”

“I'm with you always sir, you are your charm not me, moreover you don't need any charm you are a full blown package of everything good and evil.” She said passing past me to go to her office..

“Thanks for the compliment, and tell Aleksei to stay away, he’ll understand okay?! I said

“Yes sir and you're welcome, bye.” She said waving me off.

I just chuckled entering the elevator, you have no idea cara mia you are my good luck charm and I know it even if you don't...

Amanda's POV

I looked at myself in the mirror and felt okay, though I really really don't like parties, but as his assistant that meant that I have gone to some when asked to, I was already feeling conscious of my dress I don’t feel too comfortable in gowns so, as pretty as the gown looks I can't wait to come back so I can get the hell outta it.

My phone rang, it's Claudio okay here goes nothing.

Getting downstairs I saw his red car and the only guy that seem to make my heart flutter leaning on it, and it should be a sin to look this gorgeous, I thought, oh my Gosh, the full piece tux was looking like a second skin, but damn he is one hell of a fine specimen.

”Take a picture it should last longer.” A voice said bringing me out of my thoughts, looking up I saw Claudio staring at me with amusement in his eyes.

“I wasn't staring at you I was just thinking of something.” I said trying so hard to stop my cheeks from flushing red.

“Anything you say Miss.” He replied opening the passenger sit.

“Thank you. I said sliding in.

There was a comfortable silence In the car, and I was pretending to have something interesting that I was doing on my phone, while really I was just staring at my boss, he looks so serious, if there is one thing I know that he doesn't play with its driving, he follows all the laws to the latter... I guess he is thinking of something because he has that frown on his face, that he always has when he was thinking.

“Amanda!” I heard my name.

“Hmmm?” I said turning fully to face him.

“Once you are uncomfortable you should let me know so we can leave.” He said.

“Okay I will, but I think I will enjoy staying with the kids at the centre, so that should help.” I said. He nodded and turned his attention back to the road...

I tend to get irritated at some point in parties, the day Claudio found out we were at an opening in LA and I was so tired of the greetings and all it was like I would faint if I didn't leave the hall, I left the hall and went to the garden when a certain pervert of a man in his fifties followed me out and was harassing me, I was trying to run from the pervert but he kept on pushing me down to the chair, I was so scared that I had a panic attack, if Claudio hadn't checked up on me at that time only God knows what would have happened, he beat the shit out of the man, before taking me to the hospital, after that experience I stopped going to events with him, but after a while we had a compromise, I would attend events with him but anytime I started feeling uncomfortable we leave, And i try as much as possible not to let the feeling start too early so I don't hinder him...

We got to the party, the host welcomed us, and introduced us to a few persons, the function was packed with people from all around the state, I recognized a few of them, the kids were in the left side of the room, I left Claudio with a client to stay with the kids, I love what people like the Andrews do for homeless and helpless little ones... The children are all dressed up, I sat with one of the boys he is so cute that I was wondering how someone would be able to abandon him in an orphanage. Well he now has people who care for him, which I was happy for..

I looked around for Claudio and saw him with a petite lady that was dressed for glamour her shape was outlined perfectly by the dress and it complemented her eyes, now that a prim and proper lady I thought, the way she looked with him complimented his look, I wasn't happy seeing them together though, I was seething with jealousy which shouldn't be what I should feel for my boss...

“Is that man your boyfriend, if he his who is that lady.” The boy asked me looking at Claudio.

“No Daniel he isn't, he’s my boss and that lady is an acquaintance of his or let me say a friend of his.” I said turning to look at him.

“She is not as beautiful as you are, and you like your boss don't you, you look at him the way my teacher looks at the principal” he said innocently, and I was rather speechless was this really a 5 year old?

“Well, and is your teacher more beautiful than I am?” I asked preparing to tickle him just to get him to forget the topic.

”No Amanda ma'am you are the most beautiful woman here tonight so no, Miss Simpson is as beautiful as you are. He answered cheekily.

“You're such a little cutie aren't you.” I said kissing his cheeks.

“I'm not cute I'm handsome, cute is not a word to describe a man.” he retorted patting my cheeks.

“ They say that I'm going to be adopted soon, the family that came were nice, I guess she couldn't give birth that was why she wanted me.” He said looking sad.

For a child that I just met, Daniel seems really matured and sweet, when one of the sitters introduced him she said he rarely talks to strangers, but here we are talking like we've known each other for years, I really liked him, and seeing him sad was really making me sad...

You know Daniel, God always gives special people special cases, you are different and difference isn't bad.... I'm sure that the family that wants you will get someone special and that is you, they will love you, and be the ones to watch you grow up, you will be treated like their own child, and the only thing you can do for them is to make them feel like they are your parents, be obedient, love them and take care of them when they are old, then God will be very happy with you. I paused to look into his sad eyes.

“Don't feel sad because you were placed in an orphanage, rather be happy that there are people that care about you like family, the Andrews and I care about you and your friends at the orphanage, and I promise to check up on you while you are still at the orphanage, if I get to know the couple that is willing to adopt you and they allow me I would love to visit, what do you think about that.” I said hugging the little guy.

“You would do that?” He asked looking at me with puppy eyes.

“Yes Danny! I would.” I said holding him

“Pinky promise?” He asked

“Pinky promise! I answered linking our pinkies together.

“Thank you Miss Amanda.”

“Anything for this little boy”. I said dropping him on the floor.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” I said pecking him I will be back to say bye before I leave.

“Okay ma'am.” He nodded given me a cute smile.

I took long strides to the ladies, was fixing my almost nonexistent make up when the lady that was with Claudio walked in and stood behind me.

“So how is he in bed, does he make you feel loved or feel like a whore. But I'm sure that with your style it is the later.. I just hope you know that he doesn't stay with anyone for more than a week, so soon you will be part of the long list of exes that receives the sendoff gift of their choice. She said meeting my eyes in the mirror.

“ Miss Alexandria that depends on what you are to him, and just because you've jumped into his bed doesn't mean that everyone has and will, there is still something called self-humility, maybe when you get a little of it you will be able to let a man cherish you rather than he using you as a one week stand with a parting gift of your choice at the end of the fling. I replied watching as her face became flushed in anger then continued when she opened her mouth to retort.

“And just so you know I said grabbing my bag, I'm just a PA and an extra attitude on the 'just' if there is anything you should know about my boss he doesn't mix business with pleasure. Do have a good night.” I said leaving the bathroom.

I was so pissed off, like must I face this every time, exes that don't like being what they are, and can't a man just have a female assistant with any strings attached, like why is everyone so twisted. And I blame him for leaving me with angry ladies that think I'm his current fling, I was angry and jealous a little bit but angry most, I stomped to Daniel to tell him bye when I noticed that they were taking them back to the orphanage,

I carried a drink from a passing waiter, and just sat drinking the lemonade while grinding my teeth.

“Good evening senorita.” A voice from beside me came, I turned and saw a guy, I recognized him immediately we once had a project with his family and he was I guess nice.

“Good evening Christopher.” I greeted back.

“Nice seeing you here, I mean you just left us behind after the project was complete.” He said taking his seat.

“Well what can I say, no excuses.” I said turning to face him.

We continued talking for a while, till I heard a cough behind me I turned to see a very pissed of Claudio behind me he was staring at me with his dark intimidating gaze, I frowned to look at where is gaze shifted to and I saw that I was really close with Christopher whom I was talking to, apparently at a point in the discussion we must have moved our chairs. Feeling uncomfortable and somewhat guilty I turned to him introducing Christopher to him.

“Mr Morelli this is Mr Christopher Davies we worked with them on the new building in las Vegas, and Mr Davies this is my boss, Mr Morelli.” I said doing the introductions.

Claudio just stared at Davies with a somewhat angry expression before accepting the hand Christopher held out grudgingly.

Christopher obviously trying to bring warmth to the air tried sparking up conversation with Claudio and he got nothing but a curt nod from Claudio once in a while I wondered why he was angry, he was supposedly happy with the lady fawning over him just now...

Seeing that the situation wasn't going to get better with Claudio Chris stood up and said a very awkward bye and left the table...

Claudio's pov

I had been paying attention to Amanda all the evening she wasn't overly close with any guy at least till she saw that Christopher vguy, and watching them talk was so annoying I felt like reaping his head off his damn neck. I walked off as soon as I was done talking to the couple that kept me.

I was so pissed off at the fact she was so caught up with him that she didn't even notice me standing behind her.

I cleared my throat and she turned looking at me with those eyes, I guess she followed my gaze to the point where her leg and that of the dave guy were touching because she immediately looked at me at me with guilty eyes....

She tried introducing us to each other but I wasn't in the mood to converse with him rather I felt like punching him...

Someone cleared their throat and I looked to see that Christopher Dave had left and Amanda was glaring at me...

"What?" I asked glaring back..

"You were pretty rude to the guy just now." She said. .

"Well I am not a nice guy am I?" I asked

"No, but you usually don't cut in on conversations like a jealous boyfriend." She said.

"Well he was too close to you and his eyes were off friendly." I said trying not to let my emotions show..

"Well, you should know that since you are the one that has exes that keep harassing a certain PA thinking she is one of the ones in your bed." She responded throwing me a glare.

"Who harassed you tonight? I asked.

"Well that Alexandria girl or whatever I offended her though if you were thinking of getting back to her, and take it from me she is a bitch." She whispered the last part not wanting me to hear but I did.

"Did she hurt you?" I asked.

"No she didn't but she almost did." she replied looking down.

"I'm sorry" I said softly

"What!!" She looked up imediately me like I had grown another head her green eyes wide...

"I'm not that bad I do say sorry sometimes." I said looking away.

"Yeah, in the two years I've spent with you this is the first sorry I've heard." she said persisting.

"Well, I probably won't remember anything tomorrow so enjoy the feeling while it lasts. I answered.

We where in a comfortable silence till I noticed her shivering.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"I'm okay just a little bit cold, I guess I stayed too long without my shawl." She answered

"Are you sure? We could go if you want." I offered cussing my self for not noticing earlier.

"Can we?! I don't want to keep you if you're still busy." She said trying to look okay.

"I finished a while ago, no one would miss me if we leave." I replied.

"If you're totally certain let's go." she said gathering her shawl and bag.

"I'm sure let's go. I said following her at her back till we got to the

We drove in silence till I got to her apartment..

She was still shivering a little bit and at this point I was getting worried.

"Thanks for dropping me." she said while we were walking towards the door.

"No problem, but are you sure you are okay, I'm not comfortable knowing you are unwell and I caused it partially." I said

"I'm fine really, it's just the cold and it will stop once I'm inside." She insisted.

"Okay, but you'll call me if it gets serious, boss's orders!" I pressed

"Yes sir, I will." She said

"Okay goodnight!" I said waiting till she entered the house before turning around.

I walked to my car with my heart everybit as uncomfortable as it could get, as I was bout starting the car my phone rang, not even bothering to check the phone I picked up thinking it was amanda and that I would have to leave afterall

"I told you I should have stayed." I drawled lazily on the phone

"Well it seems what I saw was not wrong, you took the pretty Personal Assistant home." I heard my bestfriends Aleksei's voice instead of hers.

"What are you guys changing your mind about, you are finally admitting that you fancy Amanda and instead of telling your bestfriend first, you told her and things are starting to get a little bit steamy right?" He finished laughing

"Cut the crap Aleksei, Amanda was cold and I drove her back, since I drove her there in the first place. And I don't like Amanda she is just an employee." I said cussing myself for not remembering that he was also at the party.

"Well I don't still believe the employee bullshit just tell her about it I wont mind." he said. Knowing that he was only taunting me I just contined with what I was saying.

"I dropped her though, she wasnt really okay so naturally I'm worried, so organise a car to keep watch ove the house, they should be at alert when I call them else?" I finished leaving the rest unsaid.

"Yes sir, but you know that I do have my own empire to run right?" He snared.

"Don't worry you can take any deal that you want,I'd hand it over immediately with 30% share of the profit that would be mine, deal?" I said dryly.

"Deal, but I still stand on the fact that you are whipped man, I saw the way you stared at the guy that was talking to her you were like a lion fighting an hyena off its territory. You could have even shouted 'MINE' for all I cared, you were seething with jealousy no wonder the guy couldn't stand the fierce gaze you keep giving him.... But who am I, If Claudio Morelli says he doesn't like a woman it means he doesn't right??" He ranted.

"Bye Leksei!" I said ending the call.

Aleksei knows how to have me riled up, I thought starting the car. But I have to admit I'm so unconfortable leaving her in her apartment sick; she is just a nice woman that's all there is nothing there. My reflection in the mirror was like saying 'yeah right, there is nothing' but it comes back to the fact that I cant keep such thoughts about an employe. I don't like her and any other woman and that's final, and I'm certainly not jealous...

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