The King Of Kings/C1 Chapter One
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The King Of Kings/C1 Chapter One
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C1 Chapter One

Chapter One: Messed up life leads to the best surprise

Life has always been surprising me. Sometimes with good moments and sometimes with really bad ones.

I don't know what to call it this time. I was working at two jobs, struggling to pay for the rent while my parents were away on their very long awaited honey moon.


They had been saving for this trip since two years and well I was glad.

An year ago my dad had become a drug addict and didn't come home for six months straight.

And my mom. She couldn't handle the pain of losing him so she got diagnosed with brain tumor. Either it was this or maybe her genetics.

Not the best life you see.

But true love never betrays you. Seven months later my dad knocked at our door at midnight.

I was angry at first. I was frustrated. I didn't want to give him a second chance. But my mon was adamant. She had a faith in him, I couldn't ever understand.

And she was right. My dad went into therapy and everyday I saw him getting better and better.

So now things were alright.


And well for me, it had been three years since I had gone to a holiday and my body was aching for one.

But no money.

I was currently at my job in the cinema, which consisted of showing people in which row to sit in and this way I also got to see free movies.

But believe me, it's not fun when you have to stand, shush kids and stop people from filming. And most of all, having to smell that aroma of nachos.

I checked my watch. Half an hour was left till my shift ended and I headed to my next job which was of a librarian.

But I looked forward to it.

Honestly, I could have gotten an easy job but I really wanted to try this.

Books are a way of escaping life. You can call me a nerd and I will totally appreciate it.

I was always that kid who wanted to spend her Christmas money at a book store rather than the toy shop or candy store.

Sometimes I really wished I didn't care this much. I really wished to go to parties, not give a damn about bills, have flings and sneak out. But I knew I couldn't get over the guilt.

And that's the reason I was a severe anxiety patient. I stayed up in books and then I couldn't decipher between this world and the book world.

My bad days included severe panic attacks in which I stayed in my room. I never did understand why I had them but I kept crying without a reason.

My mind got full of darkness and negativity and thats how I started judging people which I deeply regretted after I came out of my trauma.

But its life and we have to face the darkness in order to see the moon.

I came out of my thoughts when my phone vibrated.


Go to row number ten, seat 5 and by the way Chloe helped me with this.

Okay so for your introduction Adrian is my cousin or you can call my best friend. He is a total billionaire playboy who is the only person that thinks I'm cool.

And Chloe is my colleague over here.

So I make my way to seat number five of row ten to find some nachos and a note waiting for me.

'There's a car waiting outside, go sit in it and don't worry Chloe will fill your shift



My excitement was now very much evident on my face as I grabbed my coat and made my way to the car.

That's what happens when you have spend the last three months going to work and coming straight home.

I am a very mature person to deal with but sometimes immaturity is way better than maturity.

As soon as I get out, there's a car waiting for me. My excitement reaches to its peak when I notice its a sports car because I know it could only belong to Adrian.

As soon as I take a seat, the driver greets me and my journey starts.

The car stops at a book store and the driver instructs me to go to Mrs. Rachel while the car awaits for me outside.

I get into the shop to see the ever so cheerful Mrs. Rachel squishing me.

"Hi dear, it's so nice to have you back"

"Hi " I reply clearly showing her the smile while I try to hide the awkwardness I was feeling.

Yeah I'm not a very social person.

She hands me a basket full of books, which clearly are all which I needed.

I find a note on the book at the top which by the way is the one I have been wanting to read for ages.

'The Sun Is Also A Star"

'Hi darling Happy birthday.

Hope you like surprise number one. Two are still left .


Holy shit is it my birthday?

Yeah you can't remember when you are so busy that you don't even have time to check the date.

I go back into the car and we soon reach Tommy Hilfigger.

I'm greeted by Mr. Clark who hands me a watch from the Gigi's collection.

Well it could be seen that Adrian was a very good listener!

I was crazy over this watch. I had seen it online some months ago but it was way out of my range and I remember telling Adrian of how much I wanted it and how I was gonna start saving to for it.

On the watch there was another note.

'Hey babe! Now this watch here is for you to check the time and reach the airport at exactly 10:30 because I can't wait any longer to meet you.


And that was enough to bring up that smile on my face which had long disappeared.

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