The Kissing Game/C1 Greyson
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The Kissing Game/C1 Greyson
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C1 Greyson

Approximately two months ago Greyson was dreading getting on a ten tone heavy metal contraption that was set to take her across the ocean to a prestigious university where she would spend the next two years of her life and last two years of university. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to her and the most frightening. Thanks to a mysterious scholarship from the foreign school, Greyson was given the chance to dwell among diamonds and real gold bars. Only she wasn’t shiny and prime. Greyson was oil and the school was water. Water and oil didn’t mix.

That was exactly what she felt about the students of the lavish overseas boarding school. They’d see right through her, she thought. They’d know just by the way she walked that she didn’t come from money like them. It was by the grace of someone her late father knew that she was getting this privilege. Still she got on that plane and said goodbye to her lowly home and quiet home town for two years.

Prime Academy was a university for the elite. It’s fifty thousand dollars a year tuition wasn’t for the faint hearted. Only a select few got in as well. Those with the best reputations, the talented ones, those with parents that had the deepest pockets and the darkest secrets. Sons and daughters of democrats roamed the halls and children of dukes and other hierarch. They would eat her alive.

So when she got there she did everything she could to survive. Fate was by her side the first day she made friends with Amelia (Mia) daughter of a Scandinavian billionaire. Mia assumed Grey came from money, what could a girl do? She did what it took to survive in a shark tank of hungry beasts. With Mia came Eleanor (Ela), the twins Patricia (Patty) and Porsha. When Grey was with them she was protected. She held power she would never possess on her own. It’s been three months and the lie had seeped into her head and the darkness of the world she was in had just began to surface.

That was months ago, recently Grey was playing the card game that the guy sucked and passed on to the girl next to him. Grey waited her turn, but there was one major problem. The guy next to her. Sky Kiszinger, son of the biggest trade typhoon in the world. One of three dangerously handsome men and Mia’s boyfriend. A guy Grey’s had her sights on since the first month here.

“It’s just a game.” Grey said to herself, but why was her heart beating so fast?

She’d wanted to know what it was like for a guy like him to touch her, but he was claimed, by someone she didn’t want as an enemy. Sky wasn’t innocent too, he deliberately didn’t stand by his girlfriend. They both knew they would be kissing other people tonight. The kissing circle had sixteen people, the couples were planned that much was true. Sky taunted her with his sly smirks when Mia wasn’t looking, unintentional or secretly intentional touches.

“Anyone have the card?” Lewis Beaumont, a guy bound for the NFL picked a beer from the open crate.

Alcohol was forbidden on the premises, but who told children of money what to do?

“I don’t want you tasting like alcohol, Lewis.” Ela placed her hand on her hip.

Lewis chugged half the bottle and kissed Ela’s cheek. She recoiled and demanded a new place in the circle. Grey searched for Mia, but she was occupied with Patty. She didn’t want to look at Sky, who kept throwing side glances at her.

“Alright, let’s get started. The rooms are open if you need them.” George said, a blond playboy who thought he would inherit the world.

Everyone laughed expect Greyson who kept her gaze on the carpet.

“First time?” Sky whispered in her ear.

Grey shuddered, and hoped Sky didn’t notice. “No, I’ve played too many times actually.” That was a lie, but Sky didn’t need to know. She’d become rather good at lying.

He smirked and gave his attention back to the game. George put the joker card on his lips and turned to the girl on his right. He didn’t let the card fall which drew gasps from the crowd. The girl passed on the card to a guy whose name Grey couldn’t remember he let the card fall and stole a kiss.

“You lucky bastard.” Someone yelled.

Porsha was up next. The guy who stole a kiss from her would get a good doze of her black lipstick. Kevin, a son of another wealthy businessman, gave Porsha a mischievous grin.

“Don’t even think about it.” Porsha warned.

Kevin had the card on his mouth he pressed it against Porsha’s lips, though let go before Porsha could suck. She ended up sucking Kevin’s pink lips instead. Kevin wrapped his arms around Porsha and pressed her to his chest while her tiny hand pounded on his chest.

He let go and pressed the card to his lips and so the cycle went until it came to Mia and Brandon. Brandon was the son of a fashion designer, he started his own IT company last year that was making him millions already. Grey knew everyone was waiting for this moment to see if Brandon would be brave enough to kiss Sky’s girlfriend.

Sky himself didn’t look like he gave two cents what they did. Strange considering everyone knew how possessive Sky was. Everyone knew not to touch what was his, but Mia had a mind of her own and the world was her playground. So when the card slipped and landed on the carpet allowing their lips to crash together the room erupted into cheers.

Sky clapped, “Nice.”

Did she miss something? The first ones to know if Sky and Mia had broken up would be Mia’s close friends. The game went on with each pass and kiss making Grey’s heart beat faster. There was another guy she would potentially kiss to her right, but she didn’t care about Arnold it was Sky that held all the complications.

Sky received the joker from Patty and turned to Grey. Throwing up wasn’t an option. Why was she so paranoid? Sky could easily pass the chance and she would end up kissing Arnold. Except that didn’t happen. Sky let the card slip too quickly, his hand went to the small of her back and pressed her against him. Grey shut her eyes, expecting Sky to part her lips instead he didn’t. The cheers were like distant sounds in another house. All she could feel or think about were Sky’s tender lips on hers. Not the consequences that came with.

It was over too soon. Grey looked around and all the faces were blurry, but she didn’t need to have clear vision to know the faces of everyone else.

“Right, game’s over.” Sky declared.

Groans and moans went around. “Some of us were looking forward to swapping.” Ela frowned at Lewis.

Though, there were other ways to effectively swap tonight. The party was just getting started there were talks of a very risky game of spin the bottle later. People dispersed to fill up their cups or sample the snacks Grey knew to stay away from. She thought she was breathing too fast too hard. She turned, thinking no one was watching and bolted out the front door.

“Grey!” Patricia’s soft voice called.

She was the younger twin, the quieter and more talented and smarter twin, but there were times she was in her sister’s shadow. Porsha was dark and intense and the socialite Patty wasn’t. They were completely identical not even a birthmark to set them apart. It was their styles that were their friends saving grace. Patty usually wore two pig tails and a mini skirt that she had in a thousand different colors and lengths.


Patty placed her hand on her hip and pouted, “You’re not okay.”

Grey laughed softly, “I needed some air, yeah it was too stuffy in there.”

“I can’t argue with you about the horrendous smells in there, but I’m not stupid.”

Grey laughed genuinely this time. This girl was close to Einstein. “Obviously. I’ll be back in a second.”

“Don’t be late for spin the bottle.” She said before disappearing inside the cottage.

It was up on a hill overlooking a mini though thick forest with a lake view. Students were only allowed up here once a month so technically they were trespassing. There were so many cars parked out that they were bound to be spotted sooner than before the party ended.

Everyone in school was supposed to be here, but when Grey spotted West Kiszinger walk away from the lake up the boardwalk and turn into the forest. He wasn’t inside, wasn’t part of the game. What was he doing out there? West was another case. His entire bloodline was marked.

“Dumb isn’t it?”

Grey whirled to see Sky approach her with a side grin. His blonde hair was ruffled as it always was. He stood beside her by the black SUV.

“The game?” Grey chuckled.

“I was going to say how we’ll all be running when Constable finds out we’re here and crashes the party.”

Grey laughed. Constable was their dean. He did more than he should, but he had to because he was in the pocket of every parent here expect hers. Sky stood in front of her so close only a whisper separated them. Grey back up but ended up hitting the car.

Sky placed his hands either side of the car and bore down on her. He had at least two feet on her.

“The game wasn’t that bad, was it?” He said close to her ear.

“I guess not.” Every nerve in her body yelled at her to run.

“Could have been better, don’t you think?”

Don’t cross the line. There are unspeakable things on the other side. However, the voice of reason had been muted. Grey let him grip her waist. All the thoughts in her head were expelled. Sky captured her mouth. He took her to another place with every brush of his tongue on her lips. She tried her own techniques so she could leave a mark on him too.

“Come with me.” Sky said.

It had something to do with the bulge in his pants. Sky knew the cottage better than she did so with red warning flags flashing in her face at every corner Grey followed. Grey tugged on his hand stopping him before they reached the back entrance to the cabin.

“What’s wrong?” Sky asked, breathless.

“I can’t do this.” She said. Her whole body was on fire and her lungs were failing her.

“I know you want me too Grey. I want you so bad can’t you see that.”

Grey saw it, but she could also tell he was drunk. Would he want her if he was sober and knew she wasn’t his beautiful blonde chick?

“You have Mia. I’m her friend for crying out loud.”

Sky took a step forward and captured her cheeks. “I want you to cry out my name.”

He crashed their lips and slammed her body against the grimy cabin wall. He pressed his cock onto her stomach and Grey moaned, getting wet. She did want him, but this was a boundary to a realm she shouldn’t go to.

“Stop.” Grey shoved him back and placed the back of her hand on her mouth. But the desire was still there heating the cool air.

Sky panted. He caged her between his body and the wall. He just his eyes and tried to steady his breathing.

“This is so hard for me. I need you right now.”

When glass shattered from the cabin and a scream broke into the air, Sky’s head shot up and they broke apart.

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