The Kissing Game/C7 Greyson
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The Kissing Game/C7 Greyson
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C7 Greyson

Grey couldn’t stack them back up again. It would cause a raucous that anyone passing by could hear. Damn Skye. She placed the boxes on the floor. It was an oddly big closet, she could add a bed and a dresser easily. There was a window high up that gave her the perfect view of the moon.

“Skye, why the hell are you yelling?” Mia asked.

Grey froze.

“I haven’t seen you.” Skye said.

“Are you drunk? It’s too early isn’t it?”

“Can’t a guy spend time with his girlfriend? Replaced me already?”

Grey’s heart slammed against her chest. They were too close to each other. Mia would assume something was going on between them. She needed to get out of there. The only escape was through the window. It would work if she stacked up some of the boxes and used them as steps. Either that or the air vents and small spaces were not an option.

“You’re the fuck boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve picked up a slut already.”

That was her queue to start stacking.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Half Grey’s boy dangled out the window, she hoped no one noticed her. This would be hard to explain. Hoping for a ceremonious land on her feet, Grey stumbled and rolled in the dirt.

“Well, that was an epic fail.” Grey dusted herself off. She looked sideways to make sure no one had seen her little show.

For some reason West was always watching her. She looked further out into the cars and saw nothing but empty flashy cars. She realized she could see the beach from where she stood and hear the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore. The floodlights partly illuminated the brownish gold sand and the people wandering on the beach.

Grey took a closer step. It was just one person a girl with familiar pigtails.


How did she get all the way out here?

Patty— or the girl Grey assumed was Patty wrapped her arms around herself and walked along the line the water met the sand. Should she go over? What was she doing here and all the way out there? Grey took a step forward when blabbering and sobbing stopped her.

“Ela?” Grey frowned.

“What?” Ela snapped, but Grey couldn’t see her.

“Will you get over here.” Grey said.

Ela rounded the corner and stomped her foot. Her black mascara ran down her face and her puffy red coat didn’t look so elegant.

“Uh… your face is—’

“I ran out of water proof mascara okay!”

“Okay, okay. Why are you so… all? What happened?”

Ela sniffled, “It’s horrible.”

Ela pouted and settled on the floor. Grey tore her eyes from the waters and settled down next to Ela. Patty had disappeared from the beach anyway.


“Well, it’s Porsha… she gave Lewis a blowjob.”

Grey grimaced, “Did you walk in on them?”

Ela nodded and rubbed her nose, “They were just finishing. I can’t believe he would do that or her.”

Grey blushed was this how Mia would react when she found out what Grey did? But she knew there would be more yelling and cursing when the time came. Guilt weighed down on her shoulders like an elephant balancing on a beach ball.

“What did you do? Did you confront them?”

“No! I was so shaken. My body went cold.”

“Ela… you and Lewis aren’t in a relationship are you?”

She shrugged and dragged her fluffy sleeve over her eyes, staining her sleeve while she was at it.

“I mean he’s an idiot. An idiot I really like.”

“Are you sure he’s the one for you then? It seems like he likes you too, but if he did maybe he wouldn’t have done that.”

Ela exhaled, “He just drinks a lot. He could have just been…” she shook her head. “I guess you’re right.”

Grey touched her arm and Ela dipped her head the other way. “Boys suck.”

“I know.”

“Will you tell me what you’re doing here?”

“Sky… he apologized. I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

Ela nodded, “Yeah, you shouldn’t have, but you have the chance not to make the same mistake again.”

“I think I should tell her.”

Ela’s brows hit the sky. “Are you crazy? Do you want a target on your back?”

“What do you mean?”

Ela ran her hands down her face. “Mia holds power where ever she goes. She doesn’t like anyone holding the spotlight. We’re her friends but we know the boundaries. She finds out what you did you’re an outcast and should expect something dumped on your head.”

“But the kiss…”

“I have no idea what that was about but be safe. Forget you kissed Sky more than once. Let’s hope the idiot doesn’t say anything if he does, deny it. Mia can be nice but she’s also a wolf underneath.”

“Come on… that sound so high school, right?”

Ela raised her brow. “Mia isn’t the only one like that believe me. Fear runs this place and everyone wants to sit on the thrown.”

Grey swallowed. Oh boy. “Come on, let’s go play beer pong.”

“Eww, what is that?” Ela said, dragging herself up.


“There she is!” Connor exclaimed.

Grey and Ela descended a set of stairs into a courtyard. Grey noticed Marcus a teaching assistant stacking cups on the ping pong table. There were a couple other guys and girls there too. I didn’t look like there was a game going on. Sitting on the edge of a flower bed was West and a girl in a long black hoodie with hair like Rapunzel. She had her hands on his lap and her thigh slung over his leg. He had a smile on his face as he spoke to her.

Grey swallowed, she didn’t know West had a girlfriend.

“I thought you chickened out.” Connor teased.

“And miss an opportunity to whoop your ass? Not a chance.” Grey smirked.

“You sound very sure of yourself Grey.” West spoke and Grey frowned. He should focus on his girlfriend.

“Lewis, where the hell is the beer?” Connor asked.

Lewis jumped the last step and wrapped his arm around Ela’s shoulder. “Hey babe.”

“Gross.” Ela ducked out of his hold and cowered next to Grey.

Lewis ran a hand through his hair and groaned. “Oh Ela.”

“Your boy Arnold says he can’t find any beer.” Lewis said.

“Might as well play cards.” Marcus said.

“Naked poker sounds fun,” the girl wrapped in West’s embrace said.

“Why when we could play seven minutes in heaven?” Lewis eyed Ela who frowned in return.

“What are we, in high school?” West’s girl scrawled.

“We can play the upgraded version, what do you say Grey?” West’s stared at her.

“I’d rather walk home.” Grey wrapped her arms over her chest.

“Come on Grey, doesn’t even have to end at seven minutes.” Lewis winked.

Grey’s cheeks turned pink. What made them think she wanted to do this?

West slid off his high seat and his comfortable embrace. “Come on.” West grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the stairs, but Grey dug her shoes into the ground.

“I don’t want to play seven minutes in heaven!”

“What makes you think you get to go first anyway?” Connor ran his tongue over his teeth.

“Hey, no rules. Ela and I are heading up too.” Lewis said.

“In your dreams. I’d rather break my heels walking back to the dorm.”

“Don’t be a mule. Let’s go.” West said and pushed her up the stairs.

“I don’t know what you think you’re going to get out of this other than a kick to the crotch.”

West barked out a laugh. “Ouch.”

The climbed up the spiraling glass staircase. West still had hold of her wrist. There were so many people on the second floor Grey doubted most of them went to the university. As West dragged her along the music got quieter and they got to a hall of locked doors.

“Should we even be here?” Grey asked.

West opened the door to blue decorated room. He threw himself backward on the bed and patted the space next to him.

Grey crossed her arms over her chest and kept herself glued to the door.

“I told you weren’t getting any.”

“Would you rather be here with Connor?”

“Connor? No, I barely know him.”

“Oh, and you knew Sky so well when you fucked him?”

“Hey! That was… a mistake, haven’t you ever made one?”

West folded his arms behind his head. “If you say so.”

“Can I leave now?”

“Time’s not done. You might as well get comfortable.”

Grey sighed. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She settled on the bed, making sure to leave a gap between them. She curled her body and faced him. She had to admit, she liked the way West’s hair curled over his forehead. Grey wanted to drag it out of his face, but she knew it would be awkward.

“Isn’t your girlfriend upset you brought me up here?”

West grinned, “Becca isn’t my girlfriend. Since when do you care?”

Grey sat up. “You think I’m a monster, don’t you?”

West remained on his back. “I don’t understand you Grey.”

“You don’t have to.” It would be a waste of time anyway.

“This was fun.” She started toward the door, but West grabbed her arm span her so her back hit the wall.

Her eyes went wide. Only a whisper separated their bodies. West placed his hand on her cheek and caressed her bottom lip.

“You don’t get how this game works, huh?”

Grey dug her teeth into her lip.

“Seven minutes are up.”

West turned the knob and walked out the door.

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