The Last Alpha/C4 CHAPTER 4
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The Last Alpha/C4 CHAPTER 4
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The night is getting intense, but its darkness fades away under the magnificent light of the moon. The girl standing in front of me, I don't know who she is and where she came from but my heart aches to see her eyes wet. I don’t understand her reason for crying but it baffles me a lot.

“Listen, please! Don’t cry. What are you saying doesn’t make any sense to me? We never met before, neither of us on social media but you say we are mates. I found this ridiculous.” I state and she pours more water from her eyes.

“I was looking for you for so long but see how we met here, in the human world. Why did you choose to hide here?” She said something that troubled me to heart.

“Wait? Human world? What are you saying? Now, I am sure you are on drugs or marijuana.” I yell and turn to leave.

The girl holds my hand, “don’t leave, mate! We are meant for each other. Onyx, aren’t you thinking that you are different from others?”

“Speak clearly and boldly, what are you implying?” I threaten her.

“You are not a human as you think, onyx.” she states in a serious voice and I look at her in disbelief.

“How high are you? Listen, just leave silently or I will call the security.”

“You can’t! There is no security person who can pass me.” the girl states and I notice her eyes glowing.

For a second, I thought she was a ghost or something unless she turned into an animal. Actually, a wolf.

“What the fuck??” I scream and run without looking back. Don’t know where I am heading to, the only thing of concern for me was to escape from a shifting wolf. I hate the idea of coming to this place and now I will regret it. I am going to die.

“Leave me alone, bitch!” I pelt a stone at the wolf which hardly made any sense to hit her. I can’t hit anyone, I am such a weakling.

“I am not coming back to this stupid place ever but for that, i have to live first!” I curse while running and slam into a hard bark. I can’t focus as my vision blurs when I lose my glasses on the way back. The sky was clear but now I can see the stars closely.

The darkness creeps over my head and I fall unconscious, my eyes close but I focus on one thing in front of me, A wolf.

Suddenly, I woke up on the bed, panting heavily and catching breath like there is no more oxygen left on the planet. I sweat badly, I am drenched and I run out of the cabin. I panicked but calmed down immediately when I saw my parents talking to a security officer.

“Onyx! Are you okay? You scared us!” Mom kisses my forehead.

“We were so worried for you.” dad snaps.

“What happened last night?” I ask them and they look back at me with the same confusion.

“We found you in the woods, passed out.” Mom whispers and the security officer approaches me.

“Are you okay, son? The wood is dangerous at night, you should stay in your cabin. Thank Jesus that you are alive and safe.”

I nod my head and the security officer left after completing his formalities.

“Why did you go for a walk in the woods, last night?” Mom scolds me.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Let it go, honey! He learned his lesson and we are here to enjoy it.” Dad saves my life this time.

“I was so scared.” she cries.

“Mom, i am fine. I lost the way back to the cabin and bumped into a big tree. That’s all.” i explain but partially. I don’t think this is a right time to spill all the beans.

“Come on! Let’s have some breakfast.”

Mom made pancakes on a stove, she brought some groceries with her too. Dad and I went to hunt an animal for dinner.

“Are you excited son?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I say after a long pause.

“So, are you enjoying the wood and life?” he chuckles while laughing.

“I don’t know.” Suddenly, the flashes of last night freshen up in my mind and I couldn't resist asking, “Dad! You said that the wolves are not here, in these woods.

“Yes, I remember because they don’t!”

“But I saw one last night.” I inform dad and his face reads an unrecognisable mixed expression.

“You probably saw something else.” Dad fusses.

“No! It was in front of me. I thought I was dreaming, more I thought I encountered an entity until she shifted into a wolf. I was shocked and I ran. It was real. I did not want to create a panic, that's why I avoided the topic in front of mom.”

Da stays speechless. He wants to say something but words won’t come out.

“I guess, we are done hunting for today! I will ask you mom to prepare something else for us.” Dad status in a stammering tone and he turns his heel back to the cabin.

I can’t understand what he meant earlier but there is something troubling him since I was informed about the wolf sighting.

I notice occasionally, mom and Dad having a secret conversation but changes a topic when I interrupt. They both act weirdly, which troubles me more. I chose to avoid them for good and went to sleep.

It was a troubled sleep here but I managed to take a nap. I drifted into a deep sleep and I realised that I am standing in front of a cliffhanger where the moon is as close as an enormous meteorite lighting before it’s last fate.

The breeze is chilling the bones out there but a strong build man is standing in front of a young boy. His biceps are huge and sculpted that can explode blood anytime. The young boy looks around but he can’t take his eyes off the big man.

He notices a small girl hiding under a thick bush and the young boy approaches her, “why are you hiding here?”

“He will kill all of us!” the girl sobs.


The girl points at the big man whose eyes are burning red and dangerous, “he destroyed our pack and now he is here to kill everyone.”

“Nobody can save us?” the young boy asks.

The girl nods her head and points her finger at him, “you! You will save everyone, you are our hope.”

“I can’t hardly kill a fly. I can’t kill this big man.”

“Yes, you can! You are an Alpha, Onyx.”

“What is an Alpha?” the young boy asks.

“You are the leader of all the existing werewolves.” The girl changes into a wolf and then transforms into her human form, which reveals to be the same girl Onyx met in the woods.

“Save us, Alpha Onyx.”

I woke up all sweating under the duvet. I throw it away from me and run outside. The chilly breeze blows and cools my hot body. I relax and breathe better.

“What a dream? It felt so real.” I thought but was distracted when I heard a rustling near a tree. My senses alert and I can feel an animal approaching but before I could call my parents, the same wolf comes out. I saw that night.

I got scared and tried to run inside but the wolf’s eyes glowed and she ran back to the wood.

What the heck is happening? I recheck the doors and window if the wolf comes back to attack us. Well, I did not sleep for the entire night. This was crazy, the craziest thing that ever happened to me. I can’t wait to go back home. This place will haunt me for decades.

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