The Last Alpha/C6 CHAPTER 6
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The Last Alpha/C6 CHAPTER 6
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I waited on the exit for an hour before I saw Fiarra coming out from the school premises. I approached her and stood still while gazing into her eyes.

“Thank you.” I smile.

She stays emotionless. There was something bothering her and I couldn't make up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing!” She spats and leaves the spot.

“Wait a minute! What is wrong with you?” I try holding her hands but she jerks them off.

“I don’t understand women! Like for a couple of hours ago you were beating that bully for me and now you are being rude to me. I deserve to know the reason.” I yell.

She turns to me and stares deeply in my eyes, “I don't know what to say to you but it felt bad to see a werewolf like you as a disgrace to our community.”

“What? Werewolf?” I ask in disbelief.

“Why don’t you understand? You are not an ordinary human, Onyx! You are a werewolf.” she states but i cant believe her words a bit.

“They exist in books and movies. There is something wrong with you.” i huff.

Fiarra grabs my hand roughly and drags me to an isolated place behind the school.

“Let me show you something and leave it on you what you believe.” Her voice is bold and calming.

She went behind the tree and I noticed her removing clothes. My eyes widened on her activity, “what the hell are you doing?” i hiss.

“Shut up!” she yells.

Suddenly, I hear the cracking of the bones and the soul under my body dies. A big grey wolf appeared in front of me and I got scared to see her. I trip and fall on the ground, as i try to scream, i realised that i lost my voice on this specific occasion.

What the fuck, man? The words are lost inside somewhere deep in my vocal cords, the more I feel my tongue dry and itchy.

“What the fuck are you? Shit! Man!! holy shit! You are a werewolf, a real werewolf?” I had some courage to throw up these words.

Suddenly, she transforms in her human form and I am almost lost to see her standing naked in front of me.

“Ah! Don’t mind me, it’s normal to be naked with other werewolves.” She smiled devilishly at me.

“Other werewolves?” my own voice echoed in my mouth. There is a wheezing sound coming out while I breathe.

“Yes, we have our own pack! My father is an Alpha!” whatever she said went up through my head. “Are you okay?” she is concerned.

“Thanks for the concern and no! I Am not okay! You are a fucking werewolf?”

“Just a werewolf!” she corrects me.

“Yeah! Whatever but you are a shapeshifting animal and now I know i can die peacefully.” I am flabbergasted.

“There is something wrong with you, Onyx. I don't understand why are you in the human world in the first place and second thing is why haven’t you had your first shift? That would have proved the point.” Fiarra’s word went up from my head.

“Fiarra! Listen, I respect you and your identity and I will keep it hidden but why are you constantly making me admit that I am a werewolf when certainly I am not.” i clarify.

“If you weren't a werewolf, i would have noticed. I can sense your soul which is purely a werewolf but I can't reach your inner wolf. It means you haven’t shifted into your wolf form at least once.”

“Your mythological language is terrifying me.” I sigh.

“This is enough for today before I die from brain haemorrhage. You should go home.” I requested her.

“But i want to stay with you.” She makes puppy faces and I swear I can't say no to her no.

“I will explain to my parents why i am late.”

“You are a pussy with a dick!” she yells and blows a punch in my stomach before leaving.

I came back home and my abdomen ached, bitch! She hit me hard.

“Onyx, the dinner is ready. Go and freshen up quickly.” Mom is cheerful today.

“I am not hungry!” I started and went to my room. I took a quick shower and sat at my table to make notes of today’s lecture. I kept trying to write but failed. I throw the pen and book in frustration because no matter how hard i am trying, Fiarra’s word echo clearly in my mind.

“a werewolf?” i repeat.

I am still surprised, more shocked to see a paranormal entity but still, I can't believe my eyes. If werewolves exist then other creatures exist too. I don’t get why she is so persistent in telling me that I am a werewolf like her.

Damn! Why am I feeling so hot? I wiped the sweat beads over my forehead. I guess I need to take a cold shower. But that did not help as I thought. Mom knocks on the door to check if I am okay?

“Honey! Are you okay?”

“Yeah! I am going for a walk.” I wear a jacket over the shirt and head to the door.

“I don’t think you should go alone. I will ask your dad to give you a company.” Mom insists.

“Mom, it’s fine and this is not the first time that I am going on a walk, alone.” I raise my brow.

She opens her mouth to say something but stays silent. This is weird, my parents are acting completely different since we are back from the vacation. They look worried all the time, more I noticed them talking in private but I shrugged it off because I don't want to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“Is there something you know that I need to know but you don’t want to tell me, Mom.” I ask while gulping down the thick saliva.

“No..o! Nothing… stay careful, i am just worried.” she stutters.

I put my hand over her shoulder, “since when the bravest of all started stuttering? Are you sure mom? I don’t know but I don't feel everything is okay since we are back from the vacation.” I am concerned.

She gasps but maintains an awkward silence between us. Now i am sure that something is not right.

“Mom? Why are you so quiet?”

“Onyx, we have to tell you something important.” she whispers almost.

“Okay but why this change in behaviour?” I scrunch my brows.

Suddenly, Dad interrupts between.

“Onyx? What happened?” He looks worried as well.

I notice both of them talking in their secret language and i can’t hold it back anymore, “what’s going on? You guys are acting up weirdly since we are back from the vacation. I don't know what is bothering you but i don’t like it. Can you please explain to me?” I shouted.

“Onyx! It’s nothing like that. You are taking things in a wrong way. We are actually worried for you.”

“Why? Why are you guys worried for me? Is there something I am not aware of?” I raise my voice.

They both exchange looks and finally, Dad said, “onyx, i know we should have told you this earlier but we were afraid to. My son, you are not our biological son. We adopted you.”

My eyes stared through them when they broke the seal of the truth they were hiding for so long.

“What?” I scream.

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