The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C11 The phoenix palace's poetry monarch shocked his thoughts
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C11 The phoenix palace's poetry monarch shocked his thoughts
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C11 The phoenix palace's poetry monarch shocked his thoughts

Often accompanied by the phoenix side of poetry, the rise of the phoenix palace poetry Chun;

The Queen heard of his poems and was shocked by his talents.

Since he accidentally overturned the water basin, Gai Ronger had not seen the Emperor anymore. The Emperor probably stayed at the Kunning Palace every half month, but whenever he came to the Emperor's side, Spring Apricot Auntie would not let Gai Ronger accompany him. She said in her words: "This time, it's just throwing the bucket. Gai Ronger knew that Spring Apricot was speaking the truth, and could only blame himself for being careless. Although he really wanted to see the Emperor in his heart, he couldn't do anything about it.

As a palace maid, she had nothing else to do other than wait upon her master. As Rong'er had been taught very well since he was young, and his father had taught him many poems and books, the Empress liked her very much, so she often asked him to accompany her in talking about poems and poems.

This morning, the Queen had returned from greeting the Grand Empress Dowager and was chatting with Rong'er about a poem. The Queen said with a smile, "The other poems that I have read are still so-so, but this one is really far from good."

"The empress is too modest. The empress is someone who's familiar with hundreds of books, so how can she only know how to read and not know how to chant?" Rong'er respectfully replied.

"I won't. You and I often talk about other people's poems. Today, I also want to hear Rong'er recite a poem." The queen laughed.

"Empress, Rong'er doesn't know much either. How could he dare to make a fool of himself?" Rong'er said with a smile.

"Don't be modest. I will think, hmm, how about we use 'Spring' as the topic? It's spring now, is it not hard? " said the Empress.

"The question of spring is not that difficult. There are many poems in this world that are focused on spring. If the empress wants to hear them, Rong'er can recite them. I dare not make a fool of myself in front of the empress." Rong'er replied with a smile.

"Rong'er, don't be modest. You can sing a song." The queen laughed.

Seeing that the empress had already given her orders, Rong'er couldn't delay any further. He then said softly, "This servant will be making a fool of myself. If I can't sing well, empress, don't laugh at Rong'er."

"Rong'er, feel free to say anything." The empress smiled.

Rong'er looked out of the window, pondered for a while and slowly chanted:

"When trees first sprouted new sprouts, small grasses broke the soil at this time;

If the Dao Tree was stronger than others, how could it know that the grass was weak and had no power?

Rong'er finished reciting a poem and looked towards the empress. The empress looked at Rong'er, who was about to speak, and shouted, "The emperor has arrived." The Queen stood up to greet him.

Xuan Ye bowed after entering the palace: "Just now, we went to Imperial Grandmother to pay our respects. Imperial Grandmother said that the empress's body was slightly unwell, so we came over to take a look."

The empress smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty. It's just that I've caught a slight chill. It's been a few days, but it's almost done."

"Oh, I seem to have heard you reciting a poem while I was at the door." When Xuan Ye just stepped into the room, he heard a faint sound of someone reciting a poem inside.

"It was chenqie and palace maid who were playing around." The empress replied with a smile.

Xuan Ye laughed and said, "Come again, let us hear you recite another poem with a few of the ministers of the Hong Kong Academy. We are very interested in this, who was it that recited it just now?" Other than Rong'er, there were also three other palace maid s in the palace.

The empress looked at Rong'er with a smile and said, "Rong'er, recite your poem once more."

Rong'er looked awkwardly at the empress, wanting to recite a poem in front of the emperor. Was this appropriate? Xuan Ye looked in the direction of the Queen's voice and saw a beautiful palace maid. He felt that the voice looked extremely familiar, and suddenly remembered that the owner of the voice was none other than the palace maid who fell that day, hence he laughed and said: "So it's actually the palace maid who fell to the ground to sing, haha, come, recite it for us again."

Rong'er's face reddened, and she softly said, "Rong'er's reputation is not good, so I hope that Your Majesty won't take offense to it." Rong'er then softly recited the poem once more.

After Rong'er finished reciting his poem, Xuan Ye couldn't help but be surprised. This poem, regardless of whether the poem was correct or not, just from the meaning in the poem, was shocking, a palace maid actually had this kind of thought. She thought in terms of poetry, in the spring, don't just see the strong tree, and ignore the weak grass, as it can pierce through the soil and display a large amount of strength. Xuan Ye thought that although most girls would recite poems to express their "feelings", this poem was a "will". It was truly rare. Xuan Ye looked deeply at Rong'er, then asked with a smile: "Are you comparing yourself to Little Grass?"

Rong'er was shocked upon hearing the Emperor's question, and hurriedly replied, "Rong'er does not dare, Rong'er only dared to say that the power of the little grass seed that the dad had taught him when he was young was very strong, it could pierce through the soil, and also told Rong'er that as long as a person has perseverance, no matter how weak he is, he will have a chance of success. The Queen just asked Rong'er to pray for spring, and Rong'er saw the trees outside the window.

Xuan Ye looked at her and nodded, then said: "I can see that you're not that young. For a girl of your age to be able to recite such a poem, it's already quite good." He then smiled and said, "Very few parents would educate their daughter like this. Do you think we would let her have sagacity? Your dad is also strange. "

"The Emperor does not know that the dad only has Rong'er as its only daughter and does not have a son. Thus, the things that Rong'er teaches us normally are a lot more complicated." The Emperor did not know that the dad only has Rong'er as its only daughter and does not have a son.

"Oh, so that's how it is." Xuan Ye nodded his head, then looked at the Queen and laughed: "Oh Queen, there are talented people in your palace."

The empress smiled and said, "Chenqie only coincidentally discovered that Rong'er has a certain level of understanding towards poetry, so she accompanied him to relieve her boredom."

"Haha, very good, the empress won't get bored like this. With this kind of hobby, I support the empress. Recently, I've been discussing Chinese poetry with a few Chinese officials. It's quite interesting." Xuan Ye stood up and said, "We have come to see the empress's body and we feel much more refreshed now. We are relieved because we still have things to do and will be leaving first.

"This concubine thanks Your Majesty for your concern and respectfully send you off, Your Majesty." The Queen returned the greeting.

When the empress saw the emperor leave the room, she smiled at Rong'er and said, "Your Majesty should be very satisfied with Rong'er's poem."

"This... Empress, Rong'er was just randomly mumbling. How could he have known that the emperor would suddenly appear? " Rong'er smiled bitterly as he replied.

"It's fine. I see that the emperor is quite satisfied." The Queen replied with a smile.

It had been a long time since she had last seen the emperor, but how could she have imagined that they would meet again in such a situation? Because of the queen's affinity with her, the lyrics she had recited just now had also come casually, she knew that the queen wouldn't punish her either way, but how could she have expected the emperor to come? Her heart tightened as she didn't know if her points had been increased or decreased from the last time she had been frightened, but she could only bitterly smile in her heart and say that since the heavens' will was so arranged, she could only feel helpless.

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