The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C17 With the sun at the beginning of the monarch the heart is like honey
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C17 With the sun at the beginning of the monarch the heart is like honey
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C17 With the sun at the beginning of the monarch the heart is like honey

Finally looking forward to the day of service, careful not to touch the king;

Jun Wu Yi's heart was unable to calm down, and his daughter's heart was as sweet as honey.

When the Aunt Cheng returned at night, he explained the arrangements for the s in detail. The arrangements for the palace maid s to serve him were as follows: Every night, when the Emperor is resting, he has to have two palace maid s guarding the entrance of the bedchamber s, so whatever the Emperor needs from the East Warm Pavilion s to immediately call out to them, he also has to have two palace maid s guarding the mouth of the Temple Door. In addition, two of the eunuchs will also be guarding the entrance of the Emperor Palace.

In the morning, when the Emperor was in the imperial court, the four palace maid s that were on night watch could go rest. As for the other four palace maid s, they were basically the four palace maid s that the Emperor had served with the palace maid all day. In the morning, there would be palace maid doing chores to clean up the palace. After the Emperor finished paying his respects to the Grand Empress Dowager and returned to the palace, he would normally stay in the west hall to read and wait for lunch in the study. At that time, there would be two palace maid s waiting by the side and the other two at the entrance of the Temple Door.

In addition, there were also lunch and dinner attended by four palace maid s and the Aunt Cheng s. Normally, the emperor wouldn't be in the palace in the afternoon, if it wasn't for him going to the Heart Nurturing Palace to study or to look at some pencils, he would have gone to the Arrow Pavilion to practice his archery. This was something that the palace maid didn't need to accompany.

At night, the emperor would usually stay at the Warm Pavilion in the Western Palace to read and read, so these four palace maid s would wait on him. At night, after changing clothes and washing up, he would be served by the four palace maid s in the daytime and the four palace maid s who were on night watch. After that, the work for palace maid during the day was done.

As a result, the palace maid s were divided into three groups of twelve, and those who were not on duty had to be prepared at all times.

In fact, the daily work was very simple, it was just pouring tea for the emperor and the tasks of passing the message were all carried out by the eunuchs themselves. That night, Gai Ronger was assigned to the group that was served by the Auntie Xiaoqing during the day, and Ling Qiao'er was also placed in the same group as well. Other than Ling Qiao'er, there was also Xia He and Gui Ting, who had been in the palace for four years.

After the second day passed, Gai Ronger and the four people who were on duty during the day went to get some water and waited outside the palace. After a while, the palace maid came out to say that the Emperor had woken up, and they went in to serve him.

When Xuan Ye got up and saw that the palace maid was Gai Ronger, he couldn't help but laugh, seeing her anxiously staring at the basin and walking so carefully, he felt that it was extremely interesting, suddenly teasing her and coughed heavily on purpose. Originally, Gai Ronger was already nervous, but after hearing the emperor's cough, he was truly shocked, he stopped his steps, and then, Ling Qiao'er took the basin from her hand, then walked to the emperor's side and said: "Your majesty, let this servant help you wash your face." thought to himself, honestly, I really didn't know that Ling Qiao'er was such a person. I had only thought that she had a cold personality, and couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

Seeing Ling Qiao'er taking the washbowl, although Xuan Ye was disappointed, he did not say anything. After washing his face and changing his clothes, he left with the eunuch in front of the emperor, Elder Zhang, to accompany him to the court.

In truth, Gai Ronger did not help much this morning, because she was new and it was not good for her to intervene. She only watched the other palace maid Zhang Luo helping the emperor change and comb his hair, she could only watch from the side. The emperor and the rest had no errands to do since they were present. Last night, he accompanied the palace maid to rest, and with a few orders, the palace maid and his father-in-law came over to clean up. Gai Ronger and the rest were waiting for him in the palace.

At noon, Kang Xi returned to eat lunch, and after resting for a while, she went out again. When she left, Eunuch Zhang shouted: "Your majesty, take over the leadership of the Heart and Heart Palace," and the Emperor left, they all calmed down, Rong'er realised that being a servant in the palace maid was truly not bad, and there was nothing much to do. She carefully sized up the Paohe Palace, ever since she was sent to the Paohe Palace, she had always been doing chores on the outside, and had never entered the hall before.

At night, after the emperor returned for dinner, he would study in the west hall's study room. Ling Qiao'er and Xia He would wait on the emperor by his side, while Gai Ronger and Gui Ting would wait outside the door of the Warm Pavilion. When Gai Ronger thought that she could finally look at the emperor this closely, she felt a wave of happiness. Right now, she was in the same hall as the emperor, breathing the same air. She felt very happy in her heart. Her mind was filled with the shadow of the emperor she had seen all day long, and countless small flames were darting about wantonly in her heart.

At night, when the emperor was reading in the study room, he actually saw his son. Even Gui Ting, who was standing opposite to him, looked like she was about to fall asleep. Gai Ronger thought of what Yin Ruolan had said before, "The emperor reads very late every night, and even the servants feel sorry for him." Who would have thought that it would be like this? The Emperor was only thirteen years old, and a normal person's child would love to play around, yet the Emperor had such determination. The Son of Heaven was truly worthy of being called the Son of Heaven, and he couldn't help but cause others to admire him.

When the emperor finally decided to go to bed, the four palace maid s who were on night watch and Rong'er's group came to serve him together. Unfortunately, Gai Ronger still could not intervene and could only watch from the side.

At night, as he laid on the warm pit, Gai Ronger was actually so excited that he couldn't fall asleep. He pinched his own face, and then silently cursed himself: "Gai Ronger, look at yourself, look at how dad has educated you, and you actually did such a foolish thing. You must have been with Xiao Qing for a long time, to have been led astray by Xiao Qing, to be steady, to be dignified, to have the appearance of a girl. That night, everything was sweet.

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