The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C2 The front road of the married house
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C2 The front road of the married house
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C2 The front road of the married house

The Gai family had a girl who had just grown up. She was slim and elegant, elegant and virtuous.

During the palace maid's Spring Festival, it was hard for parents to part with a girl's heart.

Kang Xi, five years.

This year, his only daughter, Gai Ronger, was listed on the palace maid's talent list. Although his life could not be considered rich, he was considered a rich man, but his family's reputation was still considered good, so he definitely had to attend the palace maid's competition. With his daughter's birth, being chosen to enter the palace, the possibility of him being favored by the Emperor was too small.

"Master, why are you sighing?" Gai asked her husband in confusion.

"Sigh, Madam, please let your daughter prepare for this year's palace maid's Elite Tournament in a few days. Rong'er will be on this year's list."

"Ah?" What? Master, you mean your daughter wants to be a slave in the palace? " Hearing that, the Mrs. Gai had a face full of worry.

"En, Madam, don't be too worried, maybe you won't be able to choose one, and this palace maid is not for free."

"But what if ? what if he's chosen? What would Rong'er do then?" While talking, Mrs. Gai's eyes started to turn red.

"Well, madame, it's all life. Let's wait for Rong'er's life. Can we disobey the decree? "Well, go and talk to your daughter, talk to her, don't burden her." Gaoshan said helplessly.

In the small house in the backyard.

"Miss, the lotus that you embroidered is really beautiful." The maid Xiao Yu stood beside a beautiful young lady dressed in green who was focused on embroidery. The young woman smiled gently but did not say anything, but the young woman's face was like a full moon, clear and elegant, with black hair flowing down her shoulders, two strands of black hair falling onto her chest. Her smiling eyes were focused on the embroidery on her hands, while her two hands were elegantly moving on the embroidery.

"Rong'er ?" A soft call sounded out from the door, and the girl called Rong'er turned around and smiled sweetly, "mother, you're here."

"That's right, Rong'er, come, put down the work in your hands first. mother has something to tell you." Saying that, Mrs. Gai slowly walked towards Gai Ronger and sat beside her.

Gai Ronger placed the embroidery on the table and smiled at his mother: "mother, what do you have to say?"

"Rong'er, this year you are 14, your daughter is older, you know that our family is under the yellow flag, according to our Wang Family's rules, her family has to participate in the palace maid's selection every year at the age of 13, and since you were sick last year, we avoided it, but this year you are definitely going to the palace to serve the Emperor, Grand Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager, and Imperial Consort. This is also a type of honor." Even though he said that, the corners of Mrs. Gai's eyes still blushed. He paused for a bit, then pretended to be calm and said: "What if ? What if ? Fortunately, the Lord has taken a fancy to her, so she might be able to be her master. If ? "If the emperor doesn't like it, he can still come back home at the age of 25 ?" Mrs. Gai knew clearly in his heart that these were just words of consolation, so he couldn't help but tear up.

"Huh?" The maid at the side, Xiao Yu, cried out in alarm, "Madam, if the young lady were to choose one, wouldn't she be gone for more than ten years?"

"This ?" When Xiao Yu spoke of Mrs. Gai's sore spot, her tears also flowed more and more. She held Gai Ronger's hand and said, "Daughter, your dad told you to prepare, I'm not willing to let you suffer, but this is an imperial order and it cannot be disobeyed.

Gai Ronger gently wiped away his mother's tears. "mother, don't cry, didn't you say? If I can enter the palace to serve the Emperor, the Grand Empress Dowager, the empress dowager, and the imperial concubine, that would be my good fortune. Also, my daughter might not have such good fortune."

Gai Ronger picked up the embroidery from the table as if it was none of his business, and said with a smile: "mother, Rong'er knows, let dad be at ease, your daughter will be able to be at ease. mother, don't be sad, it's really nothing. Go and tell Father. " With that said, he began to concentrate on embroidery again.

"Hai." Mrs. Gai wiped her tears as she left the house.

"Miss, if you are sad, just say so. Weeping is fine too. Don't hold it in. If you are selected, who will serve you? How can you serve others?" Xiao Yu was so anxious that she was about to cry. Her young miss had never put on airs, never looked at her properly, so Xiao Yu had a lot of feelings for Gai Ronger.

Gai Ronger raised his head and smiled at the servant: "I am really not sad. In truth, last year, I already knew that I was going to participate in the palace maid's Elite Tournament. At that time, I just happened to be sick and heard wrong from dad, so I knew that it would happen sooner or later.

"But Miss, when have you ever done rough work? I'm afraid you won't be able to bear the hardships." The young maid choked with sobs. The old master's family was a well-off family after all. Since young, the little family had been cared for. If they really entered the palace, what would the young miss do?

"Silly girl, stop thinking so much. I may not be chosen. Alright, you can go now. I'll be alone for a while. "

"Yes, miss." Xiao Yu also walked out while wiping away her tears.

Gai Ronger put down his needle and stared out of the window. It was almost spring, and spring was already sprouting on the trees outside. It was a hopeful spring. What was my hope? Gai Ronger shook his head and laughed bitterly in his heart. He did not know, nor would he know if he knew or not.

Last year, when the dad and the mother personally discussed how she was unable to enter the palace due to an illness, she coincidentally heard it. From then on, she knew that entering the palace to participate in the selection was something that was fated for her. Entering the palace to participate in the election, if the choice is not good, can still go home to accompany his parents. If you choose, you will have to serve as a slave for more than 10 years in this deep palace. Rong'er's parents had loved him ever since he was a child, so he was very content. His temperament was also rather calm, but he actually didn't have much desire for him. Wang, forget it, let nature take its course. Let the heavens arrange things that cannot be changed for Rong'er.

In the front hall of the house.

"Master, I've already told Rong'er." Mrs. Gai who had returned to the front hall said to his husband while wiping away his tears.

"Hmm, what did Rong'er say?" Zishan asked with a sigh.

"My daughter didn't say anything and even comforted me." Mrs. Gai paused, he raised his head and stared at Kai Shan, "Old master, our daughter is really good, she has been obedient and sensible since she was young, she is my sore spot, if she becomes my servant, won't she be digging my heart out? Can old master think of a way to avoid her, we say that Rong'er is sick? or what? " The Mrs. Gai stared intently at Gai Shan as he prayed.

"Nonsense, women's opinions. This is a king's law, a system. Do you still want to go against the emperor's orders?" Gai Shan slapped his leg and scolded.

"Then do you see your precious daughter lose her happiness? This is our only daughter. " The Mrs. Gai did not give up and continued to ask:

Oh, my lady, stop it. How can you let your daughter safely participate in the election like this? "Rong'er has been very understanding since he was young, and is much better than a mother like you. From now on, you're not allowed to cause any more trouble. An Xin and her daughter are preparing to enter the palace to participate in the elections." His heart was also in pain. He was a little girl, and since he was young, he had been very sensible and obedient. He was in so much pain, and he wanted his daughter to make a good family, be happy and not suffer nor suffer. But as a court official, how could he do such a disobedient thing for his own daughter?

Gaoshan thought about how many palace maid s who were chosen to enter the palace each year were favored by the Emperor. She was an old maid who had just come out of the palace in her twenties, so how could she possibly have a good family? But her daughter was handsome, and she had been carefully raised since childhood, so the chances of her not being chosen was too small. Ever since the late emperor had opened the talent selection system, he had never heard of anyone bestowing the title of concubine, and had even locked himself in the palace for the rest of his life. daughter, the dad had let you down, your fate all depended on your luck in the future.

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