The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C3 She was selected as a palace maid for the first time in her life
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C3 She was selected as a palace maid for the first time in her life
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C3 She was selected as a palace maid for the first time in her life

As soon as he entered the palace, all the girls had different hearts and minds.

He who falls returns to his husband and mother's side, and he who enters writes the melody of the palace.

In the spring of the fifth year, the annual palace maid Elite Tournament had begun. According to the system, there were eight flags of Manchukuo with three flags and five flags, while the clothe was meant for servants. The higher status cloaks of the three flags were also meant for standard-bearers, but they were managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is a great difference in status between the cloaked flag bearer and the flag bearer. The eight flags' female selection was held once every three years by the concubine master of the palace or by the imperial concubine or relative of the emperor, and it was presided over by the household department. As for the three flags' female selection once a year, the female disciple would be selected by the palace palace maid, presided over by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Gai Ronger's family was dressed in yellow, that's why they were included in the palace maid's list of selections.

Gai Ronger walked down from the palanquin and bid farewell to the steward who had brought him here. After the eunuch who guarded the door asked for his identity, he walked towards the designated place in accordance with the request of the eunuch.

The palace maid's selection was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so the primary selections were not allowed in the palace, but were held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs's Deacon Courtyard. If one was chosen, they could enter the palace, but if they could not, they would immediately return home.

At this moment, there were already quite a few girls gathered at the entrance of the palace. A eunuch was shouting loudly for the ladies who had come to participate. Hey hey hey, you, where are you going? "Come here, gather at the front, don't run around. This is the palace, not a place for you servants to barge in."

Seeing that, Gai Ronger walked slowly towards the direction of the gathering, she had finally approached the palace which was viewed by outsiders as sacred and mysterious.

"Aiya." Gai Ronger was just slowly walking forward when he was hit by a girl charging from behind.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Are you alright?" A sweet looking girl dressed in light blue silk clothing said in a fluster. Rong'er smiled. "It's fine, this sister is a bit slower."

The girl patted her chest and said, "I'm so nervous. My dad said that if we choose to enter the palace, we can see the emperor. Elder sister, do you want to see the emperor? I really want to see the emperor. If I can be blessed by the emperor, I can become his master's your highness. "

Ronger had never really looked forward to it, as there was a high possibility that she could serve him. Thinking about it here, seeing the girl's innocent smile, Gai Ronger felt that it was actually quite funny.

"My name is Yin Ruolan, my dad is the capital city, what about you?" Yin Ruolan took the initiative to introduce himself.

"I am Gai Ronger, my father is the Minister of Ministry of Rites." Gai Ronger replied politely.

"Big sister, let's go together. I'm really nervous. Oh yeah, I've been calling you big sister the whole time. How old are you?" This year is 14 years old. "

"I'm 13, it really is big sister, let's go quickly." Gai Ronger pulled Gai Ronger and the others and ran towards the crowd.

Seeing the crowd that had been participating in the Harem Girl selection for the past year, Gai Ronger estimated that there were close to a hundred people before he managed to stand steadily. "A father-in-law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs shouted with a shrill voice as he stood in front of the crowd. "Everyone, quiet down. Stand still for me." The sounds of the crowd gradually died down.

The eunuch continued with satisfaction, "Listen to the names of the families. Those who call out their names first will go to the table to check their names. Those who are unidentified will enter the small room nearby and your aunts will come to examine you. Those who are unqualified will return home. Those who pass the examination will have to go to the palace. Tomorrow, your aunt will give the candidates 10 days of instruction. Do you understand?"

Seeing that someone whispered, "Understood." The eunuch continued, "Alright, it seems that everyone understands. Then I will start calling you by name."

But he only saw this eunuch shouting loudly, "I am Wang Jingzhi, the daughter of Wang Yide, the Head Supervisor."

"This humble girl is here." A woman with a beautiful appearance wearing a light green dress walked out.

"Mm, let's go." The young lady called Wang Jingzhi walked to the side of the table, and the eunuch by the side only verified her father's name and age once again before letting her into the small hut beside. Following that, the eunuch who was still chanting started to announce the next person, one by one.

Gai Ronger did not know his ranking, and quietly waited by the side. After almost an hour had passed, Yin Ruolan had long since called out his name, and he did not know if he had passed or not. When Gai Rong'er's legs were aching, she finally heard her father-in-law call out his name. The daughter of Ministry of Rites's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gai Ronger. "

"This humble girl is here." Gai Ronger slowly walked to the table, and the eunuch beside the table looked at her and asked, "Your father is the Minister of the Ministry of Rites, Minister Gai Shan?"

"Exactly." "Yes," Rong'er answered softly. "Age?" The eunuch sitting by the table asked with a calm expression.

"This humble girl is 14 years old." young eunuch pointed to the small hut beside them. "Mm, go in."

Gai Ronger walked into the small hut on the side. A few palace maid s were undergoing medical examination, and just as they entered, they heard their aunt shouting, "The pockmarks on her face are obvious.

This examination was to measure their height, to look at their physique, to see if they were disabled, and to see if their looks were up to standard. They walked past a few of the older palace maid s in succession, and different palace maid s inspected different items. After Gai Ronger finished examining her body, the last aunt that seemed to be the owner handed her a plate, and on it was her name.

"Ministry of Rites's Minister, Zhang Shan's daughter, Gai Ronger has passed the examination. Take the sign carefully and enter the palace." Thus, he let her walk out through a door on the other side. There was a young eunuch guarding the door, and he led her through a small door beside the Divine Martial Gate. They walked along a small path beside the tall wall for a while, entered a palace, and arrived in front of a room. The palace maid s who passed the primary selection are all waiting here. Miss should enter this room, do not run around, and don't leave the palace. Tomorrow, there will be an aunt who will be teaching you the palace's rules. " After saying that, the young eunuch turned and left without even turning his head back.

"Elder sister, you've also passed!" Gai Ronger stepped into the room, and Yin Ruolan's voice sounded out, "Big sister, come over here, sleep on the bed beside mine." Gai Ronger smiled lightly as he walked over, "Little sister has also passed." Gai Ronger looked around the room. There were about 10 beds and 8 beds. The people already sat on the beds, every one of them were arranging their own beds, there was very little interaction between them, Gai Ronger also started to arrange his own bed. Yin Ruolan recited from the side, "Big sister, you know what? Once we enter the palace, we will have the chance to see the emperor. If we are chosen by the emperor, then we will have the chance to be lucky." Gai Ronger smiled bitterly, thinking that his little sister's thoughts were really far away, but she wasn't saying anything. As she spoke, she saw a young woman in pink enter the room and sit on the last bed. This woman had a cold expression, thin white skin, and perky eyebrows.

Gai Ronger quietly sat on the bed. To go up, think about it, after the first selection, staying in the palace and becoming a palace maid would most likely result in 80% of the palace maid s doing the same. Starting tomorrow, there would be an older palace maid, which meant that her aunt would teach them for a period of ten days. Ten days later, they would be assigned a different job, but for her, there was still the same sentence: Let's leave this to fate, may the heavens be merciful, may we be able to get a better job, and before entering the palace, we will have to listen to what the mother has to say. If our performance these few days are not good, we might still have the chance to be expelled from the palace.

Because tomorrow's teachings were all very unknown to everyone, and because the women who passed the first selection were all from the same family, they all knew more about etiquette, and were not people who talked too much, so they rarely spoke to each other. Everyone had their own thoughts, and even the talkative Yin Ruolan did not speak anymore.

In the evening, eunuchs came to deliver dinner. After everyone had eaten, another two aunts came to deliver the palace maid clothes, they were all green silk dresses and many of them had already gone to sleep. Yin Ruolan even went to bed early in the morning. He said he was going to sleep well. Yes, he felt energetic tomorrow.

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