The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C7 Spreading the screen before the king for gratitude and gratitude
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C7 Spreading the screen before the king for gratitude and gratitude
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C7 Spreading the screen before the king for gratitude and gratitude

The peacock spread its wings to meet the holy eye, and the king accidentally brushed his shoulder;

Without the sorrow of the Holy Grace, the thirst for the grace is difficult to control.

After an eunuch shouted for the Emperor and Grand Empress Dowager to arrive, the head eunuch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Eunuch Sun, and the other head eunuchs of the courtyard knelt down with everyone and shouted together, "This servant greets the Emperor, the Grand Empress Dowager, and the Empress Dowager." As she was speaking, she saw the Grand Empress Dowager lead the way into the courtyard. The emperor and empress dowager followed from both sides. Your Majesty will live for tens of thousands of years, and the Grand Empress Dowager and empress dowager will live for thousands of years. "

In the center of the pavilion, there were already three chairs. While everyone was still shouting, the Grand Empress Dowager, the Emperor, and the empress dowager had already taken their seats. "Alright, get up." Grand Empress Dowager made a statement.

"Thank you, your majesty, Grand Empress Dowager, and Empress Dowager." With that, everyone stood up.

Hearing that the real Emperor had arrived, the originally indifferent Gai Ronger started to become nervous. After all, the palace rules of the Auntie Xiaoqing had said before that one could not look straight at his master. Gai Ronger sneakily glanced at Yin Ruolan beside him, his face was filled with happiness. Gai Ronger did not know whether this was good or bad for Ruo Lan, but both happiness and anger could be seen from her face.

"En, Cao Zhong, hand over your tablet." The Grand Empress Dowager said.

"Yes, Old Ancestor. The plate is here." Eunuch Cao raised the plate holding the palace maid and knelt in front of him.

This sign was the one that Aunt gave to everyone after the official examination. It was actually a bamboo tag, one inch wide and one foot long. The first half was dyed green, the second half was covered with white powder, and on it were written the names of the palace maid s, their titles, and their fathers' titles, positions, and so on. Actually, the royal concubines in the palace also had the same tags, but only had their titles and names written on them, they did not have their titles and names written on them. On the morning of the second day after they entered the palace, Auntie Xiaoqing called for a name and after verifying the identity of the person, he took the sign away. He said that he would hand it over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for unified management, so the empress dowager took it out when she wanted to use it.

The Grand Empress Dowager glanced at it, then said to Eunuch Cao, "You should go recite your name, recite five at a time, and let those who recited it to come forward."

"Your servant obeys the decree." After he finished speaking, Eunuch Cao took his tags one by one, and called out five people, and Yin Ruolan stood amongst the five, and watched as they walked to the front, and stood in order.

"Raise your head." The Grand Empress Dowager said. The few girls raised their heads, but did not dare look at him directly. Only, Yin Ruolan could not resist his curiosity, and stealthily glanced at the lords above, then quickly averted his eyes. But her small action still caught Xuan Ye's attention. He felt that she was very interesting, as if she was very happy.

"Introduce yourselves one by one." The Grand Empress Dowager ordered.

Thus, everyone introduced themselves in turn. Yin Ruolan originally wanted to see the emperor, but when he saw the emperor's face full of happiness and his adorable personality, his voice became especially light when he spoke.

"Your majesty, is it a palace maid that has looks?" After they finished talking, the Grand Empress Dowager asked.

"Hmm, this daughter of the branch chief, Yin Xiangxiao, seems to be more quick-witted." Xuan Ye said.

"Hmm, this girl does seem quite quick-witted." Cao Zhong had assigned this girl to the Paohe Palace. Call for the next group. " Grand Empress Dowager instructed.

"Your servant obeys the decree." Eunuch Cao then read out the names of the second and third groups. The Emperor had chosen no one. Even Wang Jingzhi who seemed so delicate and pretty, was not chosen.

In this fourth group, which was also the last group, Gai Ronger and Ling Qiao'er were both in this group.

Gai Ronger's heart tensed up a little. He walked to the front and stood properly, and heard the Grand Empress Dowager say to everyone: "Raise your head."

Gai Ronger raised his head and sneaked a peek above, only to see a fifty year old noble lady sitting on a chair in the middle, giving off an imposing pressure, he knew that this was the Grand Empress Dowager that helped the Three Dynasties Emperor. Seated on the right of the Grand Empress Dowager was a very simple and honest middle-aged woman. It was probably the empress dowager herself, but now that she thought about it, she realized that the empress dowager had never spoken a single word ever since they entered the palace. Before, Aunt Ning had said that this empress dowager wasn't the emperor's birth mother. His birth mother had passed away the second year after he ascended the throne, and now, this empress dowager was the empress dowager of the Ex-Emperor. She lived in Ning Shou Palace, so other than visiting the emperor, she read buddhas wholeheartedly. On the empress dowager's left sat a youth dressed in dragon robes. Although he was only 13 years old, he looked much more mature. His face was filled with valor and dignity, and he was extremely handsome. Gai Ronger thought, he never expected the emperor to be so good-looking, and could not help but be moved.

Just as she was thinking, Su Ya who was in front of her introduced himself. It was her turn, Gai Ronger was so nervous that he seemed to have heard the sound of his own heartbeat. "Still, he composed himself and introduced himself." This servant is dressed in the yellow flag, my father is the foreign minister of the Ministry of Rites, Gai Shan, 14 years old this year. "

"Oh, you are the daughter of the Ministry of Rites's Minister for Foreign Affairs. Have you learned how to write and read poetry?" Grand Empress Dowager asked.

"Reporting to the Grand Empress Dowager, my father has taught me a few things since I was young." Gai Ronger replied.

The Grand Empress Dowager nodded and did not say anything else.

Ling Qiao'er, who was standing behind Gai Ronger, immediately replied: "This servant is Ling Qiao'er, 13 years old.

Xuan Ye looked at the row of women in front of him. Ling Qiao'er's beauty was so outstanding that she could be called a beauty among beauties, and especially when she faintly smiled, causing the surrounding people to lose all light, thus they fell for her with a single glance. When the empress dowager finished her introductions and asked Xuan Ye if anyone wanted to join, Xuan Ye selected her without hesitation.

"This girl looks pretty good, it's just that there's less joy on her face. If the emperor likes her, then send her to the Paohe Palace. Let the imperial aunt teach her more." The Grand Empress Dowager continued to speak, "Cao Zhong, the two palace maid s that the Emperor appointed were assigned to the Paohe Palace and the other two to the Queen. Un, I think ?" The Grand Empress Dowager said as his gaze swept across the standing palace maid, "It should be that Gai Ronger and Wang Jingzhi. No matter what, they are from a good family, so it should be alright to serve the empress."

"Yes, your servant obeys." Eunuch Cao replied.

According to the rules, she should be split into two different palace maid s. That's right, give her a decree to be promoted tomorrow, then arrange a room for her. Un, arrange for it to be in the Kunning Palace, from now on, provide it according to the promised month's supply. "

"Yes, this servant will follow the instructions of the Old Ancestor." Eunuch Cao answered.

"Yes, just watch where we lack the rest of the palace maid." Grand Empress Dowager turned around to look at the emperor and empress dowager. "It's time to eat too. Today, the two of you will accompany This Dowager to eat at Cining Palace. If there's anything the emperor can do for lunch, then go and busy himself."

The Emperor and Empress Dowager replied. Eunuch Cao raised his voice and shouted, "Your majesty, Grand Empress Dowager, and Empress Dowager, take over the Kunning Palace." Everyone respectfully sent him off.

Looking at the crowd as they left, Gai Ronger could not help but feel a little sad. After all, in her heart, there was still a little hope, thinking that she had always taken her own life naturally. She did not know why, after seeing the Emperor, her heart suddenly did not feel so calm anymore.

Then, the Auntie Xiaoqing led everyone back to the North Second Floor.

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