The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C8 She saw that feng yan's life was really like this
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C8 She saw that feng yan's life was really like this
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C8 She saw that feng yan's life was really like this

Finally seeing the phoenix face, the empress seemed gentle;

Sighing, the heavens sighed upon fate. Should my life truly return to this place?

Returning to the Second Northern Office, the Auntie Xiaoqing said amiably, "Congratulations to Miss Ruo Lan and Miss Wei'er. To be able to serve this Master for so long is truly a great fortune, and congratulations to Miss Rong'er and Miss Jing Zhi for being able to serve the Empress's son. In the future, if the ladies get Master's favor, don't forget Auntie. It's getting late. The four ladies will first return to their rooms to rest and wait for lunch. After lunch, an elder will lead you all to your master's palace. "

Gai Ronger thought, it could be considered that he had seen the reality of this palace, the front legs would even call you over, the back legs would gain some power, and you would immediately start talking. This was also the mentality of this palace, being a servant to the master, being called over would make one feel that their status was lower than others, this was a kind of suppression of the person's mentality, but once the opponent's status was higher than yours, they would have to curry favor with him, hoping that the other party would not remember their previous hatred. In fact, it was rather pitiful. Gai Ronger didn't know if he would become like this after staying in the palace for too long.

After Auntie Xiaoqing finished speaking, Ling Qiao'er turned and entered the house. Wang Jingzhi smiled at Gai Ronger and returned to the west wing, because he had met Wang Jingzhi on the first night of entering the palace and chatted, they had a good impression of each other, and it was good that they were split up to serve the Empress. Gai Ronger was still thinking that Yin Ruolan had already pulled Gai Ronger and headed towards the house in the east.

As for the remaining palace maid s, they would have their respective palaces and Auntie Xiaoqing s divide them according to their needs.

Inside the house.

"Big sister, do you think I'm really lucky? I really went to serve the emperor." Yin Ruolan asked with a face full of smiles. "Congratulations, little sister Ruo Lan. Your wish has been fulfilled." Seeing Ruo Lan's smiling face, Gai Ronger felt a little sour in his heart, but he still spoke sincerely.

Yin Ruolan ran over to Ling Qiao'er's side, "Miss Ling, we need to look after each other." Ling Qiao'er nodded and did not say anything else. Miss Ling, go serve the emperor, why don't you feel happy at all? " Ling Qiao'er still did not speak.

Gai Ronger really did not understand, what exactly was Ling Qiao'er thinking? From the moment he entered the palace until now, he had never seen her happy before, and now, with such a joyous event, he could not see the happiness on her face. It was truly strange, was this her temperament, or was she disdainful of smiling towards others? Gai Ronger didn't know.

After a while, the other palace maid s also entered the room. Su Ya ran to Gai Ronger and said: Rong'er, I and Sun Xiaoqiao from the west wing have been sent to serve Zhang Xiaoxiao. We're also in Kunning Palace, we're going to be together in the future.

"Oh, really? That's great! " Gai Ronger was very happy. Although Su Ya was not beautiful, her personality was very amiable and kind. After getting along with her for a few days, Gai Ronger still liked her a lot.

Not long after everyone returned, lunch was served and there were a few eunuchs from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who came over for lunch. Two eunuchs led Gai Ronger, Wang Jingzhi, along with Su Ya and Sun Xiaoxiao over to the Kunning Palace, passing through the imperial garden, and after a while, they arrived at the Kunning Sect. The eunuch and the eunuch who guarded the gates greeted them and brought them over, from the distance, they shouldn't be too far away from the Second Elder from here. Do you understand? Now wait here. " With that, he walked towards the palace in front of him.

Gai Ronger looked up ahead. In front of her, there was an extremely impressive palace with red beams and yellow roofs, it was quite impressive, she had never seen such a grand house in her life.

A minute later, the eunuch returned and said, "Follow me and pay your respects to the empress." Gai Ronger and the other two followed the eunuch into the great hall, where the palace was extremely grand, with thick and tall red pillars inside, and an extremely high roof. The eunuch led them to the East Warm Pavilion and entered a room. Gai Ronger secretly raised his head and saw a lady around her age dressed in silk, with a phoenix hairpin and many accessories on her head. She sat on the warm pit by the window with an extremely dignified demeanor, and beside her stood two palace maid s. Gai Ronger and the other three bowed in unison.

The eunuch walked forward and said, "Empress, these four palace maid s are newly assigned to the Kunning Palace." He pointed to Gai Ronger and Wang Jingzhi and said, "Grand Empress Dowager assigned these two to send you back, the other two were given to Zhang Nan Gong."

Gai Ronger heard the empress's extremely soft reply, "Oh."

The eunuch continued: "The Grand Empress Dowager has instructed, it is not very polite for Zhang Ye to let her stay in the Kunning Palace, but now that the various palaces are empty, it is not suitable for her to stay in the Paohe Palace, but it is not suitable for her to continue staying in the Paohe Palace Emperor's place, so we can first create a room for Young Master Zhang to stay in, and after the next year's talent show, the other young masters will come in, and then move out."

"Alright, I understand. Bring them to the west side and tidy up a room." the queen said.

"Your servant obeys the decree." With that, Eunuch Cao brought Su Ya and Sun Xiaoqiao out.

"What's your name?" The queen asked. Gai Ronger and Wang Jingzhi reported their full names one by one.

"En, alright. In the future, I will call you Rong'er and call you Jing Er. How about it?" The two of them agreed.

"Spring Apricot, bring them out. If there's anything you need help with, just wait and do as you see fit." The Queen said to an older palace maid who was standing beside her.

"Yes, this servant obeys the decree." Come with me. " Spring Apricot took them out. Seeing the empress for the first time, Gai Ronger felt that this empress was very kind.

Once they were out of the palace, Spring Apricot brought them to a row of small ears by the gate. He pointed at them and said, "This is for the tea, this is for the snacks, and this is for the master's clothes." Finally, he pointed to a small ear room at the very end and said: "This is the room that our palace maid lives in. There are a total of 10 palace maid s in this Kunning Palace that serve the Empress, and each of them have their own different duties. I am the head of this palace, you can call me Aunty Spring Apricot. Spring Apricot continued to speak, "It's your luck to be here in Kunning Palace, our master is very easy to serve, he is very gentle, and will not suffer much if you serve him carefully, so it's not too early today. You should go inside to rest, we'll call you when we eat, and we'll tell you after dinner."

Gai Ronger and Wang Jingzhi entered the ear room, it was a very small room, there was a large brick bed, and all the palace maid were squeezed together to rest. Because it was almost time for dinner, all the palace maid went to wait on the empress for dinner.

Gai Ronger sighed in his heart, did my life in the palace start just like that? When a palace maid comes home after ten years, is this the end of my life?

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