The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C9 Solitary phoenix palace sighs
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The Legend of Imperial Concubine Rong/C9 Solitary phoenix palace sighs
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C9 Solitary phoenix palace sighs

The Phoenix Palace, however, was silent. Lonely, the night sighs do not see the monarch;

Long live the birthday banquet, but Jun Yan Feng had never seen such a sight.

When the palace maid s returned at night, Spring Apricot's Aunt told Gai Ronger and the others in detail about Empress' lifestyle and the rules of the Kunning Palace s. On the second day, they also officially started their mission.

When the Kunning Palace was on duty, they would wait until the gates of the palace were locked, and the eunuchs would also leave the palace during the night, so everyone had to be on duty at night to accompany the.

Gai Ronger and the others entered the palace on the twenty-third of the second month, and they were assigned to the Kunning Palace on the third day of the third month. Ministry of Internal Affairs had sent someone to measure their clothes, and Aunt Spring Apricot said that each of them had a red dress that they would wear during festivals.

After all, she did not know anyone in the palace and had no way of asking around. Actually, sometimes looking at the empress, Gai Ronger was also quite worried, as the empress had a good temper and had never punished them before. Furthermore, she seemed to be on good terms with Rong'er and liked having her accompany her while she leaned on the warm brick bed with a poem in her hand. Speak out:

"Silence. Lonely deep room, gentle intestines an inch sad.

A little spring is gone, a few tempting rain.

He relied on his appendix, but he was not in the mood.

"Where do you come from, even the heavenly grass will break the road to return."

Gai Ronger, who was standing at the side, could not help but feel hot in his eyes, and could not help but say: "Master, if you keep reading these books, your body will be harmed."

The empress was taken aback. "Rong'er, you know the term?"

"Mistress, this is the song written by the Song Dynasty's female poet Li Qingzhao. "Lonely and Deep, I didn't think that my master would also like the poems of the Chinese."

The empress smiled. "Many of the Chinese poems are very situational. I've lost my composure. Rong'er, I've let you down."

Gai Ronger immediately said: "This servant has too much to say, but Empress, you treat Rong'er so well, I still have to say this sentence, Master needs to be happy to be in a good mood."

The empress smiled but said nothing more.

At night, Rong'er lay on the pit and thought, is this the Emperor's woman? As the leader of the women in the world, the empress was virtuous, virtuous and virtuous. She was gentle and kind, but she had never smiled from her heart before. She did not receive her husband's love.

This morning, just as Gai Ronger was about to exit the room, he saw Su Ya carrying a water basin and walking past their house, but he did not see her. He subconsciously pulled on her arm and heard Su Ya say "Aiyah." He pulled back his arm, and the basin fell to the ground.

"Su Ya, what's wrong?" Gai Ronger felt that something was wrong, and was about to pull on Su Ya's arm again.

"Rong'er ?" Su Ya's arm constricted, and tears started streaming down his face. Rong'er was about to ask again when he heard Sun Xiaoxiao shouting, "Su Ya, hurry up. Su Ya answered and picked up the bowl, then quickly left.

Every morning, he paid respects to the empress and then went to Kunning Palace with her to pay his respects. Occasionally, he would come over to chat with the empress during the day, and Rong'er would find that she was extremely respectful to the empress every time she spoke to her. She looked extremely kind and kind, but Su Ya's arm was obviously injured, what was going on? In fact, Su Ya had more trouble serving Young Master Zhang than Rong'er and the rest, since they were ten people serving the empress, so it was their turn to come, and Young Master Zhang only had the two of them, so they had to do all the major tasks for him.

In the afternoon, Young Master Zhang came to the empress's place to chat, and it could be seen that the empress liked to chat with her. Firstly, the empress was bored, so she could relieve her boredom. In truth, Young Master Zhang was only summoned once, all that could be said was that she served the Emperor while she was in the Paohe Palace, and it was Sun Xiaoxiao who accompanied him, and Su Ya as well.

However, there was only the empress and Young Master Zhang who had officially been bestowed the title, and there were no rumors that the Paohe Palace was lucky again, so Gai Ronger knew that the emperor was not greedy for women, and after listening to Zhang Nan for the past few days, the emperor read books very late in the Paohe Palace, and other than listening to political affairs, his martial arts training, riding, and studying were all the same.

After waiting on her master to rest for the night and finding that Gai Ronger was not worth it, she went to find Shuya, who was living with Sun Xiaoqiao in a small room to the west of the Kunning Sect.

"Su Ya, where's Sun Xiaoqiao?" Gai Ronger asked.

"She's attending to the young master. The young master likes her a lot." Su Ya said.

"Su Ya, is there a wound on your arm?" Gai Ronger asked as he entered the house.

"No ?." "No ?" Su Ya said evasively.

"He still said he didn't have any, but he stuck it out for me to see." Rong'er didn't believe her, so he reached out to take her arm.

"Rong'er ?" As he spoke, Su Ya's tears streamed down.

"Su Ya, what's wrong with you telling me that we're good sisters. Who else can you not tell?" Gai Ronger was anxious too, he grabbed Su Ya's arm and pulled up his sleeves, his entire arm turning purple.

"Su Ya, what's going on? "Who pinched you?" Rong'er asked anxiously.

"It's little master, Su Ya did something wrong, so little master is punishing Su Ya." Su Ya choked.

"What have you done to make you look like this?" Gai Ronger said with some dissatisfaction.

"No, it's not that big of a deal. It's just that I'm unhappy with the young master, or something, like how I didn't put things well, and said something that the young master doesn't like to hear." Su Ya muttered softly.

"What about Sun Xiaoqiao? Is she so injured as well? " Rong'er asked.

"No, Little Lord likes Little Qiao, and does not punish her." Su Ya's voice was soft, but Rong'er could still hear him clearly.

"This Sun Xiaoqiao has a sweet mouth. When we first entered, she coaxed the Auntie Xiaoqing into a pleasing state. You probably don't have such a sweet mouth anymore." Rong'er said, "I really didn't expect Young Master Zhang to be so vicious. I'll speak to the empress tomorrow and have her persuade Young Master Zhang that the empress was the most merciful." Rong'er was sad for Su Ya.

"Don't, Rong'er, don't say it. If the Empress were to say she was unhappy, she would be as happy as Su Ya when she returns." Rong'er thought about it for a bit and felt that it made sense. After all, Young Master Zhang was the one in charge of the slaves, so the Empress couldn't say much. She couldn't help but feel sorry for Su Ya. Su Ya, come, I will apply the medicine for you. If you get injured in the future, come and find me.

Rong'er understood one thing. Was the Empress pitiful to him? But in this deep palace, the master would never be the most pitiful person. So, if he wanted to avoid being bullied, if he didn't want to be the most pitiful person, he had to be strong.

This was Xuan Ye's thirteenth birthday, there was a feast in the palace, even the father-in-law of the palace maid was present to bask in the glow. In the blink of an eye, it was also the Hundred Palaces' birthday ceremony for the Emperor in the morning, while the Empress, Grand Imperial Concubine and Empress had all agreed to meet at Grand Empress Dowager's place, as well as the officials' banquets at noon. The Empress wore a phoenix robe and was dressed in luxurious attire. She brought along four palace maid s to accompany her and Rong'er was among them.

This was the second time that Gai Rong'er had seen the emperor. Even though it had only been half a month, there was still a kind of heartbeat in his heart, and this time the emperor was dressed more formally than the last. He was dressed in a yellow dragon robe embroidered with gold dragons, the collar of which hung over his shoulders, giving off the majesty of a king.

It was the first time Gai Ronger stood next to the empress that he saw the emperor at such a close distance. Only then did he realize that the emperor had a few faint spots on his face, and that when he first entered the palace, Auntie Xiaoqing had said that the emperor had suffered from smallpox when he was young. He must have left these spots behind, but this did not affect the emperor's handsome appearance in the slightest. Unfortunately, the emperor's gaze would not stop on her.

After the banquet, Xuan Ye went to the Qianqing Palace, where he would meet the noble king. After chatting with the Grand Empress Dowager for a while, the empress got up and returned to the Kunning Palace. The empress was extremely happy today, because the birthday banquet for tonight was arranged for the Kunning Palace.

It was a busy afternoon, and Gai Ronger followed the Empress. Looking at the Empress's happy and worried expression, Gai Ronger really felt a little pained. In the blink of an eye, it was night time for Kunning Palace's birthday banquet to be prepared, and it was time for the emperor.

"The emperor has arrived!" Following the loud shout from the eunuch outside the palace, Gai Ronger knew that the emperor had arrived.

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