The Lone City At Doomsday/C1 First Discovered(1)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C1 First Discovered(1)
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C1 First Discovered(1)

Slowly, bit by bit, Jin Shiqi reached out his hands and touched the edge of the darkness. At the same time, he was ready to take back his hands at any time.

Darkness was a dangerous place. This was the survival creed that Jin Shiqi came up with when he was young in City G.

However, there was something in this darkness. It was like delicious food, firmly attracting him. It drilled into his brain, stirring up his thoughts... He had to disregard the danger and find out what was in the darkness. This was Jin Shiqi's habit. He wanted to understand everything. He liked to trace the source.

Darkness was like a wall, standing in front of Jin Shiqi. Beside and behind him were bright lights. There was only darkness in front of him. All the lights were here. They were all cut off. Light and darkness were clearly opposite of each other.

Jin Shiqi listened carefully. There was no sound around him. Jin Shiqi opened his throat and used his maximum volume. He shouted at this unknown place, but he could not hear any sound. He even suspected that he was deaf.

Jin Shiqi used his nose to sniff. Other than the cold air entering his nose, he felt nothing unusual. Jin Shiqi even suspected that he had lost his sense of smell.

The moment his fingertip touched the darkness, there was a slight sticky feeling. It immediately entered Jin Shiqi's brain. This feeling was the same as when his finger was inserted into a bowl of porridge and was being stirred. It was very similar, at least Jin Shiqi thought so.

Touch, and touch!

The heart that could make contact and communicate with the outside world made Jin Shiqi's heart beat rapidly in his heart. It was no longer like the blood that was being pumped out of a raging beast's heart. From the surging river water, it turned into a tiny stream. His straight eyebrows became soft and his breathing slowed down a little.

Jin Shiqi continued to move forward, pushing his hands into the darkness bit by bit.

Every time, he only moved half a foot. Jin Shiqi's two arms had completely entered the darkness. He still did not touch anything, only that sticky substance. He moved between his fingers, as if the darkness was really a bowl of sticky porridge.

Jin Shiqi's face was blocked by the darkness and couldn't enter the darkness. For some reason, the layer of darkness seemed to be uninterested in his face. No matter how hard he tried, he could not drill his head into the darkness.

Jin Shiqi had no choice but to use both of his hands to draw carefully in the thick darkness. He wanted to find something in the darkness.

The cold, damp, and sticky darkness passed through Jin Shiqi's fingers and seeped into every pore of his body. This cold chill made Jin Shiqi want to pull his hands back.

A pair of hands!

Touching a pair of warm hands! Could it be that there were also people searching over there?

Jin Shiqi was shocked. His two hands quickly retracted, but they were firmly grabbed by the two hands.

"Hey! Seventeen! Wake up! Quickly wake up! Damn it, what kind of beautiful dream are you having? " Jin Shiqi's hand was violently shaking.

"Ah! What is it? Are the people from Bodyguard Battalion here?" Jin Shiqi suddenly turned around and sat up. His two eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. His thick black eyebrows were constantly shaking.

"You dream about Bodyguard Battalion in broad daylight! You keep thinking about Cold Beauty, right? ” A sarcastic and jealous voice came from beside Jin Shiqi.

" Bullshit! I will never think of that female monster!" Jin Shiqi turned his head and woke up. He stared at the pale face beside him.

There was an obvious scar on the right side of his forehead, and his eyes were long and narrow. There was a red mark on his nose. This was his old friend, Lau Lidao's face. "You're the only one who thinks about that all day long. I don't even know if it's a human woman!"

"Nonsense! That's clearly a woman, how can it not be a human!" His partner was unwilling to accept that the woman he admired was called a monster. "I guarantee with my own personality!"

"Humph! The entire City G knows about Lau Lidao's personality!" Jin Shiqi looked up and laid down again, laughing at his partner through the gaps between his eyelids.

"Humph! You are worried about the people of Bodyguard Battalion even in your dreams. They must have done something shameful!" Lau Lidao was not a person who would not talk back.

In fact, the fear of the guards was a common problem for everyone in City G!

"Hehe! You are not afraid of the guards? Oh, you have a personality as your guarantor! Haha!" Jin Shiqi laughed loudly at Lau Lidao.

"Hair! Everyone knows that you, Jin Shiqi, have a generous personality! It's worth money!" Lau Lidao gave Jin Shiqi a disdainful look. The two of them grew up and were very familiar with each other. It was common for them to mock each other, scold each other, and even fight each other.

"Hmph hmph!" Jin Shiqi had been stabbed in the vitals, so he had nothing to say. He, Jin Shiqi, was a little famous for being stingy in City G! Jin Shiqi glanced sideways at the simple and crude house and found that there was one person missing. “ He changed the topic.

"He went out to get food at dawn!" Lau Lidao replied angrily. He turned around and laid down on his bed.

In this room of the three of them, other than the three small beds that were side by side, there were also three small beds with short legs. There was a table for eating and three chairs with nine legs. This was also a place like City G, where many people's houses were decorated.

Every morning before 9 a.m., at every intersection in City G's 21st District, there would be people from the Clear Origin Guards there to distribute the food for the next day. However, there would be people who went late every day, and they would not be able to get their food. They could only starve the next day. This was also the rule of the City G.

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