The Lone City At Doomsday/C10 Super System(2)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C10 Super System(2)
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C10 Super System(2)

"Why do you have to find these two non-human beings? Are they a huge threat to Qingyuan? "

"At present, they are not a big threat. If they are a threat, I won't use such a low-efficiency method to find them! " The golden man turned around and pointed at a wall.

On the other side of the wall, there was still a face. Jin Shiqi did not notice this. His attention was drawn to the wall.

Images of the evolution of life on Earth were projected on the smooth wall. From organic matter to organic matter, from single-celled heavy objects to multi-celled life. From invertebrate creatures to spinal creatures, from oceanic creatures to terrestrial creatures... From an ovarian to an ovarian organism, every segment, every evolution path was clearly marked.

Only on the human side branch, there were a few large question marks.

"Why are you showing me this?" Jin Shiqi was a little curious.

"Due to my responsibility to humans, I think these two are not human beings. They play an important role in the evolution of mankind. Especially the period of time before the appearance of the wise man tens of thousands of years ago! " The golden man's finger released a ray of light and pointed at a question mark.

"Ha! You already said that those two are type of character seeds, so how can they be related to human evolution!?"

"This question of yours is very good! Right now, I have no way of answering this question! This is only the speculation theory of some paleontologists that I have found in the internet database before the cataclysm! "

" In the past few decades in Qingyuan, I have also discovered a strange thing. The first person to be counted as a dead person will appear in the city after a period of time, or in the surrounding camps! "

"Wait a minute! What does this have to do with the evolution of human beings that you mentioned earlier?" Jin Shiqi couldn't help but interrupt the golden man.

"Because I suspect that this has something to do with those two species, at least one of them!"

"You mean, some dead people have come back to life?" Jin Shiqi held it in and did not say the word "nonsense."

"Is it really unimaginable?"

"Hehe!" Jin Shiqi could only use these two words to answer.

"Alright! Today, let's end our conversation here. I have other things to do!" With a flash of light, the glittering Jin Shiqi disappeared. The room lit up with a soft, pale yellow light, and the image on the wall also disappeared.

This came too suddenly, and Jin Shiqi froze for a moment. Before he could understand, the metal door opened and Jiumao's small leader walked in.

"Let's go! This is the reward for you today! When you go back, don't tell anyone about what happened today! " The leader sized up Jin Shiqi from head to toe, as if he was very unhappy that Jin Shiqi could receive such courtesy from him.

Jin Shiqi took the backpack from the leader and weighed it in his hand. He felt that it was very heavy, and he didn't know what was stuffed inside. Who cares what it had given him, let's go back first. Jin Shiqi did not want to stay here any longer.

He walked back to the street he was familiar with and walked to the dilapidated alley. The sky was almost completely dark. Jin Shiqi still hadn't completely recovered from his conversation with the Super System. What was this guy trying to do? Jin Shiqi did not believe that the only reason he kept him was to communicate with him.

Although everyone said that the Super System was a coding program and that it was impossible and would not lie, Jin Shiqi did not believe it. There were so many people in the Clear Origin Guards. If they wanted to communicate, they could find that one. Why did they have to find him?

"Creak!" Jin Shiqi lowered his head and thought about the problem before opening the door.

"Wah!" There was a scream in the room.

Jin Shiqi suddenly looked up. Lau Lidao and Little Wai were staring at him. Both of them held short sticks in their hands and pointed at him.

"What are you two crazy about?" Jin Shiqi was confused by their reaction. He stared at them for a while and walked to the table. He could feel the weight on his back.

Lau Lidao and Little Wai retreated to both sides at the same time, as if they were avoiding wild beasts. Both of them pointed their short sticks at Jin Shiqi firmly.

"Don't go forward!" Lau Lidao ordered firmly.

"Hey! When did you learn to talk to me like that?" Jin Shiqi would not talk to Lau Lidao like that. He puffed out his chest and took another step forward. He took off his backpack and gently placed it on the table.

"Look what good stuff I brought back!" Jin Shiqi flipped the backpack over and poured everything on the table. There were a lot of good things, except for the rich food. There was also a set of clothes and a knife that was neither too long nor too short.

"Old Jin, how did you come back?" Little Wai stared at the things on the table and asked.

"Why did they let you come back?" Lau Lidao's eyes did not leave the table.

"Why didn't they let me come back!?" Jin Shiqi looked at the two of them angrily with his white eyeballs.

"Didn't you get infected?" Little Wai said cautiously. He glanced at Jin Shiqi and went back to the table.

"Nonsense! Who said that?"

"The man who went with you said that when he came back!" Lau Lidao took half a step closer to the table.

"Bullshit! If I get infected by the virus, none of you will be able to escape!" Jin Shiqi was very annoyed that the two of them didn't use their brains to believe the words of others.

"Then why did you only come back now?! They said you were left behind!" Lau Lidao had already moved to the side of the table.

"Yes! I was left behind! It was Cold Beauty who kept me here, we..." Jin Shiqi deliberately paused and glanced at Lau Lidao. He then added," We talked for a while. " He changed the truth.

"Phew!" Lau Lidao turned into a black shadow and pounced on Jin Shiqi.

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