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C12 Villain

"Creak!" Jin Shiqi opened the thin door and blocked the door with his body. He hid the short stick in his hand behind his back. Lau Lidao and Little Wai followed closely behind Jin Shiqi.

"Why are you looking for me?" Jin Shiqi glanced outside.

There were a few people standing outside the door. They all had some strange things hanging on their bodies. With just one look, one could tell that they weren't from the city. The person standing at the front had a small skeleton hanging on his chest. It was hard to tell what kind of animal it was, but it looked like a human being. However, it was too small, not even as big as a human fist.

There was a shallow scar on this fellow's face. It went from the left side of his forehead to the right side. It was like an unqualified product. It was obvious that it had been marked with a mark, allowing people to recognize it at first glance.

" Oh! You are Jin Shiqi!" The scar sized up Jin Shiqi from top to bottom, "I heard that you came back from Bodyguard Battalion yesterday and received a month's worth of food?"

"No!" Jin Shiqi recognized this guy. He was the leader of the thugs in the three blocks.

He was called Little Skeleton because of the skeleton in front of his chest. According to him, the skeleton was an unborn child. Many people didn't want to believe it, nor did they dare to believe it. A person could be vicious to this extent, using the skull of an unborn child. It was used as a decoration. Everyone felt disgust and fear towards this Little Skeleton, and they all kept their distance from him.

The guards from Qing Yuan captured him for a long time, but they were unable to catch him. It was said that it was because there was an even bigger villain protecting him, and that big villain was one of the Bodyguard Battalion of City G's guards.

"Ha! His tone is quite tough!" Little Skeleton suddenly pushed the door with his hand, but was unable to push it open. "You want to find trouble, right?" His eyes emitted a fierce light as he stared at Jin Shiqi.

Jin Shiqi looked at Little Skeleton without blinking. He did not have any intention of moving away.

"Brother Skeleton, it was this kid last time!" There was a skinny guy behind Little Skeleton who made people's heart ache. He came up and said.

Jin Shiqi also recognized him. This kid's nickname was Paper, because he was really too skinny.

Not long ago, this kid and another villain robbed an old man's food in the street and even beat him up. At that time, the three of them just happened to pass by. Little Wai went over to help the old man up, but he was kicked down.

At that time, Lau Lidao was the first to rush up. The three of them beat up the paper and the other villain. They also took back the food they had snatched and gave it back to the old man.

After they returned, the three of them discussed excitedly the whole night. They fantasized about getting rid of these villains for the people of the city in the future. However, after waking up the next day, no one talked about this matter anymore. Lau Lidao was also worried about this for a few days, afraid that these people would come looking for him.

"Humph! That's great! This time we will settle accounts with him!" Little Skeleton said. He took out a short knife from his waist and waved it in his hand. He looked at Jin Shiqi, who was blocking the door, and said, "Move aside!"

Jin Shiqi felt someone pulling him from behind. He looked back and saw that it was Lau Lidao.

"Let them in. They did not come in anyway." Lau Lidao said in a low voice.

"Get out of the way!" Little Skeleton held the short knife in his hand and approached Jin Shiqi's stomach with a flash of cold light.

Jin Shiqi had to move aside from the door. Little Skeleton pushed the door open and walked into the room horizontally. The few kids behind him also followed him in swaying like his tail.

The room was too simple and crude. There was no place to hide things. Little Wai only put away the food at the corner of the bed.

"Here!" The paper saw the bag with food at a glance. It walked to the corner of the bed and reached out to pick it up.

"Put it down! We just brought it here!" Jin Shiqi pointed the short stick in his hand at the piece of paper.

"Ouch! We are still preparing it!" Little Skeleton looked at the short stick in Jin Shiqi's hand with disdain. The corner of his mouth curved down into a shallow arc.

The paper weighed the bag in his hand. It was indeed not like what the rumors said. He had taken a month's worth of food. However, he would not let go of the food that he had gotten. The piece of paper casually placed the bag on his shoulder.

"Put it down!" Little Wai jumped onto the bed and pointed the short stick in front of the piece of paper.

"Hehe! I won't let it go! You still dare to make a move?" The piece of paper stared at Little Wai with contempt. Today, they had more people than the other party. This was a good opportunity for them to take revenge.

"Put down our food!" Lau Lidao also stood over and pointed his short stick at the paper.

"You are looking for a beating!" little villain immediately took out his weapons, which were all made of metal. Some of them even polished their hair very sharp. Jin Shiqi, Lau Lidao, and Little Wai were surrounded in the middle.

"Don't talk nonsense with them. Let's fight first!" Among the villains, someone shouted.

"Right, let's beat them up first!" The paper was the one who shouted the loudest. He had always remembered the last time he was beaten up.

The three people in the middle stood in a triangle with their backs against each other. They pointed their short sticks at the villains surrounding them. However, their weapons were made of wood, while the opponents were made of metal. From the weapons, the three of them suffered quite a bit.

"Hmph hmph! Hand over the month's worth of food you took yesterday, and I'll let you off today!" Little Skeleton leisurely stood outside the encirclement and carefully scanned the room. He did not find a place to hide anything.

"Are you stupid?! There is so much food there!" Lau Lidao cursed.

"Hehe, still playing dumb! It's what everyone on the street says now!" Although the paper man was thin, his brain was not thin at all. The three kids in front of him must have hidden the food.

"If you don't believe me, you can find it yourselves. If you find it, you can just take it away!" Little Wai was not worried about the food that these people imagined at all.

"You damn place, where can you hide things?!" Little Skeleton scanned the room again. There were three beds, tables, three chairs that could barely be counted as chairs, and then the wall.

"Brother ___, don't trust them. These three are cunning. Those food must have been hidden by them. It's not easy to find them!" The paper was worried that it would lose the chance to beat up the three of them, so it tried its best to encourage Little Skeleton.

"Ha! You might as well say that the three of us have eaten all the food for a month!" Jin Shiqi saw through the meaning of the paper and laughed.

"Hehe!" Someone among the thugs laughed.

"Forget it! Let's go. Don't waste time with these three brats!" Little Skeleton was ready to give up. The rumors on the street were obviously false.

"Brother ___, let's just let it go like this?" The paper was not willing to let go of this good opportunity.

"Leave the food for us!" Little Wai was also unwilling to let them snatch the food away from him.

"Hehe! If you don't eat this beating, you won't feel good!" Little Skeleton stared at Little Wai with slanted eyes.

"You took away the food. What should we eat tomorrow?" Little Wai was a straightforward person. He felt that something was not right, so he had to fight for justice.

"If you keep talking nonsense, I will let you eat this beating first!" a sharp voice among the thugs threatened.

"Drink the wind! Eat the dirt! You call me daddy, so I will give you some food! Haha!" Little Skeleton laughed wildly.

"Fuck you!" Little Wai cursed loudly. He waved the short stick in his hand and hit the paper closest to him.

The piece of paper was still happy for Little Skeleton's words. It never thought that the guy who seemed to be the least likely to make a move among the three of them would make a move first, and his target would be Little Skeleton.

"Bang!" The head of the piece of paper made a dull sound. The head of the piece of paper also shook three times. Its eyes rolled up and the food bag in its hand fell onto the bed.

"Fight!" Little Skeleton was indeed a villain who had been through battle for a long time. The first thing he did was to take a step back and put himself out of the battle.

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