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C15 Old Man

"Don't listen to his nonsense!" Jin Shiqi did not believe Lau Lidao's words. Other than the guards returning late today, there was no other possibility.

"Hey! If you can't figure it out, then don't talk nonsense!" Lau Lidao was pleased. He did not care about Jin Shiqi's taboo and actually called out his nickname.

"You are looking for a beating, aren't you?!" Jin Shiqi widened his eyes. If it were not for the fact that he had lost the food he had gotten today, he would have pounced on Lau Lidao and fought with him.

"Hehe! Do you remember the old man we helped a while ago?" Lau Lidao changed the topic. He was not in the mood to provoke Jin Shiqi. He had more interesting things to say.

"Are you talking about the old man who was bullied by paper?" Little Wai also shifted their attention to another direction. It was a headache for Little Wai to let these two fight again.

"That's right! It's him!"

"What's wrong with him?" Jin Shiqi was worried that Paper and the others would cause trouble for the old man again. He was even more worried that Paper and the others would keep bothering him.

"He gave me these food!" Lau Lidao closed his eyes in satisfaction.

Jin Shiqi and Little Wai looked at each other. Now, even Little Wai did not believe that such a thing would happen. Not to mention City G, even the entire Qingyuan wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

"That old man, didn't he live on the street next to us? How did you meet him?" Jin Shiqi decided to expose Lau Lidao's lie and teach him a lesson.

"He walked on our street and saw me! Can't I? "Lau Lidao didn't even open his eyes.

"Why did he come here? Just to give you his food? " Jin Shiqi's tone was filled with doubt and ridicule. It was erratic, sometimes high, sometimes low, as if he was singing.

"Hehe! I have no choice. He has a good character!" Lau Lidao still did not open his eyes, but his eyebrows were shaking, revealing the pride in his heart.

"Pui! He gave you his food. What will he eat tomorrow?" Little Wai asked in puzzlement. This matter was too far from being true. Little Wai, who had always listened to people's words, also became suspicious.

"That old man is alone. The food he takes. Actually, he can't finish it every day!" Lau Lidao seemed to have found a treasure, his eyebrows jumping up and down. "He took me to his place to take a look. There is still a lot of food in the house!"

"Then you took his food back?" Jin Shiqi looked at Lau Lidao with disdain.

"He gave it to me! He gave it to me! He gave it to me!" Lau Lidao repeated it three times. "Do you understand now?! He did it to thank us for helping him last time!"

"Hehe! It seems like helping others is still beneficial!" Little Wai accepted Lau Lidao's words and was no longer interested in the source of food.

"Hehe! This old man is really rare in this city!" Jin Shiqi did not easily give up his interest in the old man. "Then why did he not give that little bit of food to the paper even though he was beaten up last time?"

"Being robbed and taking the initiative to give it away are different!" Lau Lidao thought his explanation was very reasonable.

Jin Shiqi was stunned for a moment. "That means you can reluctantly accept it!" Jin Shiqi nodded. "But thinking about the situation at that time, I am still a little strange!"

"Humph! Doubtful of heart disease!" Lau Lidao replied disdainfully and did not say anything else.

Although Jin Shiqi had doubts in his heart, he did not continue to investigate. After all, it was an old man who gave them some food to thank them for their help. No matter how he looked at it, it was not a bad thing.

In the following days, everything seemed to have returned to the past. The three of them took turns to get food on time every day. When they met a fixed person and heard similar words, they also gave similar replies.

Every day, there would be a group of people who received food. Being brought to Bodyguard Battalion for inspection was no longer something new. More than twenty days had passed, but no one had heard that the person had been diagnosed with a virus. Gradually, there were some rumors that came from Bodyguard Battalion, saying that the inspection was not for the virus at all.

Although, in the past twenty days, Jin Shiqi's dream was still disturbing him. He had chosen to ignore it. After thinking for a long time, he still couldn't come up with anything. It made him feel like he had no way to bite it. Jin Shiqi did not like this feeling.

"How is it? I have already said that there must be other reasons for checking the virus!" Jin Shiqi was very impressed by his foresight in this matter.

"What is the reason?" Lau Lidao's question made him unable to answer. The super array smart system once asked Jin Shiqi not to tell others its true purpose.

Originally, according to Jin Shiqi's character, he would definitely say it. But for some reason, when he was about to say it out loud... The connection between Jin Shiqi's mouth and his brain was cut off. He had a vague feeling that he would be laughed at by everyone if he said it.

"There is a reason! Just watch! It will definitely appear! Jin Shiqi was very annoyed by the strange feeling of his mouth not listening to him. His voice could not help but raise a level.

"I have been meeting that old man for the past two days!" Little Wai gave a completely different understanding of their conversation.

"Hair! We are talking about the east, but you ran to the south!" Lau Lidao looked at Little Wai helplessly. Of course, he knew that sometimes Little Wai's way of thinking was crooked.

"Well, during this period of time, I will always see him appear on this street!" Jin Shiqi took over Little Wai's words. "He is not spying on us, is he?"

"F * ck!" Lau Lidao was angry. "Why do you have the same problem as Little Wai?! Why is that old man spying on us?" Lau Lidao looked at Jin Shiqi with disdain. "You are becoming more and more suspicious! You actually suspect an old man! "

In fact, Lau Lidao had met this old man a few times in the past few days. However, Lau Lidao still thought that the old man could give him more food, so he was very willing to meet this skinny old man.

Jin Shiqi responded to Lau Lidao and rolled his eyes, but in his heart, he was thinking of something else. This old man had already aroused his interest. If there was a chance, he must go to the old man's residence to take a look.

"Bang! Bang!" An unexpected knock on the door interrupted the conversation of the three people.

The three of them looked at each other vigilantly. In the City G, people visiting and visiting each other were not welcomed. Unless we're old friends. All of this originated from the period of the Great Cataclysm, the rapid spread of the virus. It made it so that they wouldn't easily come into contact with strangers, especially when they didn't pay them a visit.

Moreover, the last time someone knocked on the door, it was Little Skeleton who brought people with him. The three of them suffered a great loss because of this. Could it be them again this time?

The three of them hesitated, but no one responded to the knocking.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The knocking sound was heavier and more urgent. The people outside seemed to know that they were in the house and had no intention of leaving.

Jin Shiqi stopped Little Wai, who wanted to respond, and signaled him not to make a sound.

"Jin Shiqi, quickly open the door!" The sound outside the door sounded like the sound of a zither being played. It was clear and melodious, and it also carried a trace of anger.

Jin Shiqi stared at Lau Lidao.

Lau Lidao looked at Jin Shiqi in confusion. He did not know what he was looking at him like this for.

The corner of Jin Shiqi's mouth curled into a suspicious smile. He stood up and didn't respond to the shouts outside the door. He walked straight to the door. He turned around and looked at Lau Lidao again. This meaningful glance made Lau Lidao's face... A few dozen kilograms of heavy objects were hanging on it.

Lau Lidao glared at Jin Shiqi, wanting to use his eyes to threaten Jin Shiqi to express his intention. Jin Shiqi only left him with a strange smile.

Before Lau Lidao could understand what was going on, Jin Shiqi had already reached out and grabbed the door handle. He pulled hard and opened the door.

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