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C17 Jealousy

The two of them finally got together again. Little Wai had prevented Lau Lidao from making the first move, but he didn't expect Jin Shiqi to make the first move this time.

In the chaos, Little Wai also took two punches. Under the stimulation of the pain, he didn't care who hit him. He randomly found it on both of them. This way, the battle between the two of them would escalate into a chaotic battle between the three of them in the house.

Three damaged chairs, four legs table, and three legless beds. They were already used to this type of situation. Apart from being forced to move their positions, giving the three of them more space, they all chose to remain silent.

This was especially the case with the three damaged chairs. Their flaws were closely related to similar chaotic battles.

Therefore, ever since the battle that caused the three chairs to become incomplete, the three of them agreed that no one was allowed to take them away if such a thing were to happen again. Those who violated the rules would not be able to get any food for the next two days. It could be considered as signing an agreement that would not harm a third party.

Only when they were tired of fighting did the three of them stop. Actually, this chaotic battle did not last for long. The three of them, who usually did not have enough food, did not have much energy to use on fighting.

The three of them sat on their respective beds, looking at each other in disbelief as they panted heavily.

"How is it? Those two punches just now were powerful, right?" Now was the time to brag. If one did not have the strength to fight, one still had the strength to brag.

"Nonsense! I did not feel any pain at all!"

"Ha! Then what are you grinning at!?"

"I was the one who punched him when he grinned!"

"Hey! Little Wai, when did you learn to take advantage of the situation?!"

"I'm hungry! I'll eat something first!" Lau Lidao's expression changed. He gritted his teeth and wanted to stand up.

"No! It's not time to eat yet!" Jin Shiqi was the person who usually took care of food. Lau Lidao and Little Wai had no objections to this. They could rest assured and let him take care of the food.

"I will punish you!" Lau Lidao could only smile and sit down again. "I can drink water, right?"

"Drink as much as you want!"

Little Wai had already opened a bottle of water and drank half a bottle in one go. Lau Lidao did not want to lag behind. He also grabbed a bottle of water, straightened his neck, and poured the water into his throat.

Jin Shiqi took the bottle of water that Little Wai threw over and drank it all in one go. After that, he also turned over and fell onto the bed, thinking about what had happened during this period of time. With pain all over his body, he fell into a nightmare.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The next day, before Lau Lidao even went to collect food, someone knocked on the door.

"Who knocked on the door so early in the morning?" Lau Lidao complained.

"It can't be those two, right?" Little Wai sat up from the bed.

"Jin Shiqi, open the door!" It was the voice of Jiumao's leader.

Jin Shiqi opened and closed his mouth. No one knew what he was talking about. Lau Lidao and Little Wai did not hear him anyway. What was certain was that he was cursing.

"Creak!" Jin Shiqi pulled the door open. Outside the door, there were still the two people from yesterday. Cold Beauty stood in front, and Jiumao followed her respectfully. He carried a bag on his back, and it looked like he was carrying food.

"You!" Jiumao looked at Jin Shiqi in surprise. "Who did you get beaten up like this?"

Cold Beauty's eyes and eyebrows flashed a trace of a smile. In an instant, Jin Shiqi seemed to see a faint red cloud floating across the sky. Under the contrast of the surrounding white, it revealed an irresistible charm. To be precise, it was a charm that even women could not resist.

"Uh...!" Jin Shiqi did not know how to answer this question. He did not expect that yesterday's battle would leave such an obvious result.

"The three of them must have gotten into a fight!" Ni Yiren glanced at the two people in the room and said lightly. Her voice was like a finger sweeping across the strings, and every sound was loud and clear.

"Fight!?" Jiumao immediately perked up. In City G, the duty of the guards was to maintain order and dissuade all kinds of disputes. What he was best at dealing with was fighting.

"Are the three of you full? And fighting!" Jiumao took a step forward and was about to show off his power, but he was stopped by Ni Yiren.

"We are not here to talk about this!"

" Oh!" Jiumao retracted the leg that he had just raised.

"Jin Shiqi, have you thought about it?" Ni Yiren looked at Jin Shiqi with a gentle gaze.

Jin Shiqi panicked and quickly lowered his head. He was afraid that after looking at Ni Yiren's expression for a long time, he would be too embarrassed to speak and ask her for help.

This woman who was famous for her cold demeanor in City G had never had such a warm tone and demeanor. She was still facing him, Jin Shiqi. He was afraid that she would have to argue with Lau Lidao again later.

"Me! I don't want to be just an ordinary guard!" Jin Shiqi puffed. "I want to be at least a leader! Just like, just like him!" Jin Shiqi pointed at Jiumao.

"Same as me?!" Jiumao pointed at his own face. His face looked like he had been hurt. He had just entered the Bodyguard Battalion, and now he wanted to be the leader?!

"Hehe! Father never wanted you to be an ordinary guard. You can rest assured about that!" Ni Yiren's smile and voice were like the spring breeze, gently blowing on Jin Shiqi's face, who was very close to her.

Jin Shiqi felt that his blood was suddenly heated up and rushed to his brain at the same time, causing beads of sweat to appear on his face. Jin Shiqi quickly took a small step back.

"That's good! I! When will I go?" He had thought of all kinds of excuses for the whole night, and had prepared all kinds of chances for the other party to reject him, but he did not expect that it would be such a method. Jin Shiqi was really caught off guard.

"Hehe! Up to you! You can do it at any time!" Ni Yiren said and turned around to leave. Jiumao stared at Jin Shiqi with jealousy and hatred in his eyes. He casually picked up the bag he was carrying. He fiercely stuffed it into Jin Shiqi's hands and followed Ni Yiren.

Jiumao was jealous that he had never gotten a smile from Ni Yiren after following her for so long. What he hated was that it was very likely that Jin Shiqi would climb onto his head the moment he entered Bodyguard Battalion.

"Humph! Humph!" Lau Lidao stared unblinkingly at the dumbfounded Jin Shiqi. "You are so proud of yourself, kid!"

Jin Shiqi continued to be dumbfounded. He did not notice Lau Lidao's words that were filled with jealousy.

"Hey! I am talking about you!" Lau Lidao could not help raising his voice.

"Ah! What's wrong?"

"Cold Beauty is smiling at you!? Why is she smiling at you?" Lau Lidao's question made no sense.

"How would I know?" Jin Shiqi glanced at Lau Lidao, who was being tortured by the flames of jealousy, and ignored him. He closed the door and walked to his bed. He threw his backpack on the table. He sat down. His eyebrows were tightly locked between his eyebrows, just like the closed door.

"Why are you frowning?" Little Wai asked, puzzled. "Now, isn't it the same as what you wanted yesterday?"

"I don't know either. I just can't be happy!" Jin Shiqi lowered his head.

"Little Wai! Don't listen to this guy. I'm afraid he's going to be very happy right now!" Lau Lidao's voice was high and low, long and short. It sounded like he was singing in a strange way.

"What do you mean?" Little Wai's brain did not follow Lau Lidao's words at all.

"No man in City G has ever seen a smiling face. It is not enough for him to be happy to see it!" Lau Lidao said hatefully.

"Didn't you see it too?" Little Wai was very curious why Lau Lidao said that. He also saw Cold Beauty's smile. It was really pretty.

"Nonsense! She smiled at him!" Lau Lidao suddenly roared. Little Wai was not prepared for this. He blinked a dozen times before he calmed down.

"She's not your wife! It's her own business who she wants to laugh at! What do you have to do with it? " Jin Shiqi was enraged by Lau Lidao's unreasonable words. He knew that Lau Lidao liked Ni Yiren very much, and he felt guilty just now. However, Lau Lidao's reckless way of venting his jealousy made Jin Shiqi a little annoyed.

"You! I!" Lau Lidao was speechless. He wanted to say something but could not think of a suitable word. His face turned red. "Damn it!" In the end, he only used a few words of scolding as the conclusion.

"Bang! Bang! Someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Who!?" An aura that was being heated by the heart fire turned into a single word and shot out from Lau Lidao's mouth.

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