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C18 Rumors

"Who!?" After Lau Lidao shouted, he hurriedly asked another question that he tried his best to be gentle with. He was worried that the two of them would return.

"Hehe! Boys, it's me!" The door paused for a moment. "That old man you helped!"

This was really a strange thing! What was this old man doing here? The three of them looked at each other. Even Lau Lidao gave up on the fire of jealousy and looked at Jin Shiqi.

Jin Shiqi opened his eyebrows and stared at the door that was so thin that it could almost be poked with his fingers. Although the door was thin, one could not see through it with one's eyes.

"Open the door!" Jin Shiqi said. Lau Lidao turned his eyes to Little Wai.

Little Wai hesitated for a moment and walked to the door reluctantly.

"Open the door!" An old voice urged him to open the door. He seemed to know someone had walked to the door.

"Squeak!" Little Wai slowly opened the door.

An old man as thin as firewood, with his waist bent, was wearing a tattered and fat outfit. He was standing in the wind outside the door. His clothes were fluttering in the breeze, and the old man's body was in his clothes. He was like a small wooden stick, unable to support the whole set of clothes.

The wrinkles on his face were stacked up layer by layer, and there were even more tiny wrinkles on his wrinkles. Under the gentle breeze, even his loose skin began to ripple.

If one only looked at his appearance, many people would think that this old man could fall down at any time and would never be able to get up again. However, this old man's vitality was so tenacious.

Ten years ago, there were people who thought this way, and twenty years ago, there were also people who thought this way. And among those people, there were already quite a few who left this world, but this old man was still alive.

Or it could be said that the people this old man knew all died, and those who knew about his past no longer existed.

"Heheh! Youngsters, don't you welcome me, old man?" Even more wrinkles appeared on the old man's face. It couldn't be seen whether he was laughing or crying.

Little Wai, out of his nature's kindness, had no choice but to tell a white lie to the old man. "We were still sleeping just now!"

"Sleeping?! Haha! That's right, young people should sleep more! " The old man did not seem to doubt Little Wai's words at all. "However, you must not forget to collect food! What could be more important than eating!?"

The old man raised his head slightly and looked at Little Wai with a smile. The light from his eyes made Little Wai very uncomfortable.

How could a person with such a mature appearance have such a gaze? Of course, the person who thought this way was not Little Wai, but Jin Shiqi. Little Wai only felt uncomfortable and did not think about it any further.

"Are you not going to invite me in?" The old man's eyes were still fixed on Little Wai's face. He did not look away. It seemed like he was certain that Little Wai would let him in.

“ Oh! Come in! You know, people in the city rarely go to other people's homes!" Little Wai looked at Jin Shiqi and saw that he did not object, so he let the old man into the house.

"Haha!" After the old man entered the house, he took the initiative to find the most comfortable place to sit down. That was Jin Shiqi's bed, and Jin Shiqi had to give him a space.

"This place is not any better than my old man's!" The old man turned his neck and looked around the room.

"Hehe! How many better houses can there be in the city?!" Lau Lidao stared at the old man who came uninvited.

"Why are you looking for us?" Jin Shiqi maintained a certain level of vigilance towards the old man.

“ Oh! I saw that you didn't go to get the food, so I thought something had happened, so I came over to take a look!" The old man was especially polite to Jin Shiqi.

"Yo! This is your food for today! When did you get it?" The old man seemed to have just noticed the food bag on the table.

"This is..." Little Wai was about to say something when he was interrupted by Jin Shiqi.

"We went early, and this is the first one we brought back!"

"Is that so? " The old man glanced sideways at Jin Shiqi. "Hehe! Don't think that you can fool me just because I'm old!" The old man said with a smile. " Just now, did two guards come over? I saw it all. One was that Cold Beauty!" When he mentioned Cold Beauty, the old man's eyes lit up.

Jin Shiqi noticed the radiance in the old man's eyes. That was definitely not a look that an old man should have.

"Hehe! That's right! They were the ones who sent it to us!" Since they had already seen it, Jin Shiqi simply admitted it without hesitation.

However, another thought flashed across Jin Shiqi's mind. This old fellow is monitoring us! Jin Shiqi used his eyes to signal Lau Lidao and Little Wai to pay attention to what they were saying!

"They are not here to give you food, are they?! If they want to give you food, they should give it to an old man like me!" The old man continued to ask.

"No! They are here to invite me to participate in the Bodyguard Battalion!" Jin Shiqi decided to tell the truth. He wanted to see what this old man wanted to do.

"Join the Bodyguard Battalion!" The old man frowned and opened his eyes again. "Hehe! This is a good thing! This is a good thing! " The old man slowly stood up." Alright, it's good that nothing happened to you! I'm leaving. "

After taking two steps, the old man stopped again. "Don't worry, I'm just thanking you for your help. Otherwise, I would have died in Little Skeleton's hands the last time!"

"A little help is nothing!" Little Wai said.

"Hehe! That is my life!" The old man shook his head and walked towards the door.

The three of them watched as he slowly walked towards the door. They did not even dare to breathe loudly, afraid that if their breaths were too heavy, they would blow the old man down.

When he reached the door, the old man stood down again. He turned around and said to Jin Shiqi, "Young man, Bodyguard Battalion is a good place, but you have to be careful there. Be careful. Don't make any mistakes!"

After saying that, the old man held the door frame and walked out. The three of them stood in the room and looked at each other for a long time. Finally, Jin Shiqi walked over and closed the door.

"What is this old man doing here!? It was not Jin Shiqi who said this, but Little Wai. Lau Lidao also nodded.

"Humph! How is it? I have already said that this old man is watching us!" Jin Shiqi said with a proud expression. When others did not think so, it was a great sense of accomplishment to be able to make accurate judgments.

"Hehe! You are really amazing!" Little Wai praised sincerely. "But why is he monitoring us? We have nothing!"

"Why is there nothing!? The three of us have young lives!" Jin Shiqi looked at Little Wai.

"What do you mean? Could it be that he wants to kill the three of us?" Little Wai rubbed his head. "He's so old that he can't even walk steadily!"

"He's always old enough!" Jin Shiqi frowned. "Didn't you notice his eyes? That was definitely not a mature person like him. He should have eyes!"

"I noticed it too! That pair of eyes is bright! The gaze that looks at people seems to be able to dig out a person's heart! " Lau Lidao said and also frowned, "Looks like we really have to pay attention to this old fellow!"

"But didn't he just say that he came to take a look because he is grateful to us?" Little Wai still had some doubts about what they said.

Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao looked at each other helplessly. Both of them were defeated by Little Wai's brain.

"Did we tell him where we live?" Jin Shiqi asked.

"No!" Little Wai was still not willing to believe it. "Sigh! This old man is a little strange! Why are you staring at us for no reason?"

"He must be in trouble! Have you never heard of that rumor?" Jin Shiqi winked at Lau Lidao.

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