The Lone City At Doomsday/C19 Life Stealing
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C19 Life Stealing
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C19 Life Stealing

"What rumor?" Little Wai was the most interested in these kinds of things. When he heard this, he became energetic.

"They said that there are Life Stealing Thieves in Qingyuan!" Jin Shiqi said very seriously. "They can steal people's lives and prolong their lives!"

"What? How could they steal people's lives? You must be joking with me! " Although Little Wai's mind was a little crooked, he was not stupid. He would not believe such irrelevant words.

"Really! Little Wai, I've heard of him too!" Lau Lidao said seriously, "How can you not have heard of it?" It seemed that he had not heard of this rumor. It was completely Little Wai's fault.

" I've never heard of it! " Little Wai felt uneasy about the mistake he had never made.

"You know, Qingyuan has been built for more than 100 years. It has been built by three or four generations of people. However, it is said that some people have been here since the city was built. Then these people must be over 100 years old!" As Jin Shiqi vividly spoke, Little Wai's head naturally tilted to the side. He listened carefully.

"But how did these people survive? There has always been a legend that they can steal other people's lives to prolong their own! " Jin Shiqi stared at Little Wai. "Maybe this old man is one of them!"

Little Wai blinked." But how can you steal life? It's not like it's a piece of food or a bottle of water!"

"Hey! We just need to know how to steal it!" Lau Lidao pretended to be regretful.

"Then what you mean is, that old man is here to steal our lives?" Little Wai looked at Jin Shiqi in surprise, and his head gradually moved closer.

"That is possible!" Jin Shiqi nodded solemnly.

Little Wai frowned. His eyes rolled back and forth, as if he was trying to recall something.

Jin Shiqi glanced at Lau Lidao, the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Their trick had worked again. Little Wai was a person who easily trusted others. It was not the first time he had been deceived by them.

"I remember now! When I was young, my mother told me this story!" Little Wai recovered from his memories and stared at Jin Shiqi. "How do you know this story?!"

"Huh?!" Jin Shiqi was confused by Little Wai's question. He glanced at Lau Lidao and was caught off guard. He did not know how to answer. He did not know if this was a trick of Little Wai.

"This..." Lau Lidao did not expect Little Wai to say such a thing. Jin Shiqi's eyes were even more blurred.

"What does he know? He made it up. He lied to you!" Lau Lidao gave up on teasing Little Wai and exposed Jin Shiqi's trick.

"Hehe! Little Wai, I said it casually and lied to you!" Jin Shiqi had to admit it. "I just want you to pay more attention to that old man. Don't trust him so easily!"

"But what you said is exactly the same as what my mother said!" Little Wai looked at Jin Shiqi and then looked at Lau Lidao. Little Wai was not a person who was used to lying. Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao were very sure about this.

"How is this possible!?" Jin Shiqi still looked at Little Wai worriedly. "Kid, you don't want to circle around and fool us, right?"

"No, no!" Little Wai denied it with a look of urgency.

"This... this is a story I casually fabricated!" Jin Shiqi, who had always been quick-witted, was also somewhat dumbfounded.

"Hehe! When did you, kid, become so good at fabricating stories?" Lau Lidao said as if he had some sort of understanding.

"Then what do you think is going on?!" Jin Shiqi asked.

"It is very likely that you have heard of this story when you were young. You don't even remember it, but you said it out loud today!" Lau Lidao played the role of analyzing problems. Usually, it was Jin Shiqi who did this.

"Nonsense! This... Is it possible?" Jin Shiqi hesitated. He did not know who he was asking. Just like Little Wai, he also went to the depths of his memory to search. That ancient memory. However, his brain was not suitable for long term memories, and he could not find the way back to the past.

"It seems like this is the only explanation!" Lau Lidao spread out his hands and looked at the two confused people. A sense of satisfaction that had nothing to do with him welled up in his heart.

In the past two days, the unhappiness brought by Ni Yiren because of Jin Shiqi's special importance had also quietly slipped away along with the satisfaction.

That night, a similar scene appeared in the sleep of Jin Shiqi and Little Wai. There was someone who was telling them stories about stealing lives, but the following scenes began to split up.

In Little Wai's dream, there was a skinny old man holding a megaphone device. He was sucking at ___'s mouth. Little Wai used all his strength to try to knock the megaphone out of his mouth and even used his leg to kick the old man. However, none of this worked.

Little Wai watched as his body was being sucked up bit by bit like a glass of water. He was completely sucked up, leaving only his skeleton and skin. As for the emaciated old man, he gradually swelled up and became full. In the end, he'd become like him.

Little Wai woke up from his shock. His two hands touched from head to toe, and only after confirming that he didn't lack anything did he calm down.

And Jin Shiqi's dream maintained his usual scene. However, this time, a mouth stretched out from the viscous darkness. That's right, it was a huge mouth that was big enough to swallow him whole. The voice that had appeared earlier reminded him... Run, run!

This time, Jin Shiqi recognized the voice. It was actually that old man's voice.

What kind of shitty dream was this?! The first thought that came to Jin Shiqi's mind when he woke up was to curse.

"Little Wai! What was your name last night? It was so noisy that I couldn't sleep!" Lau Lidao clearly saw himself as a victim. "What happened to your face? I think someone hit me! "

"Hehe! Little Wai, your face is really red!" Jin Shiqi looked at Little Wai and said, "Is it because Lau Lidao slapped you while you were sleeping at night?"

" Bullshit! You are the one who treated Little Wai that way!" Lau Lidao glared at Jin Shiqi. "Cut the crap. It's your turn to get the food today! Go!"

Little Wai touched his face gently with his hand. "Hiss!" Little Wai quickly retracted his hand. "Maybe I hit myself when I was sleeping last night."

"Hey! When did you have this problem?! Hit yourself! Next time, ask me to play with you!" Jin Shiqi smiled and started to teach himself a lesson.

The wrinkled clothes were pulled straight by Jin Shiqi, and the dust on the clothes was also moved by Jin Shiqi. He left angrily. The shoes on his feet also received a super-large massage treatment. And he became a second-hand new product.

Jin Shiqi washed his face twice as long as usual. He only stopped when he felt that there were no longer any traces of the day before yesterday on his face.

"What is he planning to do?" Little Wai watched from the side and was curious. He could no longer remember the nightmare from last night.

"Humph! Go and make a fool of yourself!" Lau Lidao said indignantly.

"I'm going to Bodyguard Battalion to see the Super System. Let's see what position it can give me! I'm going to get some food!" Jin Shiqi ignored Lau Lidao's provocation.

“ Oh! Then quickly go back and let us know as soon as possible!" Little Wai said excitedly. This was related to whether the three of them would still be hungry in the future.

"Get lost!" Lau Lidao did not want to give up.

Jin Shiqi was a little excited today. Lau Lidao's provocation had no effect at all. Jin Shiqi opened the door and walked out quickly.

His body passed through the gentle breeze, making Jin Shiqi very excited. No matter what, once he became a small leader in Bodyguard Battalion, it meant that he and his friends would no longer have to worry about hunger.

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