The Lone City At Doomsday/C2 Initial Reward(2)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C2 Initial Reward(2)
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C2 Initial Reward(2)

Today, it was Little Wai's turn to collect the food. He had gone early in the morning, but he still hadn't come back even when it was close to noon. Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao's stomachs could no longer bear the loneliness, and they let out angry roars.

The two of them got up from the bed seven times, walked eight rounds in the room, and then walked out of the room nine times. They looked at the alley entrance again and again. The two of them had never missed Ge Xiangfeng so much - Little Wai.

In a place like City G, the reason why these three people, who had no parents, could live together in such a house was entirely because of Ge Chao.

Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao were both orphans and did not have a place to live at all. In the abandoned buildings in the twenty-first district of City G, they slept upstairs and underground the next day. The day after tomorrow, they might sleep in front of someone's door.

In a sudden battle for food, the two of them had helped Ge Chao out of the kitchen. Not long after his parents passed away, Ge Xiangfeng, who had no one to accompany him and was relatively honest, was moved for a moment. He took the initiative to invite the two of them to the house his parents left for him. He didn't expect that this was a decision to lure a wolf into the house.

At that time, the three of them were not even eighteen years old. Now, five years had passed, and these two people were still living in the house outside Ge Chao's house. They even gave Ge Xiangfeng the nickname of Little Wai.

"This Little Wai, why hasn't he come back today?! Could something have happened!?" Jin Shiqi mumbled.

" Could this kid have eaten the food secretly!? " Lau Lidao stretched his neck and looked towards the alley entrance.

"Nonsense! Only you would do such a thing!" Jin Shiqi immediately retorted. Because, Lau Lidao had indeed done such a thing before.

Actually, in City G, many people had done this kind of thing - stealing food!

The people here were constantly bewitched by hunger. No matter who's will was devoured by hunger, they would be tempted by food and reveal their primitive faces to other people's food.

Next, it could cause a series of chain reactions. Those who had their food stolen would not be able to withstand the protest in their stomachs and would steal other people's food again.

Therefore, for the sake of the safety of the entire city, City G's punishment for stealing food was very severe - chop off their hands! This was also the rule of the entire Qingyuan.

Walking on the streets of the 21st district of the City G, one would encounter such a person at any time. One of his hands was behind his back and the other was placed in front of him. With a smile on his face, he looked modest and polite. Actually, the hand behind his back had probably been chopped off.

But Little Wai shouldn't be this kind of person! Jin Shiqi was very sure about this. Little Wai was a simple person. It was so simple that he would only take what belonged to him. If it was not his, he would not even want to think about it.

Little Wai had been completely involved in that war of food snatching.

He had only picked up a piece of food that had been trampled on by the three Clear Origin Guards when he was chased and beaten by them. Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao, on the other hand, were fleeing for their lives after taking advantage of the situation. They accidentally knocked over the three Clear Origin Guards that were chasing after Little Wai.

From then on, the two of them had their own house!

"Let's go and take a look. Don't let anything really happen!" Jin Shiqi was a little worried.

"Okay! Let's go and take a look! Don't let those bastards who specialize in snatching food run into us!" Lau Lidao took out a short stick from under his bed and weighed it in his hand. This was the weapon that he was most familiar with. The end that he often held had been ground very smooth.

The distribution of food in City G had always been strictly controlled. Although many people said that the food they produced was enough for people to fill their stomachs, but the manager of the city, the super intelligent system known as the guardian, had some kind of logical thinking pattern. It just had to allocate insufficient food to everyone.

However, no one had ever dared to stand out and question the Super System about this matter. Because everything here was built under the control of the Super System. This included the Sinking City, City P, and the Floating City. The super intelligent system of the array was the creator of this place.

The Super Array AI system, this array AI that only evolved in the last 20 years of the 22nd century. While humanity was experiencing great changes and had nowhere to go, took over human society. They had built this Qingyuan, which could accommodate more than 80 million people. It provided energy and food for the people.

The Great Cataclysm. In the second half of the 22nd century, sudden infectious diseases and abnormal changes in climate caused the population of the world to rapidly decrease, less than 1% of the original population.

Those who were still alive ran thousands of miles and tens of thousands of miles to Qingyuan. They wanted to enter the city so that they could have a place to live. However, some of the people in the Qingyuan were rejected outside the city. Its reason was very simple. It was limited by the capacity of the Qingyuan. No more people were allowed to enter.

At that time, the Qingyuan had yet to establish a Clear Origin Guard. There were some armed flying guards that were directly controlled by the super formation smart system - Mechanical Bird.

Those people that were chased out by the Clear Origin Flying Guards had gone through thousands of miles and tens of thousands of miles. How could they be willing to leave just like that? They gathered in groups around the Qingyuan and built their camps. They set up a bonfire and stared at this paradise like a tiger eyeing its prey.

These people would occasionally sneak into the city at night, disregarding their lives, and steal the food that they had gotten.

Over time, there were some people in the city who were dissatisfied with the rules of food distribution. They colluded with these people outside the city. They snatched some food from the city and exchanged it with the people outside the city for something that was absolutely prohibited within the city. For example, weapons.

That was because those who wanted to live in the city had to first hand over everything that could be used as weapons. Those who were unwilling to hand it over would naturally be chased out.

When these people have weapons, even if it is just an ordinary fruit knife, it would be more intimidating than those who do not have any defensive weapons. It would also be easier to snatch food from them.

Although the Clear Origin Guards in the city had strengthened their patrol, however, the food had been stolen and people had been injured. There were still times when food was stolen and people were injured. Furthermore, there was a rumor in the city that there were robbers in the Clear Origin Guards. Therefore, people respected and hated the Clear Origin Guards!

Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao each took a short stick and hid it on their bodies. They walked out of the alley and headed towards the intersection on the left. That was the fixed location for this district to receive food every day.

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