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C20 New Job

At the crossroads, the guards who distributed food and the people who led the food seemed to have dispersed, leaving only a few idle people who were still wandering around and chatting.

If this had happened in the past, Jin Shiqi would definitely have been alarmed. But now, he was very calm. Because, everyone in City G knew that the people of Bodyguard Battalion... With their own food rations, that's enough to feed the family.

Even though Jin Shiqi always claimed to be calm and considerate. But at this time, he could not help being blown away by the wind like a cloud.

There was nothing to be afraid of. Let's go to Bodyguard Battalion! Jin Shiqi decisively turned towards the direction of the Bodyguard Battalion.

On the west side of the City G, Jin Shiqi could see two three-story buildings in the Bodyguard Battalion from afar. This was the tallest building in City G. Although many people had said that before the catastrophe, any building there was taller than these two buildings. However, Jin Shiqi had never seen it before.

Jin Shiqi remembered that the last time he came, he had entered the building on the left.

At the entrance stood a burly guard, who was sneaking around. He held a short black stick in his hand that was neither a wooden stick nor a metal rod. There was also a leather knife sheath hanging from his waist, a very intimidating short knife. It was quietly inserted inside, waiting for the time when it would appear.

"Stop! What are you doing?" The guard at the door had his eyes wide open, and his expression was serious as he stopped Jin Shiqi, who was walking straight inside.

"I'm looking for someone!" Jin Shiqi looked at the guard. This guy was really strong. In City G, only guards could eat him like this.

Jin Shiqi confidently added, "It was your leader who called me here!"

"Who!? Leader?!" The guard looked at Jin Shiqi in shock, thinking that he had misheard him.

"And that small leader of yours who always wears a Jiumao!" Jin Shiqi added.

"That's our captain!" the guard corrected him. "Did they really call you here?" The guard did not believe it, but he was afraid that it was true.

"You go and call him out, then you'll know!" Jin Shiqi's calm and composed appearance made the guard have no choice but to believe him.

"Alright! Then wait here. I will find him immediately!" The guard walked into the building and occasionally looked back at Jin Shiqi, afraid that he would take the opportunity to run into the building.

A moment later, the guard ran out again. This time, he had a smile on his face. "Hurry up and go in. The leader and the little guard are talking about you!"

Jin Shiqi smiled complacently. He tidied his clothes and walked in.

The guard's enthusiastic voice came from behind Jin Shiqi. "They are in the third room on the second floor!" Jin Shiqi raised his hand and waved it twice, as a response to him.

"This is the lord from there, he has so much face!" The guard looked at Jin Shiqi's back and mumbled.

Jin Shiqi went up to the second floor and walked to the third door. He stopped and tidied his clothes again. He raised his hand and wanted to knock on the door, but hesitated.

"Squeak!" The door opened from the inside, and Jiumao stood at the door.

"Come in! The leader is waiting for you!" Jiumao had a dejected look on his face. He stared at Jin Shiqi, who was outside the door, meaningfully.

The room was very big. Jin Shiqi stood outside the door and looked inside. He did not see Ni Yiren, nor did he see where she was.

"Please!" Jiumao moved sideways to make way for the door. He stretched out his hand and made a gesture to invite her inside. However, there was not a trace of welcome in his eyes.

Jin Shiqi hesitated as he walked into the room. Only then did he see the full view of the room. It turned out that this was only an outer room. There was also a suite inside. Even this outer room was much bigger than the house they lived in.

There was a faint smell in the room. Jin Shiqi smelled it with force. This kind of smell was familiar. This was the smell of Cold Beauty.

The sofa! This was the first time Jin Shiqi had seen a sofa in his life! Although he had never seen one before, he had heard a lot of people talk about this kind of comfortable high class chair.

"Take a seat! The leader will come out immediately!" Jiumao slanted his eyes and observed Jin Shiqi's every move.

Jin Shiqi walked up to him and touched the smooth and textured surface of the sofa. He gently pressed on it. It was a little elastic, which made his hand feel wonderful.

Jin Shiqi slowly and carefully sat down. Without any warning, his body was gently surrounded by the sofa. A satisfied look appeared on Jin Shiqi's face.

"How is it? It feels good, right?" Jiumao's face was full of contempt.

"Hehe! So comfortable!" Jin Shiqi raised his head and looked at Jiumao. "Is this your room?"

"This is the leader's room! I'm downstairs!" Jiumao said with a sigh.

" Oh!" Jin Shiqi reluctantly stood up from the sofa and glanced at the door of the suite. He leaned closer to Jiumao and whispered, "Do you know what position you will give me?"

"I don't know either. It was the leader who decided!" Regarding this sensitive question, he clearly did not know either. At this moment, the anxiety and worry on his face was like a mix of ice and mud, stiff and dim!

"You are here!" The door of the suite did not make any sound before it was opened. Ni Yiren walked out straight and stared at Jin Shiqi, who had deliberately rested. It was a gaze that looked down from the top. She seemed to have noticed that Jin Shiqi had deliberately rested and rested.

"Ah!" Jin Shiqi immediately felt a sense of shame as if he had been seen through. He had the urge to bend down and bow, but he gritted his teeth and did not let his waist down.

"Now, in the Bodyguard Battalion of City G, there are a few junior guards!" Ni Yiren went straight to the point, "After discussing with me, father has decided to give you a new position!"

"A new position?" Jiumao was slightly surprised and exclaimed. Ni Yiren glanced at him coldly. Jiumao immediately lowered his head. However, the corners of his eyes were still fiercely staring at Jin Shiqi. How important was this brat to the Super System? He had specially set up a new position for him.

"Are you willing to accept it?" Ni Yiren's attitude towards Jin Shiqi made her look completely different.

Facing a woman who had captivated the entire City G, a woman who had always been cold and aloof, who could treat him like a spring breeze, it was hard for Jin Shiqi to say whether he would accept it or not.

"What kind of position is that?" However, Jin Shiqi still forced himself to accept his words, although he had already decided to accept it.

Jiumao raised his head slightly. This was what he wanted to know the most!

"My bodyguard and my father's consultant!" Ni Yiren said gently.

Jiumao immediately lifted his head from his lowered state. He looked at Jin Shiqi and then looked at Ni Yiren, as if he had heard a huge, but also the least funny joke.

Jin Shiqi did not understand what kind of position these two positions held in Bodyguard Battalion. He had only heard of the captain of the guards in Bodyguard Battalion. As for what the bodyguards and consultants were, he had no idea.

The word bodyguard sounded like he wanted to keep a close distance from her. As for the consultant of the Super System, this made Jin Shiqi even more puzzled. What did the god-like super array intelligent system want to ask him?

Jin Shiqi glanced at Jiumao. He did not know where the courage came from. He walked closer to Ni Yiren and asked in a low voice, "These two roles, how are they compared to him, the captain of the guards?"

"Haha!" Ni Yiren suddenly laughed. Jiumao looked at the two of them in surprise. He was surprised by Jin Shiqi's bold actions and surprised that the leader would also laugh.

"You can talk to your father directly. If he has any problems, you can only report it to your father through me!" Ni Yiren gave a simple explanation.

"I accept!" Jin Shiqi agreed in the shortest possible time, as if he was afraid that the other party would go back on his word.

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