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C3 Reward(1)

Crossroads, scattered with a lot of people. These people were in groups of three, five, and seven, discussing something in high spirits. From their behavior, it seemed that there was no conflict between them. They were just discussing a very fresh and exciting matter.

Jin Shiqi and Lau Lidao quickly walked to the side of the group and listened to what they were saying. The bodies of these people were slightly tilted towards the middle, as if there was something attractive in the middle.

"What do you think is going on today? Qing Yuan soldiers, why did you take these people away?" Someone in the crowd asked.

"Needless to say, these people must be stealing food!" A fellow who had just come over stretched out his nearly bald head towards the crowd. The few strands of hair that he had left behind drifted along with the wind and hung down towards the crowd. This guy is so tall.

"Hey! Old baldy, don't speak nonsense if you don't know!" In the middle of the crowd, a person who was clearly very familiar with this person directly used his most obvious weakness to address him.

"Ha! Turns out that the stake is also here. If you don't speak, I really won't see you here! " The baldy unceremoniously retaliated with his opponent's greatest weakness.

"How many people were taken away? Why were they taken away? Which guard took them away?" Lau Lidao was not interested in listening to these two bickering, so he asked three questions in a row.

The man who was called a stake looked up vigilantly at the two young men who had squeezed in. They were not as tall as baldies. They were two familiar faces. Only then did he put away his vigilance.

"The reason they gave is that a new virus has started to appear in the other three districts, and these people may have been infected, so they have to be taken to check it out!"

The crowd dispersed slightly. After experiencing the sudden outbreak of the virus during the cataclysm, everyone still had lingering fears about the virus.

"What kind of virus?" The baldy withdrew his remaining long hair from the crowd and wrapped it around his head, as if he was worried that the virus would enter his head through his hair.

"I don't know about that, but the Clear Origin Guards didn't say anything!" Pen Zi looked at the people around him with disdain, and his gaze finally landed on Lau Lidao's face. "It's the number one guard of City G! It's the team led by Cold Beauty!" When he spoke of Cold Beauty, Pozi's eyes flashed with a trace of excitement.

Of course, Lau Lidao knew very well that the First Guard was led by Cold Beauty. He also knew that Cold Beauty was also the Chief Commander of City G!

When they heard news of Cold Beauty, the crowd that had just dispersed gathered around again. " Did she say when those people would come back?" The baldy combed his elegant long hair, not letting them reveal the throbbing in his heart.

Lau Lidao stretched his neck, wanting to hear what Cold Beauty would say, but was dragged out of the crowd by Jin Shiqi.

"Why did you pull me out!?" Lau Lidao angrily shook Jin Shiqi's hand away.

"This matter is strange!"

"What is strange? Isn't it just being taken to check if there's an infection?" Lau Lidao's attention was still in the middle of the crowd.

"During this period of time, Little Wai has never left City G. He has been with us all this time. How could he be infected by the virus?" Jin Shiqi pulled Lau Lidao again and pointed his head at himself.

"What do you mean?" Lau Lidao's attention was synchronized with his head and faced Jin Shiqi at the same time.

"What I mean is that this matter is not simple! There must be an unspeakable conspiracy!" Jin Shiqi looked like he knew all the secrets.

"Send it! You are suspicious again, right?" Lau Lidao glanced at Jin Shiqi with disdain.

"Humph! I think you have another problem with brain deficiency!" The two bickered. Jin Shiqi was never the one who lost, but he did not feel comfortable winning.

Lau Lidao ignored Jin Shiqi and squeezed back into the crowd, listening to the vivid description of Cold Beauty.

The discussions at the crossroads suddenly quieted down from the other side. This silence was like a virus, quickly spreading to the people standing at the intersection.

Everyone looked in the same direction. There seemed to be something attracting people's attention. The crowd began to move in that direction, and the commotion also rose.

"Cold Beauty!" The fluctuation caused by these three words in the crowd was like a sound wave bomb.

The crowd hesitated as they moved quickly and decisively. Lau Lidao jumped and jumped, rushing forward at all costs. Jin Shiqi looked at his back, and question marks circled in his mind. He pursed his lips and followed.

The crowd surrounded a group of people and walked to the middle of the crossroad.

Standing at the front of the group was a woman.

She had short hair that reached her ears, her eyebrows were curved, and her eyes were round. She had a straight nose, clear facial lines, fair skin, and tightly shut lips. His lips were like a knife. The gaze that was revealed in those big round eyes... It was as if he was looking at a pile of moving, tall, short, and thin rocks.

The tight top outlined the curves of her upper body perfectly. It was exquisite and prominent. Her straight back was as if there was a ruler standing there all the time. Her slender waist was tied with a belt that was four fingers wide. The golden light was like flowing water, reflecting the sunlight.

Below her waist, there was a pair of tight shorts that extended to her knees. This woman's firm and long legs were completely exposed. Her hands were naturally behind her back, her legs were slightly separated, and were slightly narrower.

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