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C4 Reward(2)

This woman is almost a perfect mold, and the charm and charm of a woman can be found on her body. Just standing here had made all the men forget everything they had just discussed.

Even Jin Shiqi, who had doubts about this woman, stood there blankly. His two eyes had long since forgotten to blink. His eyelids seemed to have been locked by someone in his eyes, and he had given up on his most basic duties.

On his left and right, people kept making gurgling sounds and sighing, as if they were swallowing something hard to swallow, or as if they had encountered something very powerless. Other than sighing, there was nothing else they could do.

The woman raised her hand from behind and did not say anything. Immediately, a member of the team walked over with his head lowered. He stood behind her. The woman's finger drew a slender, white arc in the air and pointed at the crowd standing at the intersection.

"Yes!" This member of Jiumao's team nodded his head vigorously, and his hat almost fell off. He turned around and waved at the team members behind him. "Bring those people here and let them go back!"

A group of people dressed in ordinary clothes walked over dejectedly under the shouts of the guards. The only thing that caught their attention was the food bags on their backs. They were all relatively large.

"From today onwards, we will bring some people to check on them every day. " As such... " To prevent the virus from appearing in our city! " Jiumao was a small leader in the First Guard. After he said these words to the crowd, he no longer looked at these people. In his eyes, these people had no reason or courage to not accept it.

There was a commotion in the crowd. Before this commotion could stop, the guards had already turned around and left under Cold Beauty's lead. The people who were taken away by them earlier stood dejectedly at the crossroads. They seemed to be unable to find their way home.

"Little Wai!" Jin Shiqi saw Little Wai. Jin Shiqi walked to Little Wai in three steps. Little Wai looked at Jin Shiqi blankly. His eyes revealed a sense of confusion that he had seen before.

Little Wai was called Little Wai because his head always tilted to the left, as if he always looked at people with disdain. Besides this, Little Wai could also be considered a good-looking kid.

Among the three people, Jin Shiqi was the roughest. His face was thick, and he was often teased by Lau Lidao and Little Wai.

His eyebrows were thick, not just the overall shape and shape of his eyebrows. Even his eyebrows were thicker than others. The skin was thick, as if it was some sort of processed leather product. His nostrils were thick, so much so that his breathing was heavier than others.

That was why Jin Shiqi had a nickname for himself, Big Three! However, among the three of them, Jin Shiqi had the most meticulous thoughts.

"Little Wai!? Are you alright? What did they do to you?" Lau Lidao also walked over.

Little Wai tilted his head and looked at Lau Lidao again. His eyes became clearer, as if he had come out of a dream. "It's the two of you!"

"Nonsense! If it wasn't the two of us, who else in this city would care about you so much?!" Jin Shiqi was very unhappy with Little Wai's behavior.

"Did you get the food for tomorrow?" Lau Lidao asked immediately. He searched Little Wai's body with his eyes and focused on Little Wai's back.

“ Oh! It's all here!" Little Wai turned sideways and pulled out a bulging leather backpack from his back. He gently patted it twice.

"Hey, where's the bag?" Lau Lidao stared at the bag. It seemed that this bag was more attractive than Cold Beauty's. Maybe what really attracted Lau Lidao was the food in the bag.

"Who cares where it came from. Let's go back first." Jin Shiqi glanced at the noisy crowd at the crossroad. He thought it was not safe to discuss these things here.

The crowd at the crossroads gradually dispersed. A small accident that had nothing to do with food did not bring too much suspicion to the people here. As long as the food was received, who would care about anything else?

Furthermore, Cold Beauty's appearance made all the men shift their attention to her. This was enough for these men to take her into their dreams until the day after tomorrow.

"Quickly tell me what happened!" Jin Shiqi asked impatiently as he stepped into the room.

"This bag was given by the Clear Origin Guards. Today, everyone who was sent to be inspected had one bag and one extra serving of food!" Little Wai removed the bag from his back and threw it on the table.

"Creak! Creak!" The table shook twice. There was a soul-stirring sound of friction between the table legs and the table and the ground. When the three of them heard this sound, they could not help but look at the table and worry for it.

After the table moaned twice, it stood firmly. It did not get knocked down because of the backpack and the food inside.

"I didn't ask about your backpack!" Jin Shiqi glanced at Little Wai. Sometimes he was really worried for Little Wai. His head was not the only thing that was tilted. Sometimes his thoughts were also crooked.

"Why did they take you guys there? ___ asked. Are they really just going to do a virus check? "Lau Lidao sat on a three-legged orange, which was very close to his backpack. He could tell what kind of food was inside based on the shape of the backpack.

"Hehe! Of course it's a inspection! Otherwise, what else can I do?" Little Wai also sat by the table and stared at the backpack he brought back. There was a large amount of food there as a reward for their inspection. Little Wai did not expect to receive an additional portion of food after the inspection.

Lau Lidao glanced at Jin Shiqi, who was still standing beside him, and asked, "What else do you want? You are not hungry, are you? Eat first!" After saying that, he opened his backpack first. He took out the food inside one by one.

Jin Shiqi stood where he was, watching the two of them take out the food from their backpacks. He put the food into his memory piece by piece, comparing it with the food in the past.

The food today was obviously much better than before.

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