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C5 Real Man(1)

Eating was the thing people in City G enjoyed the most. However, to Jin Shiqi, he had no idea what he was eating. He was more concerned about the quality of the food, not the taste.

The food today was obviously much better than the food in the past. It seemed that the Clear Origin Guards had brought these people for an inspection because they had done something harmful to these people. That was why they had to use good food as compensation.

Lau Lidao and Little Wai, however, did not think as much as Jin Shiqi. The two of them ate happily. They kept cheering for the food today. Lau Lidao also took advantage of the time when Jin Shiqi was not paying attention and ate some of his food. He must take advantage of this. Jin Shiqi was famous for his finesse. He could take advantage of him. It was hard to imagine.

"Aren't you all surprised?" Jin Shiqi did not notice Lau Lidao's little movement at all. His attention was entirely on this strange thing. "The guards will bring you there to check on the virus infection. They will also give you an extra portion of food!?"

"Uh!" Little Wai burped. This was the first time in his memory that he could eat until he was full. Little Wai touched his stomach and straightened his body.

"What can I do? Is this strange? You think too much! " Little Wai tilted his head, unable to understand what was going on in Jin Shiqi's mind.

"Humph! Don't bother with this guy! Let him think about it! He likes to make wild guesses when he has nothing to do! " Lau Lidao was not full yet. He hoped that Jin Shiqi would think more about things that were unrelated to food.

" What did you call me?! " Jin Shiqi hated people calling him that. His attention turned from his thoughts to Lau Lidao.

Lau Lidao retracted his hand that was reaching for the food. He regretted saying that name. "Didn't they say that they would take some people to check every day? Won't you know if you take a look yourself? " Lau Lidao hurriedly hid his panic.

Jin Shiqi grabbed the food that Lau Lidao had almost stolen and glared at Lau Lidao. "If I find out that you stole my food again, I'll chop off your hands before the guards do anything!"

"Hehe! No! No! I just want to give it to you! " Lau Lidao's hand, which had been half-drawn, rubbed twice on the table. The muscles on his face twitched unnaturally twice, even though it was caught and revealed. He was still defending himself.

"Humph! Humph! Do you want to use your personality to vouch for me?" Jin Shiqi mocked. Because Lau Lidao always used his character as a guarantee, he also had a nickname - Liu personality.

The next day, Jin Shiqi was shaken awake by Little Wai. "Seventeen, what are you dreaming about? His two hands were scratching in the air! Don't tell me you are dreaming about Cold Beauty!? " Little Wai did not miss the opportunity to tease Jin Shiqi.

" Nonsense! Do you think I'm that Liu Ren? When I saw that woman... You're drooling, and you walk like you're stepping on clouds!" Jin Shiqi got up and wiped his face, then crawled back to his bed. He began to think about his dream.

Such a strange dream had been happening continuously recently, which forced Jin Shiqi to be alert. In fact, he was not really alert, but Jin Shiqi was a little worried that he might get some strange disease.

"Clang! The door suddenly roared.

The two people lying on the bed in a daze in the room sat up from the bed with a sound of "Hu." At this moment, a short stick actually appeared in Jin Shiqi's hand.

"Hahahaha!" Lau Lidao had his hands on his waist and his legs apart as he stood at the door. His mouth was wider than the door. His originally long and narrow eyes were rarely wide open, and his eyes shone with a strange light.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jin Shiqi cursed and put away the short stick.

"Hehe! Hehe! Hehe!" Lau Lidao kept making this kind of heart-shaking sound that could only be heard. He walked into the house with a sway of his steps. Little Wai and Jin Shiqi looked at each other. Then they turned their eyes to Lau Lidao.

"Did he get something again?" Little Wai stared at Lau Lidao and asked Jin Shiqi.

"Humph! Even if he picked up garbage on the street that no one wants, he would still be happy like this!" Jin Shiqi was very unhappy that Lau Lidao suddenly interrupted his muddle-headed thoughts, so he deliberately provoked Lau Lidao.

"Hahaha!" If it was in the past, Lau Lidao would definitely fight back, but today he kept laughing, as if he did not hear their sarcasm at all, and did not even look at the two of them.

"Hey! This kid, today is really not normal!" Jin Shiqi was slightly surprised. "He took advantage of us today?"

"Hehe! Haha! Hehe!" Lau Lidao stretched out his right hand and placed it in front of his nose. He used all his strength and took a deep breath. "It smells so good!"

"Did he have some strange illness?! "Little Wai said worriedly.

"Is he suffering from a strange illness? He is such a strange person. A strange illness will only avoid him! "Jin Shiqi laughed and said," Today, he must have gotten a big advantage! And it has something to do with Cold Beauty!"

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