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C6 Zhenren(2)

Lau Lidao looked at Jin Shiqi with satisfaction and lecherous eyes." Hehe, you really know how to guess!" He walked to the table, took off his backpack from his back, and threw it on the table.

"Creak!" The table once again let out unwilling groans for its own tragic fate. It protested against the rough treatment it had received in the past two days. It believed that it was the one in this house. The only thing with four legs, it treated it differently.

"I followed the guards to their building today! Hey, that's where people live. If the guards recruit again, I will definitely sign up!" Lau Lidao's saliva splashed everywhere as he nagged loudly.

"Don't say it's useless! Tell me what happened to you today!" Jin Shiqi rolled his eyes impatiently at Lau Lidao. He was not interested in this Jin Shiqi. What he wanted to know more was the real purpose of the virus inspection. He had already determined that there was definitely a conspiracy behind this.

"What can happen? It's just a physical examination!" Lau Lidao still had something more exciting to say, but he was interrupted by Jin Shiqi. He rolled his eyes at Jin Shiqi.

"They didn't ask anything?" Jin Shiqi was not willing to get such an answer.

"They didn't ask anything. They just did an inspection! I don't believe it. You will know when you go there tomorrow!" Lau Lidao glared at Jin Shiqi again and put his right hand in front of his nose again. He took a deep breath and straightened his neck. He also raised his head and straightened his back. A dreamlike beauty appeared on his face.

"Old Lau! Why do you keep smelling that hand of yours?" Little Wai asked.

" Hehe! Do you want to smell it too? "Lau Lidao imitated Little Wai and tilted his head. He glanced at Little Wai out of the corner of his eye and slowly reached his right hand in front of Little Wai's face.

"What is this smell?" Little Wai's head suddenly came over, and a light flashed in his eyes.

Little Wai's words caught Jin Shiqi's interest. He leaned over and sniffed. Lau Lidao generously waved his hand at Jin Shiqi.

A cool breeze that was as light as smoke rushed into Jin Shiqi's nostrils and seeped into every nerve in his brain. It gently tapped on every nerve node.

Jin Shiqi felt that his body was much lighter, and all the bones in his body were seams. It was as if he had been watered with nutrient solution. In an instant, he had grown a little. Every pore on his body seemed to have been dredged. Jin Shiqi straightened his back and his mind became much clearer.

"What is this smell?" Jin Shiqi repeated Little Wai's words.

"Hahaha!" Lau Lidao proudly put his hand back under his nose. "This is the smell of Cold Beauty!" Lau Lidao closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. He used the tip of his tongue to lightly tap his right palm. Lau Lidao's body shook violently as if he had been shocked by lightning.

"What?" Little Wai's head tilted back.

"Liu Ren!? Are you crazy? How dare you touch that woman?" Jin Shiqi stared at Lau Lidao. This kid never had the courage to do anything, but this time he actually did something.

"She didn't chop off your hand?" Little Wai didn't believe that Lau Lidao would have the courage to touch the woman who looked like she was carved.

"Hehe! I fell! Hehe!" Lau Lidao only had one syllable left.

"Are you stupid? Don't always laugh! And then?" Jin Shiqi was annoyed that Lau Lidao continued to "hehe" and poked him with his finger.

"When I fell, I was also pushed from behind. I reached forward to help her up and grabbed her wrist! Hehe! Hehe!" Lau Lidao put his hand under his nose again.

"That wrist is so smooth and smooth." Lau Lidao held his hand in a ring shape. He stared at the empty ring and seemed to have grabbed Cold Beauty's wrist again.

"Then she did not say anything?" Little Wai's head kept moving between crooked and not crooked.

"Hehe! Hehe! She didn't say anything. She just stared at me!" Lau Lidao put on a flattering smile on his face.

"Look at that slut of yours!" Jin Shiqi cursed. "You feel so comfortable with just one glare from her?"

"Hehe! What do you know!" Lau Lidao smiled proudly. "No man would dare to think about that glance of hers! When did she look at a man!? "

"Old Lau, you have already grabbed her hand. Did you find out that she is real?" Little Wai asked.

"Nonsense! Of course she's a real person. Why do you believe in Jin San's bullsh * t? " Lau Lidao glared at Jin Shiqi.

"You're asking for a beating, aren't you?" Jin Shiqi hated people calling him "rude." Jin Shiqi gave Lau Lidao a contemptuous look and made a sharp sound with his nose. " Didn't you hear? Cold Beauty has it in other districts too!"

Lau Lidao and Little Wai had actually heard about this before, but Lau Lidao had his own explanation. He would rather believe himself than believe other people's rumors - Cold Beauty was a robot created by Super System.

Today, he had touched Cold Beauty's hand with his own hands, which made him believe that it was definitely a human's hand. That warm, soft feeling, that refreshing feeling, was definitely not a robot.

Even that angry glance was definitely not something a robot could do.

"I will use my personality to guarantee that she is definitely not a half android. She is a true human!" Lau Lidao raised his left hand and forcefully patted his own chest. "Bang, bang, bang." The sound was like hitting a wall. It was dull and monotonous.

However, under the encouragement of this sound, Lau Lidao's expression rose one step at a time. His eyes stared firmly at Jin Shiqi, as if he now had all the truth.

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