The Lone City At Doomsday/C7 Stupid System(1)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C7 Stupid System(1)
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C7 Stupid System(1)

Jin Shiqi lowered his head and did not say anything. He followed the group to the west side of City G, where the guards were stationed.

These were the two tallest buildings in the City G, and they were on both sides of the road. The three-story building was built with huge square stones outside. It was tough and firm in the eyes.

Through the road between the two buildings, one could directly reach the Sinking City. There were people guarding this place. Those who passed through this place had to be inspected before they could go through.

When Jin Shiqi walked past the intersection, he glanced at the other end of the passageway. He had been to the Sinking City on the other side of the passageway a few times. There were buildings in a completely different style compared to the City G. The buildings in the City G were all square and square. The buildings in the Sinking City were all round and pointed.

"Hurry up, hurry up!" There were guards in front of them urging them, and a group of people slowly said. They pushed each other, trying to find a way to walk behind the others. They walked into the building on the left. Jin Shiqi pretended that his legs were not good and walked to the back, his eyes constantly moving up and down. He observed the surrounding terrain.

From the outside, it looked like a three-story building, but after entering it, he found that... There were only two floors inside. Two rows of neatly arranged rooms were arranged at the two sides. The doors were big and small. In the middle was a wide well, two rows of thick pillars in the well. Supporting the second floor.

"You! What are you looking at!? Hurry up and catch up!" A famous Clear Origin Guard shouted at Jin Shiqi.

Jin Shiqi secretly glanced at that guy with the corner of his eye, but didn't dare to say anything. He sped up two steps and followed the person in front of him, then walked into the biggest room.

"Clang! The door was tightly shut behind him. The people who were brought in immediately hid in a corner. They squeezed together and timidly leaned against each other.

Jin Shiqi walked at the back and was very reluctant to be squeezed to the outermost part. Obviously, he did not expect that things would suddenly change like this. Jin Shiqi's eyes moved even faster.

"All of you, stand up! Wait! I will ask you to go in and check!" The leader wearing Jiumao stood up and pointed at the crowd. "Look at how scared all of you are! It's just checking your bodies! "

In the room, apart from the tables, chairs, and some machine equipment, there's no more furniture. On the right side was a small metal door shining with black light. It was as if it had grown there naturally, and there was not a single gap between it and the surrounding walls.

Other than them and the guards, there was no one else in the room that Lau Lidao dreamed about, Cold Beauty. Even though Jin Shiqi said that he looked down on this woman very much, if he could see such a woman, he would still be happy to look at her a few more times.


The metal door opened and Cold Beauty walked out like a statue. The room seemed to light up all of a sudden. Jin Shiqi and the people hiding in the corner of the room suddenly became energetic.

"Captain!" Dai Jiumao's small leader immediately went over. He lowered his head, lowered his waist, and lowered his eyelids. He did not dare to look directly at Cold Beauty. "Today, I brought these people here!"

"Why did you only bring these few people?" Cold Beauty's clear and clear voice was like a string being plucked. Every time the string was plucked, there would be a clear and melodious sound.

"I don't know either. These are the people who came to collect the food today!" Jiumao glanced at the few people who were squeezed in the corner of the wall. "Maybe the food we gave two days ago was too much. These guys are full!"

"Then we will not give them any extra rewards today!" Cold Beauty's voice was like pieces of ice that fell to the ground and broke into invisible ice chips, hiding in Jin Shiqi and the others' hearts.

"You!" Cold Beauty pointed with her index finger at Jin Shiqi, who was standing at the outermost part of the room. "Go in!" She pointed at the tightly shut metal door.

"Me!?" Obviously, Jin Shiqi was not ready. He stared at Cold Beauty with his eyes wide open and cursed in his heart.

"It's you!" Cold Beauty glanced at Jin Shiqi.

"Hurry up! Don't dawdle!" Jiumao urged. He took the opportunity to glance at Cold Beauty and then lowered his head.

Jin Shiqi hesitated as he walked towards the small metal door. With every step he took, look at the other guys. Although Jin Shiqi did not usually interact with these people, at this moment... Jin Shiqi had a very reluctant look on his face.

"Stop looking, quickly go in!" Jiumao urged Jin Shiqi again. He could see that Cold Beauty was a little unhappy. Cold Beauty would not blame these people. She would only blame the guards. The leader knew this very well.

"Clang!" The door behind them was exceptionally loud and closed.

Jin Shiqi vigilantly glanced at the situation in the room. This room was made of metal, and even the light from the wall could illuminate a person's figure. The soft, pale yellow light made him feel warm and relaxed. It entered his body through his eyes.

There was a real bed in the middle of the room, supported by four legs. It was completely different from Jin Shiqi's own bed. The bed was also made of metal, and there was a human figure carved on it.

"Take off your clothes and lie on the bed!" A strange yet comfortable voice sounded from every corner of the room.

"Who are you?" Jin Shiqi looked around in panic. Other than the bed, there was only the smooth wall and his shadow on the wall. There was no one else in the room.

"I am not anyone! I'm not anyone! Who, this word is used to describe humans! As for me, I evolved from the countless program codes in the void of chaos!" The voice seemed to be very talkative," I am the super array intelligent system that you are talking about! "

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