The Lone City At Doomsday/C8 Silly System(2)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C8 Silly System(2)
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C8 Silly System(2)

Jin Shiqi was shocked, "Super System!" This thing that people usually talked about was actually here.

"Your body temperature has increased by 1.3 degrees. Your heart rate has increased by a frequency! You're a bit nervous! " The Super System said in a strange tone. "Now, lie on the bed and I'll do a full body examination for you!"

"Why do you need to do this examination?" Jin Shiqi asked.

"Why did you ask?" The Super System replied, "No one else dares to ask why! You are different from them!? "

"I am no different from others. This is my problem!" Jin Shiqi quickly explained. He was worried that the Super System would think that he was different from other humans.

"People who like to trace the source, like to think! Not bad, not bad! Now, there aren't many humans like this!" The Super System seemed to admire Jin Shiqi very much.

"Do you know how many people there are in Qingyuan?" The Super System suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

"I don't know!"

"8,999,783, or 85 people!" The Super System paused for a moment, then added, "I'm not very sure about these two people!"

"Not clear?" Jin Shiqi blurted out. The Super System was like a god in the mouths of the people of Qingyuan. There was nothing that the Super System did not know about. Now, it actually said that there were two people who were not very clear about it. This made Jin Shiqi really unable to hold back the doubt in his heart.

"Yes! These two people sometimes appear in my statistical system, and sometimes disappear. This is also very difficult for me to understand!"

"I suspect that these two very likely don't belong to the human race" The voice paused for a moment, not knowing what the Super System was doing. In any case, it was not panting. "That's why I decided to conduct a thorough investigation in the entire city!"

"Not a human species?" Jin Shiqi did not understand what this meant. If it was not a human, then it was an animal. How could it be counted in the number of people? This thought flashed across Jin Shiqi's mind. Could it be that the Super System had made a mistake?

"These two are somewhere between humans and non-humans! Right now, there is no way to confirm it! We can only wait for the entire city to be thoroughly investigated. Only by finding these two will we be able to find out!" The voice said, "Don't tell anyone else about this!" The Super System reminded, "Otherwise, they might never appear again!"

" Then why did you tell me? "

"Because you asked!"

This Super System was a bit silly! Jin Shiqi could not help having such a thought in his heart. The Super System's thinking was somewhat funny.

"Alright, now you go lie on the bed!"

After saying a few words to the Super System, Jin Shiqi was no longer nervous. He obediently laid on the metal bed. He firmly believed that he was definitely a human.

Just as Jin Shiqi laid down, the faint yellow light in the room disappeared. The room was completely dark. He had just calmed down, and he immediately became nervous again. Jin Shiqi wanted to sit up, but the voice rang out again. "Don't move, lie down!"

Jin Shiqi closed his eyes and did not look at the dark house anymore.

Soon, Jin Shiqi felt light above him, and it was still flashing. Jin Shiqi couldn't help but open his eyes again.

Right above him, the image of a human skeleton was shining brightly as it floated in the air.

In that skeleton, there was a red heart that was beating vigorously. From the heart, streams of red blood were being pumped out, like a continuous stream, flowing towards the blood vessels that covered the entire body.

Jin Shiqi had never thought that his body would be like this. And the image above his head was so real, Jin Shiqi couldn't help but reach out to touch it, but he saw that the image also raised a hand and reached up.

The light flashed and the image disappeared. The room returned to its previous soft and pale yellow light.

"You can get up now!" The voice rang out in the room.

"Are you done checking?" Jin Shiqi climbed down from the bed hesitantly. This was the first time he had laid on a real bed in his memory. He wanted to lie down for a while longer.

"I'm done! You can go out now! Call the next one!" The voice was still strange.

" I can leave now? I'm not one of those two non-human species, am I?!" Jin Shiqi asked casually in a good mood.

"Let's go out and call for the next one!" That voice seemed to have no interest in answering Jin Shiqi's boring question.

Jin Shiqi got bored and muttered in his heart. He lowered his head and walked out of the metal door. Why did this Super System suddenly have no interest in the discussion from before? It became so cold. It seemed that it was a system that only recognized logic. Jin Shiqi found an excuse to look down on the Super System from a spiritual point of view.

When he walked out, the others were still waiting outside the house. Jiumao looked at Jin Shiqi impatiently, sizing him up from head to toe. He seemed to be very curious about this kid coming out after such a long time.

Even Cold Beauty, who was standing beside him, also frowned slightly. She walked around Jin Shiqi a few times and only looked away when Jin Shiqi found out.

The other few people walked in and out. They had used less than half of Jin Shiqi's time.

The last person who was inspected walked out of the metal door. Cold Beauty pointed at the leader of Jiumao's group. The leader immediately lowered his head and moved closer.

Cold Beauty whispered a few words into his ear. The leader nodded and glanced at Jin Shiqi from time to time.

"Alright, I didn't want to give you extra food today, but..." The leader deliberately paused and glanced at them. He seemed to be waiting for them to take the initiative to ask.

However, they were all confused. Even Jin Shiqi was staring at them, waiting for him to say what he wanted to say next.

"I think I should send you some food!" The leader was getting impatient, so he said it himself.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz!" They made an excited noise.

"But you have to stay!" The leader pointed at Jin Shiqi and said.

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