The Lone City At Doomsday/C9 Super System(1)
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The Lone City At Doomsday/C9 Super System(1)
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C9 Super System(1)

In the room, everyone's eyes were focused on Jin Shiqi. The few people who came with him for the examination immediately moved to the side. They pulled away from Jin Shiqi, as if they were afraid that they would be implicated by him. They were also left behind.

"Why?" Jin Shiqi stared at the leader.

"Hehe! I don't know about that!" The leader looked like he was taking pleasure in ___'s misfortune.

Jin Shiqi turned his eyes to Cold Beauty, hoping to get an answer from her. However, Cold Beauty was just like that metal door, staring at him without any expression.

The rest of the people received the rewards and food. After leaving a look of doubt and relief to Jin Shiqi, they all walked out.

"Alright, you can go in!" Cold Beauty spoke to Jin Shiqi in surprise. Jin Shiqi looked at Cold Beauty in surprise. His eyes were as cold as ice.

Jin Shiqi had no choice but to walk into the metal door again.

"It's good to see you again!" The moment Jin Shiqi entered the door, the voice appeared.

"But I can't see you!" Jin Shiqi and the Super System joked.

"Do you want to see me? Or, from a human's point of view, you need to talk face to face? Is that so? " The Super System did not understand or simply did not think that this was a joke.

Jin Shiqi did not even have the time to think about how to answer this question before the soft, pale yellow light in the room went out. In front of him, a trace of golden light was like a brush drawing in the space. Every stroke, layer by layer, little by little, the golden light kept moving. After dozens of flashes, a man appeared in the dark room.

Jin Shiqi looked at the man in front of him who had been drawn by the brush in a daze.

Isn't this me? After Jin Shiqi was stunned, he finally understood this fact.

"Uh..." Jin Shiqi looked around, not knowing if he should talk to himself in front of him.

"Use him as my substitute!" The man with the golden figure opened and closed his mouth, and his voice sounded at the same time.

Jin Shiqi tried his best to suppress the discomfort in his heart and endured the strange feeling of his body being stolen. He nodded and said, "You called me in again. Is there anything else?"

"Nothing! You know, humans need to communicate and interact with each other to not have hallucinations. As a system with a mind, I sometimes need to communicate with humans. Talent. I have a deeper understanding of humans" The golden man stopped, a light flashed in his eyes.

"Why do you want to communicate with me?" Jin Shiqi asked.

"Because you want to ask why!"

This answer from the golden man made Jin Shiqi feel somewhat comfortable. He liked to get to the bottom of things and think, but Lau Lidao loved to say that he had doubts.

"What's your name?" The golden man asked.

"Jin Shiqi!"

"How long has it been in Qingyuan?"

"23 years!"

"Do you live alone or with other people?"

"There are two more people!"

"Are your parents in the city too?" Wang Yao asked.

"They died 18 years ago!" Jin Shiqi did not give the golden man another chance to ask. "Do you have a name?" He asked first. He did not want this so-called communication. It became a form of interrogation.

"My official name is Super Array Intelligent System. I don't have a human's name! However, I really hope to have a human name! " The golden man's eyes flashed.

" Oh!" Jin Shiqi nodded. He was very satisfied that he had turned the interrogation into a real conversation.

"Then what's the name of Cold Beauty outside? Is she a human?" Jin Shiqi suddenly asked this question. He himself did not know why he asked this question.

"Cold Beauty?" The golden man clearly did not understand this title. "Are you talking about my captain? You are very interested in her, right?" The corners of the golden man's mouth curled up.

"Er..." Jin Shiqi tilted his head and looked at the door. The door was still tightly shut. Only then did he relax. "Communication? It's just chatting. Say whatever you think of!"

"So, you are thinking about my captain! From a human's perspective, can you think of it that way? "The golden man's eyes also curved up.

Seeing the exact same image as him making fun of him, Jin Shiqi had the urge to slap himself twice. “ Hmm... Actually, this is what many men want to ask!" Jin Shiqi even wanted to say that this was what Lau Lidao wanted to ask the most.

" Her human name is Ni Yiren! " The golden man restrained the movements of his lips and the corners of his eyes and said very formally.

"Tell me, why did you do a physical examination on people in the name of preventing the spread of the virus?" Jin Shiqi really wanted to get rid of the awkwardness just now.

"Of course, this is also related to those two non-human species! Only in this way can we not attract their attention for the time being!" The golden man was very honest, answering every question he asked.

"You're afraid of attracting their attention?"

"Your words are not applicable to me!" The golden man replied, "I do not possess human emotions, there are no emotional factors in my system logic! I am only analyzing the probability. If they were to find out earlier, my plan will encounter some problems!"

"Then tell me all of this. Aren't you worried that I'll leak this out?" Jin Shiqi's words were simply teasing the golden man.

However, in the logic of the golden man, there was no such thing as being teased. The answer to every question was its logical circuit. After going through various possibilities and calculations, the answer was the result.

"You have less than a one in a million chance of leaking this to those two non-human species!"

"I have a question now!"


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