The Lost World/C1 The Lost World
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The Lost World/C1 The Lost World
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C1 The Lost World

It’s the first day of the year 2140,where people come to celebrate not only new year but also the day when the whole world changed.

Going back 40 years when all the leaders around the world came together to form only a single nation and named it EARTH, and also created one city named KOSMOS.

Kosmos replaced all other big cities and every different part was divided into areas. It's a sunny day in the area 017 where we can see children playing in the parks, people dancing, just enjoying the day and the busiest part of the area was in the center of where there is an old Cafe owned by an old couple famous in the whole of Area 017.

The cafe is well known in the area because of its coffee and food. Old recipes of the vintage foods with the delicious aroma of coffee in the air makes people wanna stay more because it helps them relax and reminds them of the past world. The food is famous not only because of the vintage recipes but also the preparation that is handled by one chef named Dard Teofila a young 20 year old tall chef with dark hair and dark complexion who had a hard time growing up with the name Dard. He would often get bullied so he started introducing himself as DT. The only one who knew his full name was LEO HIRAM.

The guy behind the amazing aroma of coffee another 21 year old young tall Barista with Hazel eyes, Long Dark hair, Muscular build and with a scar under his eyes, he was well known for the coffee and no knew his name every other co-worker Called him The Hooded owl because he always come to work in the evening and is gone before anyone comes in the morning, Leo has been working at the Cafe for over 2 years alongside Dard. They have been together since they were children and as they were alone they had only themselves to look after each other. They were like an inseparable pair of brothers who were working for over 2 years saving up money to buy just one thing.

The Kosmos 4250GX, a gaming helmet created by the NEECO GAMES! Which would play the most awaited game of all time The Lost World!

The game was considered to change the whole gaming industry as it was the first ever game which teleports you to a Virtual Reality world where everything seems real, neeco games also stated that this game could be considered as another opportunity that life is giving you.

Leo and Dard had nothing in their life to lose so they decided to give this new opportunity in life a chance. After the pay day Leo went straight to the sport center of Kosmos to place an order for the helmet. Seeing a notification pop up on the holowatch confirming the order placement of the helmet leo went home.

After a day the helmet was delivered on his window by a drone. Excitedly he received the package and opened it straight away as soon as he took it out he could see the black colour shining exterior with a hint of white in the middle and also had a huge N placed in the middle representing the Neeco company.

He quickly wore the helmet in his room as Dard was in the other and received the package , and was also ready to wear it. Leo wore the helmet and the voice of an AI lady was heard .

“Scanning Data in check, DNA status Male 21,Leo Hiram registered as New user of The Lost World!”

Welcome to the Lost world, a bright white light engulfs Leo and sends him to an open area where he could choose the Region he wanted to spawn too. Leo and Dard had read too many beta manuals on The Lost World which clearly started spawning and starting the journey in the Eastern Region had better rewards, without thinking further he chose the Eastern Region, so did Dard and they both were sent to a White River City.

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