The Lost World/C12 The team Reunites
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The Lost World/C12 The team Reunites
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C12 The team Reunites

As Lisa stopped hugging Leo, she spoke "Where the hell have you been this past year?, You know what you both little Sisters went through, we lost our dad, before that you left, we know you were at the funeral, but we could not find you, we were very sorry for the way my father treated you in the end, you have built our whole kawashima empire and our father got greedy and treated you like shit, and you were forced to leave, it was that when kawashima's downgrade started, until Henry had it all under control". "Sorry to interrupt miss, I never had it under control, after the death of Mr. Kawashima, it was always Mr. Leo who brought the Company back to its feet", Henry interrupted.

"Well let's stop this discussion, Henry put the files about Mr. Turner in my room and prepare for some good dinner." "Yes, Sir", replied Henry. "Mr. Turner?, You are going to attend the meeting with Mr. Turner?" asked Lisa. "He is one Pasty guy, he would eat Henry up in the meeting tomorrow", replied Leo while chuckling.

The bell rang of the house, when a tall lady wearing a suit walked in with a folder full of papers, who was welcomed in the house as she sat on the sofa when her eyes were met with glancing figure of Leo, when she stood up and went to greet Leo, "Sir, how have you been?". When Leo turned around to see the voice, he was greeted with a warm smile, "Anne, I've been great, How have you been? And did you bring all the stuff that I asked you to bring?"

"I've been great as well sir, and yes I've brought everything you asked for." replied Anne. "Great, have a seat and wait till everyone comes". Anne nodded and sat on the Sofa as she was instructed, that's when Henry entered and Leo asked him to bring everyone to the house to the Living Room.

Everyone from the house was in the living room chatting about their regular day-to-day life, when one more guy and three more women entered the house following Henry. Starting from the left behind Henry Was Steve Lance who was in charge of the Security Aspect of the Company followed by the right of him was Rio Carey who was in charge of the HR Department of the Company, and right next to her was Tang Rou who was in charge of the Programming Department of the Company, followed by Haruna Kawakami who was in charge of the Supplying Department of the Company.

As they were here, Leo greeted them each with hugs, while waiting for one more person. "He's late again!", spoke Haruna, to which Tang Rou replied with "Why don't you call him and ask about his whereabouts" everyone chuckled when the remaining person entered with Henry, "Sorry Bro was late again, I swear I was stuck in traffic!". "It's fine Dard have a seat!" replied Leo.

"Just like always, you have an excuse for being late, why don't you ever learn to come on time?" Haruna answered without even looking at Dard, as Dard was about to speak back was when Leo suddenly stopped them in the middle and spoke in a high voice "Enough out of you both!, this is not the Time when you suddenly start your arguments, you better resolve your relationship before they change". " Yes" was the only thing both of them could reply with.

"Now onto the important part as the whole of the team is here, I would like to discuss something important with all of you, Firstly I want to suggest the expansion of the Kawashima Business, Secondly Investing the available funds to increase the Business to other parts of the Kosmos, and lastly with the permission of the Directors sitting with us to change the name of the Business from Kawashima's to XWORLD, everything will be discussed, and the changes will be applied only after the Directors confirmation." Leo spoke and then looking at the three Directors in front of them.

The three Directors are Mrs. Kawashima, Lisa Kawashima & Lucy Kawashima. Lucy and Lisa are the twin Daughters of Mr. Akio Kawashima & Mrs. Hana Kawashima. So once Leo sat down, Mrs. Kawashima stood up as she spoke, "Leo we two, Lucy and I are just Director's in name while all of you have worked hard to keep the company running so we can't decide what's best for the company, but I think we all three would agree that whatever Leo and the team imagined is the best for the Company, as I guess I speak for all three of us when I say I agree to the changes that Leo offered for the Company."

Henry brought a bottle of Champagne which Mrs. Kawashima popped open as everyone cheered, and Mrs. Kawashima decided to give a Toast, "This is for Leo as he is the reason we are living in this big of a house, plus also the business, it was Akio's decision to start up a business, but it was Leo who was behind the ideas of the Business as he is the reason the Company is standing at the top, but in the end Leo was dismissed by the company and the Company went downhill it was at that moment when Akio realised how important Leo was to the Company as he couldn't handle the burden as he lost his life because of that, but now i have decided we are appointing a new CEO of the Company who would be incharge of everything, not even us directors of the company would oppose to the decision he would make, I appoint the new CEO of the Company, everyone please give a round of applause for your new CEO of the XWORLD, Mr. Leo Hiram."

Everyone started to applause when Mrs. Kawashima spoke once again, "Here to the Boy Genius, Leo Hiram!" When everyone clinked their glasses together and had a night full of Celebrations and fun.

The next morning Leo woke up in the hall while everyone left, he went to his room only to find out two people were sleeping on his bed together, it was Dard and Haruna. The two people who despised each other, always pointing out each other mistake, were finally together when they gave into each other's feelings. "Finally" was the word, Leo whispered and smiled.

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