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The Lost World/C15 Home!
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C15 Home!

As Leo was about to enter the room, he was stopped by Anne who seemed to be in a rush, "Sir, there was a mistake from the marketing team, as they uploaded the information on the name change earlier than expected, because of that all the reporters have swamped the entrance".

Leo replied with,"Take the reporters away from the entrance and take them towards the conference room and inform them it will be publicly announced in 30 minutes, also get the whole crew ready and Anne you will be handling the conference and make sure the top team will be confidential no one should know who is running the company" and then Leo took out a paper and hand it over to Anne "Here, explain everything from here, once the press conference is over, hold a meeting with the employee, their team leader and managers explain how the company will change and take Rose with you, she has a business mind, she will be helpful to you and Anne me and Henry will not be here this evening, I keep you in charge make sure everything is finished by the time I come back".

"Yes Sir" replied Anne, "Captain, call me that instead of Sir". "Yes Captain" Anne replied with a smile and left to carry out the tasks assigned to her.

As soon as Leo reached to the waiting room, he saw Henry waiting outside, as Leo came near Henry greeted him and they both entered the waiting room, in the waiting room was a small guy sitting sipping the drinks served to him and patiently waiting for someone.

As Leo saw the guy he removed the note and looked at it which read, "Leo if this note reaches you, it's me Sam from the orphanage we grew up together, I will keep it short, mother and father are alive, here's the address you can meet them and here's mine, if you need any help".

After reading, it again, he handed it over to Henry and told him to call Dard over as soon as possible. Leo wanted to confirm the identity of Sam before believing the note, after looking at Sam he can confirm it's him because of the scars on his hand.

"Sam!" called out, Leo as Sam turned his head and rushed over to hug him. "It's been long, how have you been, Sam?". "Still going through what we faced, still trying to process through it, well that aside u have become rich and here I am still struggling with my business, hahaha, you were the smart one and the guy who saved our life" replied Sam.

"Well what we have been through, let's hope no one goes through", it was Dard that said this who just entered through the door as he came and hugged Sam too.

"Well here is Henry Sam give him a call about your business after few days, he will help you out with it" Leo told to Sam. "Thank you, Leo so much, I will not forget this I will help you out in the future whenever you need my help" Sam replied bowing his head, when Leo pulled him up and told "Don't help me, if XWORLD ever needed help, just help it". Leo replied with a smile.

After spending some time with Sam, Leo and Dard decided to go to the address mentioned in the note, as it was the only family Leo and Dard had apart from each other, as they bid goodbyes with Sam, they entered the car together as the car was rushing towards the destination, as they were in the car a text message was received on the watch, which stated,

"Dear Player, our game The Lost World will be active again in 8 hours, please be ready to log in again, you will be logged into the exact position you were logged out of before, Thanks for the patience!".

"We have 8 hours huh, what do you reckon the changes will be?" asked Dard, to which Leo answered "Most probably the Dungeons will increase, and the rewards will be abundant and just like always a hidden feature with amazing rewards".

"And you know where the rewards are innit", Dard looked at Leo, who said nothing but had a smile the whole time, as time passed, and they reached in front of a small house, as it is rare to have a small house in the era of tall buildings everywhere.

Leo and Dard smiled as they knew this can only happen if it was that old man behind it. "It's them, innit?" Dard asked, "It's them, only the old man can think of this", Leo replied looking at the colors of the house, as the only person they knew that would color the house this weird combination was none other than the owner of the orphanage they grew up in, who they used to call, "Old Man". As they were discussing this, a tall man in his 60s opened the door of the house as he heard a car pulled over.

"Ears still sharp as ever, old man huh" Dard said, "Your mouth is also as sharp as ever, you didn't learn a single thing from him huh" The old man said looking at Dard then turning his eye towards Leo.

"How have you been kids?, you know she will be very happy when she sees you, Leo!" Said the old man. As he said this out came a woman in his 60s too, short, chubby as she came out her eyes immediately went towards the two guys standing in front of her, she was standing still without moving, looking at her Dard ran towards her hugging her tight as he spoke, "look Mrs. Smith, I kept him safe" as he pointed towards Leo. Mr. Smith pulled Dard's ear as he took him inside the house. As they went inside, Leo came towards the Mrs. Smith as he was about to speak when Mrs. Smith stopped him and said,

"Welcome Home!".

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