The Lost World/C17 New Beginning
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The Lost World/C17 New Beginning
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C17 New Beginning

"Well that's the end of introduction, you all have three hours, Anne will be teaching you about it along with Dard so learn it, and then we all will meet at a specific point and I will explain what will be our next step, now see you all in the game!", continued Leo, when he turned to Rosy as he spoke once again, "Rose, in my office in 10 minutes", Leo walked out of the room towards his office, where Rosy followed behind him.

As they entered the elevator, Rosy was about to press the button to the floor where Leo’s office was, but Leo stopped her as he pressed the button to the rooftop, "But, that's the roof.", before she could complete her sentence Leo put his finger on her lips, then he held her hand as the door to the elevator opened and Leo slowly pulled her out and started walking, Leo brought her towards an empty space in the corner of the rooftop which was silent, but it had an amazing view of the whole city, all the lights coming from the houses and buildings in the area which collided with the natural light from the sun as that specific are was lighted up better than the remaining areas of the rooftop, as Leo and Rosy were about to reach the lighted empty area, rosy stopped walking as the empty area that she would always come up and stare at the sight below now was had a small circular table with red cloth spreading over the table, surrounded by her favorite dishes from appetizers to main course and the ending with a sweet and cold dessert, but the stuff that caught her attention was the lit purple candle in the middle.

She looked at Leo, what she saw was a warm gentle smile on Leo’s face while he was holding the chair for her under the view behind him with a candle lighting up his smiling face, she walked slowly towards him as she sat in the chair, Leo sat on her opposite side, while he uncorked the wine in front of them as he poured some for her as Rosy said, "Still a gentleman like before", "What can i do Mama raised a gentleman, you must be wondering how i found this place or how i knew this is your favorite spot, i came up the other day in my free time when i found this area of the rooftop and i looked down, all i could feel was a peace sensation like it calmed me down taking me away from the fast lifestyle we people live nowadays, it just took me away from that for just a little while, and it brings out a smile on your face, while standing here i stumbled upon the Mrs Altman, the cleaning lady, she told me i had the same expression as the girl from before, then she explained how there is a girl, she described you that's when i thought Rosy Ellis is working here, and it had to be you, even when we were small you had this place where you would go sit alone if your parents shouted at you, or you were upset about something, you used to refer it as happy zone!, guess this is our happy zone now!", said Leo.

"Well, guess you know me to well then, haha you were always the one for me while i would go sulk someplace, you would found me, and you would never try to pressure me to go back all you would do was you would sit beside me and would always wait till i am ready to head back, and would always take the blame for me, you know why i used to call it a happy zone, it was not only because it would calm me down but also because you were with me, with you, i always felt lik...", rose was interrupted again but this time it was a kiss from Leo who leaned over the table to kiss her as he looked at her blushing face as he said, "Guess this will be our happy place from now onwards".

They spent the remaining time talking, eating, as the remaining time to enter the game was mere 30 minutes. Leo looked at Rosy as he spoke, "This is not only something new for the company, it's also new for me". "So kinda like a New Beginning for not only you but us and the company" Rosy said.

"Brilliant, you just gave me a phrase for the company, guess will call the company X World, New Beginning" Leo told Rosy when she replied with "ohh looks like our Brilliant CEO were dumb enough that his secretary has to come up with a phrase for a company he is going to change and run, hahaha", she laughed when she saw Leo blushing in embarrassment as she kissed him, and she whispered "it's our New Beginning too baby!", Leo kissed her again as he said, "It indeed is our New Beginning".

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