The Lost World/C18 This is the start
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The Lost World/C18 This is the start
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C18 This is the start

Both Leo and Rosy spent the remaining time together on the rooftop, when it was about time Anne came to bring them back inside, they followed behind Anne as they were in front of everyone Leo came forward and said, "Guys fee more minutes and then we go back in the game or for most of you first time in the game, as you all enter the game go around with Anne until we meet in the White River City, me rosy and dard will likely take some time to reach the city."

After saying Leo nodded towards Henry when he said, "Everyone, i will take you towards a building which is a newer addition towards our Xworld project, our very own Xworld Gaming Zone". They reached in front of a building which was 20 storey tall but was covered in a sheet so that no one could see what was happening inside.

There were couple of people standing in front of the entrance they were Mrs. Kawashima and Lucy. Both Leo and Lisa hugged them and they were ready to pull the sheet off the building, there was suddenly a lot of commotion to be heard they were the employees of the Xworld company, seeing that except for the Kawashima family everyone of the top team had to hide as they were an unknown to the employees, everyone of them went towards the side where everything was still visible, Henry was also with the Kawashima when he had a speech and briefly informed Mrs. Kawashima to pull the sheet off the building as she looked at Leo, Leo just smiled and nodded as she waved her hand and the sheet was pulled of the building, the shining glass building was made in a way that could receive air and sunlight from every possible angle from dawn till the dusk and even in the night when the moonlight could reach towards each and every corner of the building.

The building had everything in it from hoverboards to elevator, stair. The ground floor or the lobby alone was big enough with chandelier hanging in the middle where there was a reception desk in one corner above it was written XWORLD in bold black color with white highlights.

Looking at this Rosy asked "babe how did u manage this in a day?,we all are confused here!", To which Leo replied with a smile, "It was never a day, me Henry and Anne had been planning this since last year, few years ago when Mr. Kawashima passed away, Anne came to my house to deliver the news about that and also brought the testament regarding me being in charge of the company as it had been my hardwork and mindset that had been the biggest reason of the companies success and he wished the best for the company, Anne gave me that and left, but then i read it again at night thats when i noticed a small letter stuck together with the letter and i missed it before so after reading that was when i decided i will be back all it read was Do not come back to the company because i died, or do not comeback for you, i will be honest i couldn't run the company after you left but i am preety sure you were the reason company was doing good, after firing you every employee lost its trust in me and they left which resulted in my downfall of the company so i hope you would come back for the employees for the people who supported you, or for the company itself, so that was it for the past year i have been running the company from behind and had this idea of XWORLD and now look at that everything is coming through, we are gonna be at the top in the game and outside the game both place, we will be behind everyone but let me tell you guys something we may be behind but we will experience the thrill of the adventures, the fighting for the top spot, to find that lost world, to be an underdog, to winning from behind it all the fun we need all i am saying is this the journey we have been missing now its time as Anne would say, "This is the Start!". "

All of them went inside towards the elevator to the restricted area for the regular employees, as soon as they entered Henry said, "this will be the gaming area for the top team and also Ms. Rui's office will be here as she could take care of the health of the top team and now you can enter the personal cabins under your name and put on the helmet as the game will commence again in 5 minutes."

Everyone dispersed into there own cabin as Leo walked towards his and he put on the helmet and as the timer ended, Leo had a confirmation pop up if he wanted to log in Leo pressed Yes and he was Logged back in the game, he was in a room with a big chest in the middle and lots of drop loots surrounding the chest as he was about to move a notification popped up in front of him.

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